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So from what you have seen so far what is your choice for game of the year? 
for me it would be: Limbo or Reach. 
EDIT: Ok from what we have seen so far we have. 
1st. Mass Effect 2 (by alot) 
2nd. Red Dead Redemption 
3rd. Halo Reach 
4th. Starcraft 2

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I think for me it's probably Limbo as well, but then again, I only played an hour of Bayonetta, half of RDR, half of Super Mario Galaxy 2, half of Alan Wake, and I still haven't played Mass Effect 2, Darksiders, GoW III, Splinter Cell: Conviction, StarCraft II, Civ 5, Dead Rising 2, the new Professor Layton, and I've only played the demos for the super-excellent Vanquish and Mafia II. 
Oh yeah, and Kirby came out today. Shit just got real. 
The games I played this year were mostly catching up; I've missed a lot of games in the last four years or so, and most of the best stuff this year WAS sequels. 
Still, probably Limbo. 'cause it's fucking amazing. Reach was really good, but I'm already burned out to the point where I'm only playing Reach every few days, and its multiplayer is the only really, really compelling element. (The others are good, but not awesome.) 

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Mass Effect 2 for sure, no other franchise grips me by the heart like Mass Effect.
Closely followed by Halo: Reach and Red Dead Redemption and Metroid Other M.

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Gotta be honest, this year is pretty empty from now on with everything delayed
The stuff I'm looking forward to like AC:Brotherhood, Black Ops and New Vegas probably wont top my GOTY, Mass Effect 2, that game was fucking amazing

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Red Dead Redemption. Reminds me, I need to go tweak with my current top 10 list for 2010.

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Mass Effect 2. Bayonetta is up there as well.
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Seeing as it's the only game I've played that was released this year, I'd have to say Pokemon HeartGold (and also because Pokemon is AWESOME!).

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Lots of really good games this year, hard to choose. A plethora of solid products.
For me personally tho, SC2 comes out on top so far, Red Dead Redemption a close second.

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@TaliciaDragonsong said:
" Mass Effect 2 for sure, no other franchise grips me by the heart like Mass Effect. "
Same with me.  Mass Effect 2 is the only game this year I have made the time to go back and play a second time.
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Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge Special Edition.

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Red Dead Redemption, which is weird for me because I didn't care for GTA 4 at all

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Lots of good games this year but none as good as my favorites of last year: Uncharted 2 and Demon's Souls. There's still time, however. GT5 could be good. I'm also curious about the Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom.

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As a Dane, (from denmark) I should probably say Limbo... but i actually .. i don't know. there's been tons of good games this year
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RDR. followed by ME2, Heavy rain and GOW3

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Battlefield Bad Company 2.
New Vegas will probably take it's place soon though.

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As of right now, either BioShock 2 or Mafia 2
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Torn between Red Dead and Reach.
(...but New Vegas comes out tomorrow)

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The only games released this year that I've played are; 
Red Dead Redemption, Heavy Rain, Final Fantasy XIII, Just Cause 2, Sam and Max and Civ V. 
If we're being serious I think RDR wins. But otherwise I'm gonna have to pull a Ryan and say what I'm playing now is my game of the year: Fallout 3.

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Mass Effect 2
Battlefield: Bad Company 2
Red Dead Redemption

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Civilization V

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Mass Effect 2. Which reminds me, I should finish the insane playthrough.

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Mass Effect 2.

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Just preempting it: Costume Quest.

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Mass Effect 2 
Other Runner-Ups 
Civ 5  
Bad Company 2 
Alan Wake

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ME2, Reach and RDR.

Civ 5 is fun, but has a few too many problems, sorry.

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I dunno, I'm having a really tough time choosing between Reach and Mass Effect 2. Uh, come back to me at the end of the year.

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Red Dead Redemption by far. I was so dissappointed by AW and Mafia 2.

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I haven't played any games from 2010, but I'm almost certain Mass Effect 2 is going to be that  game which will blow my mind.

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Halo: Reach.

