More Than Half Of Gears 2 Users Played On Standard Definition!

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#51 Posted by Drebin_893 (2933 posts) -

Hell, when both my 360s were plugged in, I had them both in Standard Definition since my PS3 and Sky HD were using the HDMI ports.

#52 Posted by Fei (218 posts) -

I got an SDTV and played Gears on it.

#53 Posted by Fei (218 posts) -
@Milkman said:
" I don't see why anyone would play a 360 on a SDTV. HD TVs are so cheap now. "
Unless you have kids, a house, 2 car payments, utility bills, cable, drive 45 min to work each day paying for gas, and are trying to save for your kids college funds. Oh did I mention past student loans still unpaid? Not even 50k a year can barely cover it.
#54 Posted by Icemael (6364 posts) -
@Linkyshinks said:
"Well I certainly see the imperfections, besides, you don't buy a TV solely for videogames do you, you would buy a HDTV for all the HD media you own, and for the available TV networks in your country. "
But the same goes for movies and TV shows. There is a difference, but it's just not enough to justify the price IMO. It's like shoes -- if I have a pair that there aren't anything wrong with, I don't care if they're old and worn. I'm not gonna buy a new pair just because they're prettier. 
"More than half of pedestrians walk around with worn shoes" 
"A year ago it was slightly understandable, but this year, I find that pretty amazing" 
"That's kind of weird, especially considering how cheap you can get some shoes" 
"I'm surprised there's a single person who walks around in worn shoes. New shoes are cheap now"
#55 Posted by Linkyshinks (9880 posts) -

That's some bizarre analogy you make, comparing shoes to rapidly progressing technology :/

#56 Posted by Icemael (6364 posts) -

It might seem bizarre, but I don't see any major differences. Shoes are products that I use in my daily life. TVs are products that I use in my daily life. If I don't need to buy new shoes, I don't. If I don't need to buy a new TV, I don't. 

#57 Posted by Khann (2913 posts) -

To all of you who say HDTVs are cheap now, I don't understand. 
Where I live (NZ), a 32" LCD is around $1200-1500. The average, blue collar wage is around $450 (atleast in the jobs I've had). 
My rent is $180 a week, food (+ toiletries) is anywhere from $50-100 a week, and that's not anything anything special. Power is anywhere from $100-160 a month. Internet is $60 a month atleast, and telephone line rental is $50+. So, out of $1800 or so a month, living costs have come to about $1000-1100. That without factoring in clothing, car (insurance, petrol, maintaining it, rego), any telephone calls made on top of the line rental, the occasional beer at the pub, and video games costing $100 each. 
It's not all that easy to save $1200-1500.

#58 Posted by Creamypies (4091 posts) -

It slightly surprises me. I played both Gears on a 32 inch HDTV. I didn't realise that THAT many people still are yet to make the jump.

#59 Posted by washablemarkers (93 posts) -

I think there's a huge difference between SD and HD, but I'm personally not in the place to afford any large purchases like that now. It doesn't matter how cheap they've gotten, dropping a few hundred dollars on something is still a large purchase. I'll stick with my trusty early-90's 19-inch Sony set until I have the funds for something better. HD simply isn't very high on my list of priorities. 
That being said, I do recognize that some 360 games are difficult to play on my setup. Just last night I tried to load up the Battlefield demo and, nope, that was not going to happen on my set. Also, after playing Geometry Wars in HD, it's hard to go back. For most everything else, though, yeah, you do have to do a bit of squinting, but it gets the job done.

#60 Edited by alexl86 (634 posts) -

Though we have an HDTV in our house, the only game console connected to it is a Gamecube. My 360, Wii, PS2 and NES are all hooked up to my old 28" in the bedroom. I've been thinking about making the leap, but I bought a Wii instead. I might buy one this year, but it doesn't really improve my enjoyment of the game.

#61 Posted by TheToecutter (125 posts) -

In Ireland, (where I'm from), regular televisions weren't commonly owned until the early 80'sat least. The same will most likely be true for HDTVs.

