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#51 Edited by I_smell (4219 posts) -

I really SUCK at games.

Except for games I really like, like-... I got to wave 40 of Bloody Palace in Devil May Cry 4 which is pretty boss, and I've beat half the Meat Boy dark worlds before I got bored and played something else.

But in a regular shooter I'm just a moron. Same with fighting games.

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#52 Posted by Aronman789 (2737 posts) -

I couldn't get past the 3rd puzzle in Machinarium

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#53 Posted by S0ndor (2717 posts) -

I'll rock your world in SMNC and BF3, but never invite me into your high level PvP guild in Guild Wars.

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#54 Posted by Dynablade (182 posts) -

I like to think I'm good at playing video games, but to be honest I'm not very good at first person shooters, RTSes, or anything strategy based.

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#55 Posted by UitDeToekomst (799 posts) -

no, no i'm not. from visiting these boards and reading comments and such i would tend to think in in the bottom 10% or so in skill level amongst GBers in most genres.

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#56 Posted by Pie (7303 posts) -


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#57 Posted by radix (42 posts) -

I can wreck shit in UMK3 online. It's a damn shame the entire fighting game community has moved on.

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#58 Posted by sonicrift (324 posts) -

There's certain genres I'm really good with. I'm pretty good at 3D Mario and Zelda games. I'm really brad at, say, Uncharted or Halo, but I still love playing them. The more I die in an instance of combat, the more I enjoy winning. To a point.

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#59 Posted by DoctorWelch (2817 posts) -

It depends, I would say I'm really good at shooters. Obviously not the tip top, but considering me and my friends play shooters a shit ton and are always on top of most games I would consider myself really good at them. For most other games I would say I'm above average (if the GB guys skill is any indication of average). For instance, I am no pro at Trials by any means, but I was still able to beat all the extreme levels and 100% everything else so yeah. I would say I am above average at most games, and really really good at shooters.

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#60 Posted by wolf_blitzer85 (5437 posts) -

When I'm by myself, I become one with the game. When trying to play with other people in the room, I'm still alright, but I lose focus. Poor decisions are usually made.

Multiplayer stuff really is beyond me, although I like to try every now and then.

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#61 Posted by cutyoface (580 posts) -

I am fairly capable at staying alive in online games.

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#62 Posted by Gaff (2574 posts) -

I'd say good enough to learn the basics of a game fairly quickly and to break / exploit some mechanics... And to see how much time and effort it would take to get really good.

F that.

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#63 Posted by pyromagnestir (4437 posts) -

I play games for fun. Which is code for I suck at games. Although I picked not really, because I play a mean Mario Kart 64.

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#64 Posted by Scrawnto (2550 posts) -

I pick up a basic to moderate level of proficiency very quickly, but I never get beyond that. I'm better at shooters than other genres. I like strategy games more, but I just can't compete in them, so I don't play much of them in multiplayer. I am the worst at fighting games. I'm pretty good, but not spectacular at platformers.

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#65 Posted by PenguinDust (12985 posts) -

Goodness no, absolutely not. I am at best, adequate. I manage to get through RPGs by over leveling and everything else takes me 25% longer to finish because I die so often. I don't even bother with puzzle games since I have trouble with the Jumble. I am sincerely excited to win a bronze in any racing game. I don't play online because I feel all I do is provide easy kills for every player above me. I have mastered nothing above mindless button-mashing in fighting games. I am not a worthwhile opponent to even the CPU.

But, it's fun so I play anyway.

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#66 Posted by Demoskinos (17298 posts) -

Depends on the genre. Character action games like DMC and Ninja Gaiden? Yeah for sure. Getting high level top 100 scores on those games is fairly easy for me. Shooters I'm decent at and can have my moments but I'm not very consistent in performance. Fighting games however I am AWFUL at as well as RTS and sports games.

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#67 Posted by Robot_Sneakers (418 posts) -

Yeah I would say I am good, better than most, but I don't take shooters very seriously so sometimes I end up dying a lot because I'm having fun but I think I'm good.

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#68 Posted by Twisted_Scot (1210 posts) -

Yeah I'm pretty decent at games...oh wait...you ment trials...then no, I'm terrible.

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#69 Posted by Halos_god (207 posts) -

I got 100% on GTA: San Andreas. I thing thats pretty good.

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#70 Posted by mordukai (8401 posts) -

It really depends which genres.

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#71 Posted by nail1080 (2025 posts) -

I'm as good at games as you are at making polls.

Just amazing.

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#72 Posted by Guided_By_Tigers (8020 posts) -

I'm pretty good at most games.....I can beat most single player games on the hardest difficulty and I am above average at online competitive shooters.

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#73 Posted by MrJorOwe (283 posts) -

The only games I am actually good at are FPS's. Not something i'm particularly proud of, it got at its darkest in the heyday of Cod2 and Cod4. I would say poor at driving games, average at everything else.

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#74 Posted by Sjosz (489 posts) -

I'm decent at videogames. I can play quite a few of them on higher difficulties. I am also bad at some types of videogames (RTS/turn based strategy for me personally), but on the whole the games I play most I'm pretty decent at.

