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My sincere condolences to you and your family on your wife's passing. Wonderful message you wrote as well.

#252 Posted by huntad (2078 posts) -

There aren't any words I can say that will do anything at a time like this. My best wishes are going out to you though, man.

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That's a shame

I just lost my grandfather today.

can't really think of the right words to say

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That is so sad. When the laws of nature piss on my parade, taking someone dear to me, in a reminder that life is but fleeting......I reflect on the memories, and how we have affected, molded, changed, and shaped each others lives. No law of nature or fate can take that away from me. Not without a time machine.

(Note to self. Destroy time machines schematics.)

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:( I'm really sorry for your loss, Claude.

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You're a good man Claude, and she loved you... always remember that, and don't let the grief get to you like it did me when I lost my dad. One of the hardest losses from what I heard is the loss of a parent, spouse, and especially a child... and the grief never goes away, however it does ease up little by little with time. I cannot really say that I am sorry for your loss, because there isn't really anything to be sorry about as I believe that things are meant to happen. You do, however, have my sympathies. I know that I'm sort of late in responding, but I've been on the road more than in the house anymore. Just wanted you to know that I care. =-)

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Oh my god, that's horrible. Stay strong, bro.

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I'm truly sorry for your loss

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I'm really sorry to hear about that, Claude. :(

I hope you're doing okay. This community (myself included) has got your back so keep your chin up.

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I'm sorry for your loss, Claude

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Sorry for your loss duder. Thank you for sharing.

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I'm sorry for your loss Claude, she's always there.

The ones we love never leave us.

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@KaosAngel: Strange days indeed. You have to form two different people. One to grieve and the other to get shit done. Afterwards, you place small goals upon yourself and continue to reach new goals. That's all I got, day to day.
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I remember hearing you were going through a tough time, but never heard of the specifics. It crushes my heart to hear a friend going through a transitional and tough period in life, even if my only interaction with that friend is through a screen. I'm sure you must be in pain, but your words sound like your holding up well. My sincere condolences.

Keep on loving the Wii. <>

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@LiquidPrince: Always keep my head held high Liquid. Even when I'm at my worst. Thank you. I doing okay. Lots of love and support around me. The next acting season is coming up and I have a lot to choose from.  I still love video games. Still playing them. Some things never change.
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I'm sorry this happened to you Claude. You are a great man. and I wish you well.

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I'm really sorry to hear about your loss. I don't really know you, so it feels kind of impersonal for me to say anything much more than that, but I will say that reading this instilled, in me, a sense of utmost respect for you.

I may not know you, but I am absolutely certain that you were the best thing to ever happen to your wife.