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Idk if it is just Live (mostly Live) but online for this fail game is the worst ever made. In my opinion it is fucking horrendous. I don't understand why EVERYONE! uses a god damn M16, 3 frag,  deep impact, and FUCKING JUGGERNAUT! Me and my clan are the only fucking people that I know who are fucking legit and play this game how it was meant to be played online. The guns are so overpowered and some are underpowered. I dont understand how the largest bullet in the world can't blow a guys arm off ...

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Sign up for duty. 0

Change is always risky business. It can bring in a much needed breath of fresh air to an established franchise, or it can damage a long-time fan favourite beyond recognition.Call of Duty 4: Modern Combat is definitely a step in the right direction, and manages to both make the series feel fresh while still retaining the elements that made the previous instalments so popular. The big change Infinity Ward (Call of Duty 1 & 2) made is the changing to a modern setting. No longer is the series se...

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MODERN WARFARE : A Thriller of a Game 2

They say war is hell. Infinity Ward's Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare takes you to the very depths of Hades. The long-awaited COD4, IW's follow-up to the excellent Call of Duty 2, is a jarring, intense, and gripping take on war in the new millennia. The enemies are smarter, the weapons are deadlier, and the grenades all too plentiful. COD4 will shake loose your fillings and have you begging for more. Infinity Ward was born out of the success of retelling some of the greatest battles in World War I...

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Great restart to the series 0

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is a great shooter and a true restart to the Call of Duty franchise.  It has set the process in motion to have a better line-up of games from this franchise.  It all started with some great pseudo-realistic online play.  The online play for this game is fantastic and it is what really sets this game apart from other shooters.  The Perks system and the laddering system are great.  The maps and precise controls/guns are excellent.  The game is pretty balanced compare...

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Great and Addictive Multiplayer 0

The Call of Duty series has been innovative in the over-played genre and the team behind Call of Duty and Call of Duty 2 has finally learned that the WWII FPS genre is over played and the FPS needed a new spin. So Infinity ward has developed one of the best FPS in recent memory. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and as the subtitle suggests this is not another WWII game is takes place in modern time. Now let's talk about the story. The story in CoD4: MW is all fiction but takes bits and pieces from...

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Best in the series 0

Call of Duty 4 is without doubt the best Call of Duty game ever made. From its' jump from WW2 to Modern Warfare to its dynamic and powerful single player this is one shooter that is essential to get. The single player campaign is short, however depending on what difficulty you choose to play the game on. If you play it on normal then expect to play for 4-5 hours before completing it. However this is doubled if you play in Veteran as you have to camp more, move slower and yes retry alot. However ...

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War is hell, this game I'm not sure. 0

Infinity Ward gladly realizes World War II games are starting to become boring. So after Call of Duty 2, work began on the sequel on modern warfare. There was Call of Duty 3 which there didn't had to be and plus it wasn't made by them. It's odd that Infinity Ward didn't make a brand new franchise just for this modern-themed war game but whatever the case, Call of Duty 4 is great.The single-player is short, with the length half as long as most first-person shooters like Half-Life 2 or Halo 3. Wha...

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Best Call of Duty Game Yet 2

I have been following the Call of Duty series since the first game, released back in 2003. I have always played them on the PC and was disappointed when Call of Duty 3 was released on consoles only. I was afraid one of my favorite series had been lost to the consoles, but thankfully COD4 made its way to the PC this time around. I was afraid when I heard that COD4 would not be set in World War 2, but rather in a series of fictional, modern-day conflicts. I feared it would lose that special touch...

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Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare PS3 Review 0

Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare as taken a huge step forward from the World War II era to modern day shooter. There's new weapons, equipment, and armor. In Call of Duty 4 players assume the role of two characters in the fictional war that takes place in the game. Sgt. John "Soap" MacTavish, a member of the British S.A.S and Sgt. Paul Jackson, a member of the USMC. Though missions for both characters takes place in different locations they are both fighting toward the same goal, to stop the terrori...

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Over-Hyped 0

  With throngs of bros and fanboys rushing to get the latest kill simulator known as “Modern Warfare 2” from their local shopkeeps, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about the original that started this craze, “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.” A game that everyone heralded to be so good that it blew Halo out of the water in terms of FPS dominance, and thanks to a billion dollar marketing campaign, it would have you believe in that hype (and is trying to do it again, mind you.) And in truth...

