#201 Posted by SinGulaR (2461 posts) -

My condolences sir.

#202 Posted by hardindr (212 posts) -

You have my condolences, Claude.

#203 Posted by SSully (4658 posts) -

I send my regards duder. Keep the positive attitude and just think of the goodness that your wife obviously brought into your life.

#204 Posted by ThePhantomnaut (6269 posts) -

I <3 u duder.

#205 Posted by Anupsis (326 posts) -

Really sorry to hear that. Hang in there man.

#206 Posted by bobafettjm (1708 posts) -

Just wanted to let you know that you have my thoughts and condolences good sir.

#207 Posted by takashichea (425 posts) -

I wish you the best of luck, and I'm sure your wife wants you live life to the fullest.

#208 Posted by KillyDarko (1990 posts) -

I know we don't exactly know each other, but the pain of losing a loved one is universal; I lost my girlfriend 12 years ago and it still hurts. Anyway, I won't pretend to know what you're going through cause we're all different people going through different experiences. Either way, just know that my thoughts are with you, Claude. And believe me when I say this... the whole of GB is with you-- I just know it.
Take care, duder. Stay strong.

#209 Posted by CL60 (17120 posts) -

Damn dude, my condolences.

#210 Posted by A_Dog (755 posts) -

I really can't imagine what you're going through.

My condolences, Claude.

#211 Posted by Ace829 (2106 posts) -

Well, fuck. That really sucks man. You have my condolences, and good luck.

#212 Posted by Spoonman671 (5014 posts) -

It's hard to know what a creepy internet stranger can say to help you in any way in a time like this.
I'm sorry, and you'll always have a home here at Giant Bomb.

#213 Posted by AlexW00d (6737 posts) -

I never really know what to say with these kind of things but I am glad you were able to spend those 24 or so years with one another. So keep on keeping on, the other motherfucker.
And here's some punctuation for good measure.

#214 Posted by SgtGrumbles (1024 posts) -

I don't know you but I'm sending you a hell of a lot of condolences.

#215 Posted by TehBuLL (652 posts) -

I wish you the best Claude and you have my sympathies. For what you've done already you're a great person. You are a brave and honorable man for sticking it out through the end. Lupus is a horrible disease, there are a couple people that suffer from it at work and you never know what effect it is going to have on them everyday. Again, you should be commended and I wish you the best in the future.
I've always enjoyed your contributions and appreciate your unique view on this slice of the world. If it wasn't for hamsters video I might have missed you , but I'm always thrilled when your name pops up on my iPhone. When I think giantbomb community your name is the first I think of. Sorry for the delay in posting this, wanted to convey my message in all the gravity you deserve.

#216 Posted by SexualBubblegumX (551 posts) -

Claude if it's alright with you, next time I get some 'happy plant'  may I light up a bowl out of respect for your situation since you're a corner stone of the community?

#217 Posted by pweidman (2417 posts) -

Right on Claude. Hang in there duder.

#218 Posted by Kyle86 (19 posts) -

I'm sorry about your loss, my condolences.

#219 Posted by MikeGosot (3235 posts) -
@Claude: *Internet Hug* , also, i kinda expected you to end this signing "The Other Motherfucker". This is not the most sensible thing to say in times like these, but... I dunno. I never was good with these things, so... My condolences to you, man!
#220 Posted by gamefreak9 (2849 posts) -

My condolences, I admire how you have such a positive post to write after such a negative experience.

#221 Posted by Skullo (689 posts) -

/Fistbump Claude

Power in Strength.

If I had loss anyone in my immediate family or my niece or nephew, I would be a incoherent mess.

Keep truckin', son

#222 Posted by SeanCoughing (279 posts) -

My condolences, it is really inspiring seeing the community being so supportive.

#223 Posted by Sjupp (1944 posts) -

Man. I've yet to loose anyone close to me so I can only guess how it feels. While we haven't spoken directly to one another more than on a few rare occasions, "Claude" still comes to mind when I think of the GB community.

So hang in there duder! I hope both you and your daughters will be okay and can keep on truckin'

#224 Posted by HandsomeMuffin (117 posts) -

Sorry to hear this has happened mate. Losing a loved one is one of the hardest things in life. Good luck everything Claude.

#225 Posted by Bryce3333 (32 posts) -

My condolences, duder. I want to write something touching but I know when my dad died I didn't really want to hear most of it, so just condolences

#226 Posted by Hargreaves93 (267 posts) -

My condolences, I wish you the best of the luck in the future.

#227 Posted by Hockeymask27 (3687 posts) -

My condolences.

#228 Posted by Contrarian (1206 posts) -

Claude you know you are my friend. This really tears me up. I wish I could take some of that pain away. I am at your side in spirit and one day, we will drink together on your porch - that is a promise. Stay strong and I will stay in touch.

#229 Posted by CptChiken (2058 posts) -

Shite , Hope youre coping as best you can. Stay claude, claude.

#230 Posted by Still_I_Cry (2522 posts) -

Really sorry for your loss..

