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Tags would be great, I don't find organising them by genre particularly convenient. I just keep it displaying the games I currently have installed and uninstall the ones I'm not playing.

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Not at all, but then again I own like 8 games on Steam...

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"Non-Steam", and "Games". I only show the ones installed so it is actually really manageable, and also keeps me from installing way too many games since that makes it more annoying to find the ones I actually want to play.

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Raw-ass alphabetical is the only way!

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I organize the cases alphabetically, by size, large box, small box, large dvd, small dvd.

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Have a bunch I never got around to sorting, but here's how I've done it.

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I only have around 75 games and less then half of those are installed, so i don't really need to worry about it. I just leave them in alphabetical order and either just go right for the game i've been playing or if i'm in the mood for something else i peruse the selection.

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I'm constantly trying to find the right one for me, but this is my current one.

Favourites- The games that I'm currently playing all the time. I hate trying to find them in my large list.

Backlog- The games I feel guilty for buying and never playing. I try to keep them up top in hopes that some day I will accidently click on them and start playing.

Fast Steam- Sadly not all games can be installed onto my second hard drive so when I have to install a game on my SSD I want to keep them separate so if I get low on space I can easily find it.

Games- Everything else I'm too lazy to set in a group.

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Like 80% of my games are uninstalled currently. The games which I've S-ranked go into their own category and whatever games I'm really into at the moment go into Favorites.

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@jams: Nice, you made an id software folder! That´s always a sign of a good games collection.

I don´t have enough to really start putting them into categories, but the library keeps growing so I might have to soon. "Not sure why I own these" will probably be the main category.

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I tried to organize my Steam library. Twice. Then it didn't save my settings and went back to showing me a disorganized mess. I gave up.

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Out of all the games, I keep only about 20ish games installed so just installed & alphabetical. No sense in sorting games I'm not playing anymore.

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Games is where the games I haven't beaten yet are.

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Alphabetical. Works just fine.

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Alphabetical. That's all I need.

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I've decided to re-build my categorization system on Steam. I'm going to categorize games by how likely I am to go on a shooting spree in a populated public place after playing them. Secret of the Magical Crystals, you're going right to the top of the "where's my body armor and assault rifle" category!

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I just put everything I might want to play on my favorites and limit it to 30 games so it fits in the steam window size I use on the Grid View.

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@believer258 said:

  • Installed
  • Not installed

That's basically my style. I just show all the games I have installed, which at the moment is around 25, in alphabetical order. Once I stop being simultaneously busy and lazy, I will probably uninstall a couple that I'm "done with".

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I seperate (or did, anyways - need to catch up on it after last winter's sales) mine into three categories - Favorites, Played, and a general untitled one for games I'm either playing or will play. I'm going to have to start up a fourth list for games I own but can't play on my laptop.

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Wait wait wait wait wait

You can organize your games in Steam?

All these years and nearly 150 games later..