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Parasite Eve 3

#152 Posted by RWBladewing (127 posts) -

Skies of Arcadia 2

Master of Orion 4

Nier 2 (Not a direct sequel but something else within the same setting. I remember reading talk that this might happen but I doubt it and with Cavia gone it wouldn't be the same anyway).

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Portal 3, Beyond Good & Evil 2, Half Life 3, Battlefront 3, KOTOR 3, Mirrors Edge 2, Kingdom Hearts 3 (Holy shit a PS3/4 Kingdom Hearts title would be... like... just.....so awesome)

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Enslaved 2, Advent Rising 2, Okami 2, Onimusha 4, Viewtiful Joe 3, PN03-2 and Heavenly Sword 2.

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amazing enough I'd want the too human series to be finish that game had so much promise while I'm at it Alpha Protocol should be continued too.

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psi ops 2

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Freedom Force 3

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black ops 3

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Godhand II and Vanquish 2

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Dark Cloud 3

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I'll second a Manhunt sequel developed by Rockstar North and add a proper Syndicate sequel, hopefully XCOM sets that in motion.

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Dark Cloud 3's a good one. And while we're on Level-5, I'd like to see another shot at Rogue Galaxy. Loved so much about that game, but there were a few things holding it back.

I still hold out hope for a new Tales of Monkey Island season, but I don't think Telltale is gonna end up making that King's Quest game.

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Timesplitters 4

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MOAR Jedi Knight games!

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Extreme G 4

N64 future motorcycle racing/combat games. It had a great XG3 on GC and PS2 but then Acclaim collapsed and I don't even know who has the IP now... :(

the first game:



So many YouTube videos and all people seem to do is play the same track. I think because they're not good enough to progress. It's a shame because the track design gets wild!

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Timesplitter 4


Viva Pinata 3

Conker 2

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halo wars 2

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XIII - I loved this game.

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Bloodrayne 3

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The Saboteur 2.

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World of Goo 2.

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Suikoden VI

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A new Chrono game would top the list for me.

KOTOR 3 would be a close second, but I think that's more likely to actually happen.

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I desperately, desperately want a new Otogi game. I had so much fun with the original and never got to play the second because I could not find it ANYWHERE. Gah.


@bluefish said:

Extreme G 4


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Beyond Good and Evil 2, despite the fact that it is supposedly being developed. Also, Baldur's Gate 3 (don't give me any of that Dragon Age crap).

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Age of Mythology 2

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@Kyreo said:

Republic Commando 2. I'll just get that one out of the way for others.


Rockstar's Table Tennis

Viewtiful Joe


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Baldur's Gate III.

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The Legend of Dragoon 2

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Star Wars Battlefront III. Sigh.

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I'd like a proper Might and Magic X, but the idea of ubisoft putting money towards a game like that is absurd. Oh well. At least they've continued with Heroes of Might and Magic.

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Viva Pinata 3.

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Rune 2

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Completely agree about Battlefront 2. Would love to see a sequel to that series.

I also really loved Command and Conquer Renegade. While Starhawk came close to trying to give me the itch from that game the concept of a base building game that allowed you to drop in and actually play is such a good concept to me that I don't think was explored enough.

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Descent 4.

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Chrono 3

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@gunninkr said:

XIII - I loved this game.

They could even call it XIV. The sequel practically names itself.

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XIII 2 :(

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@punkxblaze: Nailed it!

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Nocturne (pc game), Blood (as the sequel was pretty rushed & about a 1/3 there after playing it), Shadow Warrior, Psychonauts, Grim Fandango, Call of Cthulhu Dark Corners of the Earth.

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Red Faction: Guerrilla 2

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I'm still holding out for Jak 4 developed by ND. I still believe there's a chance in it happening, and it's not like they haven't expressed the interest in doing so. Hearing that they actually started conceptualizing a "realistic" Jak made me upset and happy at the same time, simply for the fact that they were still thinking about that series. Thankfully they realized how insanely stupid that idea was before they got too far.
That, and Timesplitters 4. I used to be hopeful, but it seems the likelihood of that getting made has totally diminished. Fuck Crytek, seriously. It's nice that they bought Free Radical and gave them jobs, but they deserve to be doing more than working on uninspired multiplayer components for FPS and F2P games.

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Legend of Dragoon.

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A non-crappy sequel of Red Alert. Can't see it happening.

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@Acura_Max: Pretty sure they're talking about this game.

Also someday they'll make a sequel to Elite Beat Agents. Someday...

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Darkest of Days 2

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Enslaved 2