If you have any free time, you may want to check out C.S. Lewis' A Grief Observed.

He wrote it after the love of his life died, it is almost like his diary after the fact.

It is uplifting in the end too.

#231 Posted by Matthew (2141 posts) -

@Claude: So I was talking to Epic Steve on the Twitterz, sending him some stuff and such, told him about this, and he has this to say -

I don't know you personally, but I can sympathize with your situation. I have had my own share of loss over the past few months and it's hard. I'm sure you were a great husband that gave your wife happiness from the moment you two met till her last breath. That meant the world to her. Keep your head high.
#232 Posted by Claude (16626 posts) -
@Matthew: Thanks Matthew. Epic Steve is in harm's way everyday being in the Army stationed in Afghanistan, and I believe he is engaged to be married. I can only hope for his safe return with the promise of a happy life with the ones he loves. Tell him thank you for the kind words.
#233 Posted by FunExplosions (5535 posts) -

Shit, Claude. Last I heard she had just had the stroke. Had no idea she passed. I'm real sorry. I can't say anything else without stepping over the line, but I'm real sorry.

#234 Posted by WickedCobra03 (2205 posts) -

Even in your roughest days like these, look at the 20 years you got to spend with each other. You got to spend those little moments that you will always remember for the rest of your life, and that she will take with her in the after life.

Claude, you are an awesome fellow that I know would be sorely missed you didn't continue to post around here. I even feel saddened by the passing of your wife just because I feel like there is a pretty tight nit community here.

I think I can say this for everyone here who has seen you around the forums; OUR THOUGHTS ARE WITH YOU!

#235 Posted by Slag (5535 posts) -

man I'm so sorry this happened to you and your wife. I'm sure your wife really appreciated what you did for her. I doubt she could done all she could have lived her life like you described knowing she had someone in her corner like you were.

Not many people would sacrifice so much for one they love, which makes you a pretty special person. While I don't think I've interacted with you much, you have my utmost respect for doing that for her fwiw. And I think it's clear you have a lot of people's. I doubt any other user of this site (outside of staff) would get this kind of response to news such as this.

my thoughts are with you Claude. I hope you find the peace you deserve and that I'm sure your wife would want you to have.

#236 Posted by Seedofpower (3996 posts) -

@Claude: Duder, you will always be my other motherfucker! Keep your spirits up and I hope to see ya in the chat again some time!

#237 Posted by TobbRobb (5102 posts) -

Oh I'm so sorry! I hope this won't be too hard, and that you'll stick around. Claude polls are on of my main reasons of being here!

#238 Posted by csl316 (10841 posts) -

Sorry to hear, good luck to you.

#239 Posted by kvnobrien (19 posts) -

I'm sorry for your loss.

#240 Posted by Dalai (7773 posts) -

I'm sorry for your loss, Claude. It sounds like she was the best thing to ever happen to you.

#241 Posted by Claude (16626 posts) -
@Dalai: She was Dalai. I would be living in my parent's basement if it wasn't for her. And thank you.
#242 Posted by stryker1121 (1776 posts) -

Condolences, Claude. Best wishes from the great state of Ohio.

#243 Posted by Winternet (8238 posts) -

I hope you can overcome the tough period and see you in full force here on Giant Bomb.

#244 Posted by ZombieSpace (286 posts) -

Stay strong brother!

#245 Posted by FlyingRat (1453 posts) -

Christ, Claude. I was genuinely shocked when I read that second sentence. I hope you'll get through all this okay. Hang in there, man, alright?

#246 Posted by FesteringNeon (2227 posts) -

I'm sorry to hear of your loss Claude. Like many others here offering support and an open ear, I too am always open to shooting the breeze.

#247 Posted by Harkat (1158 posts) -

I've been reading through some of the more serious blog posts and threads here on Giant Bomb recently, dealing with topics like depression, love, lack of motivation and so on. There are many good ones. This is probably the best. Thank you for writing it.

#248 Posted by laserbolts (5444 posts) -

Sorry for your loss Claude you are one of the best parts of this community.

#249 Posted by sergeantz (153 posts) -

I really suck at talking about things like this, but I want to convey my sorrow at your loss, and my hopes that you will make it through this time.

#250 Edited by jakob187 (22335 posts) -

Claude, that news just hit me like a mack truck. I honestly don't even know what to say, man. It's too young.

Sorry to see those words have to be typed by your hand, brother.

@Claude said:

@ShaggE said:

My heart sank to the floor when I read that second sentence. The fact that you can even bear to get on the internet in a social capacity right now, let alone crack jokes (no matter how melancholy they may be), is incredible.

... Christ, man, I don't even really know you beyond your polls and blogs, and my heart is still breaking for your situation. You've got an ear here to use at your whim if you ever need it.

Oddly enough. My wife was on the 5th floor of the hospital and on the 2nd floor my brother's stepson and his wife were having their first baby. I would go down and crack jokes. It was a hard birth for them. But the mother and baby are healthy and they come home tomorrow.

The ways that life and death play off each other...