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#75 Posted by Milkman (18856 posts) -

No, I'm pretty awful.

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#76 Posted by Hairy_Fish (377 posts) -

I love challenging games. It is assumed that they require skill. Does this make me good at games? I think so.

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#77 Posted by Orbitz89 (230 posts) -

I wouldn't say i'm good at games, I'd say i'm competent. I just play the occasional game to relax.

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#78 Posted by DopeToast (543 posts) -

I'm really not, especially when playing online. That's the main reason why I shy away from multiplayer and stick to good single-player campaigns. I am good at a few arcade sports titles, like NBA Jam and NFL Blitz, and a lot of 2D and 3D platformers.

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#79 Posted by NapTimeSleeper (349 posts) -

I'd like to think that I'm pretty good.

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#80 Posted by Nux (2723 posts) -

It depends on the game. I'm not really good at puzzle games or multiplayer Shooters but I'm pretty good at most other games.

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#81 Posted by Getz (3764 posts) -

I'm so good I don't even have to waste my life away becoming the best. I'm already there.

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#82 Posted by iam3green (14368 posts) -

yes, i would say that i am good at them.

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#83 Posted by Slag (7036 posts) -

I'm ok, not elite by any means and my reflexes have slowed from what they used to be but I can hold my own in most genres. My rough esitmation


3Pses- slightly above average

Puzzle and rhythm games- below average

RTS and MOBA - above average

Fighters- average

SHMUPS- below average

Sports Sims- above average

SRPGs- above average

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#84 Posted by frankfartmouth (1048 posts) -

I'm very good at shoot 'em ups. Got addicted to Ikaruga for quite some time. But I can't hang with some of the badasses online. I'm no better than average at most other competitive games.

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#85 Posted by ShiftyMagician (2180 posts) -

I at least know how the fatigue meter works in Shadow of the Colossus without reading the manual (sorry Brad :P) and can figure out most puzzles I come across in games including FEZ recently on my own (all but the obvious puzzles that gave everyone a hard time). As for skill I'm a bit inconsistent but overall I'd say above average. Dota 2 is a rare game where I still can't for the life of me win a game yet but at least I don't contribute highly to the team's death count for what it's worth hehe.

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#86 Posted by WilltheMagicAsian (1548 posts) -

Depends on the genre.

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#87 Posted by TheSheepherder (87 posts) -

I guess I'm okay at them.

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#88 Posted by stryker1121 (2054 posts) -

Good? I don't know. I usually play most games on hard but I'm not above busting down the difficulty on a frustrating fight. I don't play online so I've yet to test my skill against other humans, which I suppose would be the true mark of one's skill, no? I'm a persistent SOB if nothing else. I may drop the difficulty down on occasion, but usually I'll define insanity and play a level over and over again until I beat it. Dogged determination over skill I reckon.

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#89 Posted by _Zombie_ (1483 posts) -

Depends on the game. I'm pretty good at some games and average at most multiplayer games.

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#91 Posted by Chop (2012 posts) -

I can, of course, stomp just the average person at games. However, I find I can't really keep up with people who play games just as much or more than myself.

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#92 Posted by newfire (29 posts) -

Third and first person shooters, hell yes. Racing, meh I'm okay. Fighters... sadly I suck at them. Mario games, yes (but who isn't?)

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#93 Posted by captain_clayman (3349 posts) -

i can make my way through most single player games on normal, but competitive multiplayer? fuck no, i'm awful. i don't like practicing.

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#94 Posted by recroulette (5413 posts) -


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#95 Posted by ChadMasterFlash (1000 posts) -

@ModerateViolence said:

I just spent a few hours driving at the same piece of wall in Trials so I have a pretty low opinion of my skill level right now...

The fourth extreme track is where I gave up. That first part of it took everything out of me.

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#96 Edited by Justin258 (14129 posts) -

Depends on what I'm playing. Halo multiplayer? I'm generally fantastic. Battlefield 1943/BC2? I have my moments but am generally just "OK". Counter Strike? I'm happy to get a kill every now and then. Strategy games? Psh, I'm beaten before I get started.

As for single player games, I'm usually good at them but I don't often play them for challenge so I don't really get better at them.

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#97 Posted by NoobSauceG7 (1382 posts) -

S-ranked dark souls so yes

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#98 Posted by bio595 (319 posts) -

If we consider the bomb squads level of performance in QLs as the norm, then I'm pretty good.

Compared to anyone else, I couldn't really say as I don't play many leaderboard games.

If I invest time in game I usually reach a level above average for sure. I'm in college so I still have time to do that for most games.

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#99 Posted by FesteringNeon (2273 posts) -

@wmaustin55 said:

Honestly probably not really. I can beat most any game and I'm the best out of my friends. But competitively? Nah. I'm just kinda decent at all games, but excel at none. Unless I put in a crazy amount of time into it. But I feel like everyone is good at any one game of they play the fuck out of it

not disagreeing with this one

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#100 Posted by UdderDischarge (61 posts) -

I just soloed Dukes Archives at level 38 so I'm really good at games like dark souls, now single player shooters, im also really good at, but multiplayer shooters im usually dead within 10-20 seconds if not less.