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Im talking everything! If you could pick out every little detail what would it be? What characters would make an appearance, where would it be set, whats the story, whats the mythological background, whats the mythological entity (monsters in UC and UC2 for example), what part of drakes past is going to be unveiled, how is his character going to evolve further? All these and anything more you want to add! Im really looking forward to some of your guys/gals ideas.

Personally for my ultimate Uncharted 4 experience i would obviously want the big three to return, Drake, Elaina, and Sully, with maybe a character introduced in later titles and a new character we havent seen. It would be set anywhere that part i can decide on. The story would have to deal with the usual thing they do but maybe an american myth or greek? Depending on the story i wouldnt mind bringing back weird ass monsters for a sci-fi twist. I would really like drakes family life revealed a little like maybe a parent shown. For his character development i think the only way to move further after UC3 would have to be showing him being isolated, or pushed to limit to show him broken or maybe skip into the future a little and make it about redemption. Well thats my idea and i really want to hear your guys! have fun with it cus its pretty fun to come up with a whole game to your liking

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I want a dual-stick shooter. With muppets and a vengeful god that rains down retribution in the form of razor-Frisbees.

You asked.

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I want it to be different, or at least good. Uncharted 3 was neither. I don't know what would make a good Uncharted game, that's why I don't work at Naughty Dog. But I do hope that whatever it is, they figure it out.

But razor-Frisbees would be pretty sweet I guess.

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uncharted 3 felt a little underwhelming and predictable to me. I really didn't feel much connection to the story either but I might be in the minority there. The actual gameplay (which has never really been much to write home about) just feels kind of uninspired at this point. I'm not a game developer so I'm not sure how to fix that, maybe make it much more open but something definitely needs to change.

I'm not sure I want an uncharted 4 for a long time and would rather they concentrate on the last of us and possibly a new IP.

But more on topic if they do make uncharted 4 I really want a way more joyful story and preferably a shit ton of cutscenes with characters just talking to each other.

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I'm not sure I want a fourth one at this point. A trilogy is enough.

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I'm not really sure if I want an Uncharted 4.

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If it's an early PS4 title, it really wouldn't have to be a whole lot different for me to get totally pumped about it.

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Set it in space! And make this guy a character:

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(but 3 was the best one)

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Unkarted. Duh.

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Nolan North playing himself, Nathan Drake and Sully for three-player co-op.

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If they make a fourth I'd like it to be more like Drake's Fortune, less cinematic. Among Thieves set pieces were cool but Drake's Deception they just felt forced almost and were the focus of the game. I'd love for them to scale it down a bit and refocus on the environment and story again.

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@pyromagnestir: that would be brilliant

@coakroach: also brilliant

sadly for all the people who said they didnt want an Uncharted 4 its most likely going to be the next game out of naughty dog after last of us. Since LoU comes out 2013 i would expect an announcement for UC4 next year with a release planned for 2014. I, personally love uncharted and definitely want to see another game but waiting wouldnt be a bad thing. A good alternative for Naughty Dog would be release like maybe a Uncharted game based on sully, sorta like a spinoff of when he was younger, and then revisit the UC ip next generation. And i also just wanted to say that UC3 was a big disappointment for me, i can never put my finger on it but there was something wrong with it for sure.

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@tourgen said:

I want a dual-stick shooter. With muppets and a vengeful god that rains down retribution in the form of razor-Frisbees.

Who wants that action movie bullshit in their games?

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I want it, not to be Uncharted 4. That series is done for the time being.

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the last of it

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If they are to make a fourth (which I sorta hope they don't), I'd much rather prefer they went back to being a singleplayer adventure game with shooting. I know it's sort of a cliche, but UC3 was so incredibly obviously affected by the fact that they started doing multiplayer in 2. Noone thought UC1 or 2 were awesome games because they were great shooters, so why focus on that aspect ? They should rather start thinking about things like inventory and different actions etc. How about making sections of the game about using a rope with a hook and swinging around obstacles ?

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You play a homicide detective that is investigating the world's most prolific mass murderer, Nathan Drake.

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I wouldn't mind seeing another game, but I'd rather it be not about Drake. I think he's great, and Nolan North is Nolan North, but the ending for Uncharted 3 is about as good an ending as you'll ever get, so I think they should leave that there.

