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The new, fifth act of the story sees Malthael take control of the Black Soulstone and command a legion of death angels trying to reap the souls demons and humans alike.

New Features

New Class

The Crusader is a mid-ranged melee class who will use shields, flails, and mid-ranged spells in combat. He/she is a descendant of the Paladin order.

Level Cap

The level cap has been increased to 70 and all the heroes from Diablo III can learn new skills and abilities along the way.

Loot System

Adjustments to the loot system mean players will get fewer drops overall, but the quality of the drops are better. The chance that the legendary drops the player receives will be aimed towards their class has also increased.

New Artisan

The Mystic has been added as the third artisan of the game. The Mystic is able to transmogrify items to change their appearance. She is also able to enchant items, which at the cost of gold and materials, allows the player to have one aspect of a piece of equipment changed to one of a few new choices presented. The changed stat can be further changed if the player desires, at an increased gold cost.

Adventure Mode

Once completing the campaign on one character, Adventure Mode opens for the account. Eschewing the story elements of Diablo 3, Adventure Mode allows players to take on randomized missions in any Act setting of the game. Completing these bounties give bonus experience, loot and gold, as well as Rift Keystone Fragments, which allow players to enter large, randomized dungeons called Nephalem Rifts for even more loot and gold.

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