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#51 Posted by LordAndrew (14588 posts) -

@Nadafinga said:

I'm wondering if this applies to games that have been cancelled. Since the game doesn't actually exist, its my thinking that it should not have any concepts or characters associated with it, because the game doesn't exist.

The game existed at some point in development. If a dev said the game would contain X, or there was a video released clearly showing X, or a leaked prototype cartridge had X in it, I would think that's sufficient to assert that X would have been in the game, unless we know it was later removed. But if you don't know that it would have been in there, don't add it. Giant Bomb can be a useful resource for cancelled/vapourware games, as long as we don't make assumptions about the unknowns.

#52 Posted by egg (1619 posts) -

''At worst, you're gaming the system for points and will end up losting a great deal more than you've fudged if you keep stuff like this up.''

It's partly the site's fault for having a points system and for showing top editor. ;|

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@egg: Well, just because the system is available doesn't mean it should be abused; self control is the most essential attribute of any functional community, and people who exploit it for their own selfish gain - however trivial - are detrimental to the whole. It's important to highlight personal responsibility and "looking at the big picture," as those are the primary characteristics distinguishing us from the rest of the creatures on this planet. Not to lash out at you at all, but I think it's an important point to make.

Plus, the point system serves a utilitarian function in attempting to combat the kind of spam this thread addresses; obviously it isn't working entirely as intended, if power users are abusing their power, but that seems to be the basic rationale behind it.