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Since When Did Warfare Become Fun? 0

About a year ago, I played Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare  for the first time and didn't think it was anything special. Don't get me wrong, I felt that the game mechanics were solid and recognized that Infinity Ward meticulously designed Modern Warfare's world, but I just never felt like playing it again after I was done. Sure, I tried the multiplayer for a bit, but when I was getting killed almost immediately after spawning, I didn't feel encouraged to come back.  Despite not appreciating all ...

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A great experience not to be missed... 0

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is a First Person Shooter created by Infinity Ward. After a boat load of FPS' s set during the WWII timeframe, COD4 breaks the mold and places you within various environments (mainly urban) during modern times. This is a HUGE change as it gives the game a unique fresh feeling. Personally, FPS' are not my forte, however, after playing this game my feelings for the genre began to change. Somebody who is not a fan of FPS' can complete the single player campaign ...

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Call of Duty 4 Weaponry Review 0

    One of my favorite aspects of Call of Duty 4 is the huge arrangement of weapon choice, and what can be done with them.  In no other game can you customize your guns to the same extent as CoD4.  Not only is the amount of choice amazing, but the work Infinity Ward put into making the weapons realistic is mind-boggling.  The distinct sound of each individual weapon to the way they are handled displays this commitment to excellence that makes CoD4 so enjoyable.      Customization: so much to ch...

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One of the best games ever. 0

The good: Amazing campaign although short - outstanding graphics - sharp sound - fun, amazing, addicting and deep multiplayer - good plot - awesome gameplay.The bad: short campaign.Unlike the previous call of duty games which were set only in the WWII setting. This game is set during modern times, Where you play as either S.A.S. or U.S.M.C.The plot is very simple yet very good at the same time.It turns out terrorists (big surprise) have gotten a hold of some nukes to blow up America.And in a twi...

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Strong emotional story and amazing multi-player shooting action! 0

First of all "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare" is possibly the best war game out there, and praise the lord its been taken out of the WWII era, it was getting done in way to many games, but I've gotta give it to "Activision" they did do it the best. Anyway, back to the modern day, this is still the great addictive game-play you've come to know and love from "Call of Duty" and the graphics are better than before, all the different environments look amazing and feel like your in a real dangerous w...

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Call of Duty 4: Not World War II 0

Who’s to say that a game without flaws isn’t perfect? I struggled to even point to an area in Call of Duty 4 where I felt it wasn’t good enough. The game is certainly difficult. And the game can be summed up in only a few sentences. But just being a first person shooter should never reflect on the quality of the product. Its basic element does not also imply that it’s basic. In a genre with rules it’s still pretty rare to see anything follow and perfect those rules. Re-tread? Depends on the cont...

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Flawed multiplayer, but a fun campaign 1

People are talking about COD4's experience-based multiplayer as a groundbreaking achievement in online shooters, and I find much to disagree about there. Basically, as you gain experience for kills and accomplishing missions, you open up more and more guns and mission types.There is a flaw with this system, which is that everyone starts out with a poorly aimed pea shooter of a gun and must unlock the ones that can actually wipe you out fairly quickly. These guns are in the hands of the skilled p...

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The Most wonderful FPS game in 2007 .Thanks to the amazing story 0

I have to say that, it's a perfect game by all means, the story, the graphics, the soldiers even the writes on the walls in the Mideast region, it's all well made, cause I'm an Arabic and I can understand the writing on the wall, and the best part of game when back 15 years ago and you will take the role of Capt. Price when he was lieutenant. back there you will run right beside enemies while they talking ,watching or even executing other soldiers, and the enemy BMP's pass just beside you, and t...

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Back on track 0

The Call of Duty series is truly one of the best, but Tryarch is Activision's sad excuse on making more money (so they can release one game per year). Yeah Call of Duty 3 sucked. I didn't mind Finest Hour and Big Red One, but they should stick to the spin-offs. Anyway, Infantry Ward got the right idea and moved away from WWII. Modern times seems like a good idea. Combine that with Hollywood style storytelling, and you get one heck of an adventure. Call of Duty 3 started to add more depth into th...

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