Runners up, Red Dead Redemption, Mass Effect 2 and Minecraft Alpha.

Hmm, just remembered I still have a ME2 save around half way that needs finishing.

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Out of the 5 or so game that came out this year, I'd have to go with Mass Effect 2.  Loved the universe the game is set in, and I can't wait to have enough money to either buy Lair of the Shadow Broker or be able to trade my copy of ME2 for a GOTY edition if it ever comes out.

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Red Dead Redemption... haven't played Mass Effect 2 yet, only got a ps3. So I'll probably be playing that next year

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In terms of quality I dont think SC2 can be argued with, just not a lot of people into RTS's so its understandable its not coming up as much.

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Rogue Warrior lmao
Mass Effect 2

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Mass Effect 2.  Nothing this year has had as strong a story as ME2, in my opinion.  Also, it hit the right notes for me in a lot of areas.  I am still thinking of the experiences I had in this game and I bought it day 1.  My "surprise" game of the year is a difficult choice as Darksiders was a big surprise, but it's definitely not my main GOTY.

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Mass Effect 2, though there are some pretty big games out this year that I haven't gotten around to yet.  Mario Galaxy 2, Red Dead Redemption, Civ 5 all come to mind as potential GOTY contenders I have yet to lay my mitts on. 
Though who am I kidding?  Mass Effect 2 was practically tailor made for me and currently sits at a comfortable #2 on my all time best list.  I don't think its going anywhere.

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Mass Effect 2, Halo Reach, Red Dead Redemtion, NHL 11
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Either Mass Effect 2 or Red Dead Redemption, probably.

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For me I would say StarCraft 2. I don't think any other game that came out this year or is coming out this year will knock it from the top spot.

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Most games I played recently were not from this year, so I guess I'll have to say Bioshock 2. Off the top of my head. Wait, scratch that. Singularity. I think.

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So far in thread people seem to be saying about:
47% Mass Effect 2  
35% Red Dead Redemption  And 
18% Halo: Reach.  
Having not played Reach yet, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that my Game of the Year will go to  Mass Effect 2 since I stick by the claim that it is the greatest RPG yet.  
To this day I'm still surprised that Bioware had the balls to do the changes to ME2 that they actually did.  
Getting rid of the backpack/inventory mechanic was really liberating. Never mind the pacing problems you usually get with RPG's like this -  what kind of Spectre stands around looting low level Mercs for their armor and equipment  
when you are backed by either an intergalactic government or funded by an elite covert intelligence agency? I think it is much more fitting that you occasionally gather data that can be used to build new or upgrade your existing stuff when you want.  
Then we have the total removal of unoriginal side-missions. Virtually every planet with a side-mission was uniquely designed and didn't rehash old backdrops or plots. This resulted in fewer side missions, but you actually wanted to do them.  
The art, atmosphere and pacing was what really made this game. But the rather bold tweaks to the mechanics basically rendered many similar games, maybe even ME1, all but unplayable in comparison.  

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Mine would be either Red Dead Redemption or StarCraft 2.

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Mount & Blade : Warband or Red Dead Redemption.

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As of today, October 18th its a tie between Mass Effect and Red Dead Redemption. For me it just depends on the mood I'm in which one would get the nod. Of course, New Vegas and Fable 3 is dropping shortly as well so I need to get my time with those before I make my final decision. I'm guessing New Vegas won't be simply because its not a step beyond Fallout 3 (although I'm still expecting it to be a great title). Fable despite its issues has always held a special place in my game time over the years so we'll just have to see. 

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Red Dead Redemption. Mostly just for how completely enthralling it is. It's been a long time since I've been sucked into a world.

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Mass Effect 2 or Halo Reach.

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either Nier, Alpha Protocol, Metro 2033...

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RDR is really good, but I still haven't beaten it so it takes second place. My GOTY goes to Mass Effect 2, it just did everything right for me and it was one of the few games that I could truly play for hours and not realise how much time had gone by. My third choice would go to Enslaved right now.
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Red Dead Redemption  
civilization V 
Mass Effect 2