xenturik's Chrono Trigger (Nintendo DS) review

...a flux capaciting bleh

Played through in Summer and Fall 2009.

So….you play as this Ginger named Crono… who’s got a Frog in his throat and by his side (like what I did there? thank you) Anyway he accidentally gets sent through time, ending up in the future to realize, WHOA, there is no future. Now it’s up Crono and his Time Traveling Cronies(also their Punk Cover Band name) to change time and …yep… save the world.

Chrono Trigger came out in the 90s, but I didn’t play this as a kid. It wasn’t until I delved into the world of Squaresoft later on, that I started hearing about the LEGEND that was Chrono Trigger. And after playing the Fantastic Chrono Cross long ago, I was well hyped up when it was released for the DS. Now that I’ve played through it, what I walked away with was this: A really well made game, that doesn’t match the hype given, but still manages to be thoroughly entertaining and edgy.

I didn’t realize Chrono Trigger wasn’t living up to its hype until I beat it and went…”What? It’s done?” Which seems like a logical reason why the developers added the New Game+ feature. The game ends anti-climatically and is slightly dissatisfying not just in story, but also in difficulty. I never felt challenged or pressured enough to want to sit and level up my characters. Now I’m not sure if saying “too easy” is a proper critique, but after finishing the game with every spell, side quest, and rare item I just didn’t feel…accomplished.

BESIDES that, this game is beautiful; the colors scheme is bright and exuberant. The combat is action packed and clever. The Combination of spells, depending on your party is ingenious. The Story has a great drive to it, hopping back and forth between time periods is rewarding, especially for side questing, but towards the end I could hear the script writers saying “eh…we’ll just put this here and make that happen…yea” which made the plot fizzle out… kinda like this review does…    


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