But I wouldn't mind playing a prequel as young Sully.

Or just make it about entirely new characters. Maybe have Drake make a brief cameo, but have everyone else be new. That could work.

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I think I'm done with Uncharted for awhile. I rather see Naughty Dog put their energy into more new IPs like The Last of Us.

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You guys can have it, I played through all 3 games and I can honestly say that Uncharted isn't for me, as I was playing through 3, I asked myself, "why am I doing this?" twice but I went on and finished it anyway without finding the answer to that question, game isn't bad but it's not that fun or exciting, I dunno, so Uncharted 4, I don't care at this point but I won't say it shouldn't exist as others want it to exist. -_-

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@pyromagnestir: I have no intention of playing an Uncharted 4, unless your suggestions are included in the end product.

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Less formulaic in its narrative, and with a treasure known in the western culture - Atlantis, Holy Grail, philosopher's stone, cornucopy - not some obscure middle eastern treasure.

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@Video_Game_King said:

@tourgen said:

I want a dual-stick shooter. With muppets and a vengeful god that rains down retribution in the form of razor-Frisbees.

Who wants that action movie bullshit in their games?

alright, well I'll take a thoughtful point and click adventure with a misunderstood talking cat who's trying to help a 3 legged dog find his blind owner.

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Open world action rpg of course

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EDIT: Nevermind.

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Tomb Raider

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I want it to star Indiana Jones and involve the task of raiding a lost ark.

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Nothing for a while (3-5 years at least) after playing Uncharted 3 they HAVE to change things up moving forward otherwise i'm out.

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I don't want to see another Uncharted game for a long time. They worked hard on Uncharted 3 but it just felt a little rushed. I want them to take their time and think through of how to proceed in the series.

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@MooseyMcMan said:

But I wouldn't mind playing a prequel as young Sully.

Word. Playing as Sully circa that UC3 flashback would be pretty cool, dude had style and I bet they could figure out an exciting (yet appropriately different!) adventure with that stuff.

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I loved every Uncharted. Even though 2 is undoubtedly the best, I like the first and third more than most people.

That being said, I don't want a fourth one. I want Naughty Dog to move on to other IPs.

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I loved the first 2, but the 3rd one really burned me out on the series. When they make the next one, they should go in a different direction.

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There won't be another Uncharted game on PS3, so I don't think Naughty Dog will ever make another Uncharted. Look at their history. They made 4 Crash games on PS1, then moved on to Jak and Daxter on PS2, then dropped that and made Uncharted for PS3. They don't really cling to their IPs.

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How has no one said an Uncharted Kart Racer??? 3 games + a kart racer. All characters also get big heads. Imagine an angry, big-headed Lazarevic riding in go kart.

#38 Posted by 1nfinitum (220 posts) -

The Last of Us.

#39 Posted by Svenzon (797 posts) -

Not sure I want an Uncharted 4. If the third game was anything to go by, Naughty Dog aren't all that interested in making those games anymore. I'd love to see a return to form with the second's game level of quality, but another uninspired game I can do without.

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I don't really want another one. I mean you'd have to really switch it around and why not just make a new IP then. The Last of Us seems to be that. I hope the UC3 team is also working on something new for next gen.

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The only Uncharted game that they could put out now that would make sense is another Vita one, with multiplayer this time.

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All I want is for that game to be a PS4 title

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@killacam said:


(but 3 was the best one)

Three games were enough. Water/jungle, mountains/snow and sand/ocean/city covered all the major varieties in landscape. UC3 was very disappointing in many ways. If they start repeating locations or weather conditions it won't do the franchise any good. Leave it as is.

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@TheGorilla said:

I don't know what would make a good Uncharted game, that's why I don't work at Naughty Dog.

Oh that's why? :D

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As everyone previously mentioned, nothing for a while. Uncharted 3's lousy story (chapters 12-15 killed all momentum of the story) as well as being fairly anti-climatic. If they do decide to make another one, a prequel with Nate and Harry Flynn (still the best character in the series).

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@MariachiMacabre said:

I'm not really sure if I want an Uncharted 4.

This. Especially with Naughty Dog out of the picture, it may not be a bad idea to just retire the series. Won't happen of course.

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Play as young sulley during the 70s