#62 Posted by pinthewind (21 posts) -

I got my Samsung 32" 1080p LCD for $400. I put away a little bit of money from every paycheck and I had $400 in no time. I can only imagine how cheap the same TV will be 1 or 2 years from now.

#63 Posted by AhmadMetallic (18954 posts) -

its disgusting how crazy the GOW people are about graphics and high definiton
#64 Posted by raidingkvatch (1161 posts) -

I'm really not surprised, it takes people along time to adopt new technologies. I doubt most people are going to be willing to pay for a new TV when their old TV works just fine. I only went "HD ready" (1080i 24") because my SDTV broke - right in the middle of my first Mass Effect playthrough!

#65 Posted by TheFreeMan (2712 posts) -

I play my 360 on a 40' SDTV. When I was buying my Xbox I was going to get a HDTV for fear of it looking awful, but when I actually sat down to play it I didn't feel the need. I had a perfectly good SDTV right there, why would I waste it and go buy a new TV? When my SDTV kicks the bucket, then I'll switch to a nice, big HD, but until then I'm satisfied. Most of my friends also play their 360s/PS3s on SDTVs as well. Although, the text is very small sometimes.

#66 Posted by Dasacant2 (240 posts) -

I played gears 2 on a SDTV<.<

#67 Posted by Demyx (3237 posts) -

hell, I still use standard definition.

#68 Posted by MasterOfPenguins_Zell (2093 posts) -

I've been gaming on the same 18 inch SDTV for ten years now. When I can, I game on my 42 inch 1080p capable TV in the living room, but generally it's just the 18 inch. I'm not too surprised. I'd rather buy video games than update my TV.

#69 Edited by Player1 (3892 posts) -
@Linkyshinks said: 

I had heard prior the take up was poor, but never imagined it was this poor!. I wonder what Pachter's thoughts are. What are yours?

Is there ever a time in ones life when they DON'T wonder what Patcher thinks? 
#70 Posted by R5 (2 posts) -

I dont play on an hd tv and it doesnt make that much of a difference to me

#71 Posted by afrokola (547 posts) -

Not all that surprised to hear this but the way he puts it is interesting, especially the way the guy interviewing him is way to shocked.

#72 Posted by Claude (16254 posts) -

480i FTW! Welcome to my world.

#73 Edited by Bigbombomb (677 posts) -

Yep, I still play on SD television. I do have a HD tv, but, its broken.

#74 Posted by amandackrueger (251 posts) -
Yep, I sure did play on SD. Looked alright to me. The only game I really had problems with was Fallout 3. Tiny tiny blurry text.
#75 Posted by HistoryInRust (6397 posts) -
I agree with this post completely.  
On a side note, this is why the push for Blu-Ray is so unfair. People have only recently fully committed to DVD. Even back in '04, sales of dual DVD/VHS Players were reasonably high. 
The move towards high-def is both over-inflated and overrated. High-Def is still an expensive venture. Especially when there are still Standard Definition televisions that can optimize their picture to near-high-def standards.
#76 Posted by Gunner612 (4338 posts) -

I dont have an HDTV.. I dont really notice the difference between SD and HD to be honest. Then again i do most of my gaming on the PC. 

#77 Posted by Lost_In_Gaming (210 posts) -

I played Gears 1 on an SDTV and Gears 2 on an HDTV.

#78 Posted by UnsolvedParadox (1867 posts) -

Making the jump to HD doesn't require a pricey TV, I've been using a 24" LCD monitor for a few years and it looks fine.

#79 Posted by PJ (1158 posts) -
@Linkyshinks said:
" @Ineedaname said:
" How would they know? "
I am wondering exactly the same, but I don't doubt his claim, because he of all people would know, "
They know because the 360 knows, And what ever the 360 knows, Microsoft knows.
#80 Posted by iam3green (14390 posts) -

aaa, yes, when i first got my 360 i played it on a SDTV. it lasted a while for me enjoying some of the games because they were good with not having to have a HDTV. i soon got tired of not being able to read half the things on the screen. i finally got a 32" 720p tv. when i first got the tv i was like wow look how improved the graphics are now.

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