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Glitter Gulch Mine is the second main level in Banjo-Tooie. It is a level set in a giant, run down mine. There are mounds of minerals serving as hills and supports for the mine cart track that runs throughout it. There is also a waterway stretching from one end of the mine to the other. A wild west soundtrack accompanies your stay in Glitter Gulch Mine.

Points of Interest

Bullion Bill's Shack - Home of a wily prospector. He is a little down in the dumps though...

Mine cart track - This track stretches around the level. It is idle at the moment, but as soon as a certain bird is released, there is racing to be had.

Crushing shed - Used to pulverize large boulders. Strangely enough, there's one with a Jiggy imprint on it.

Ordinance Storage - A dimly lit room leads to the TNT storage. You may have to wrangle that dynamite to get it to calm down...

Train Station - Once Mumbo puts the train back on the tracks, you can enter it. It has no function yet, but when you open other train stations, you can travel between them. There's also this cranky old guy in the boiler room.....

Characters and Crossovers

Mumbo Jumbo

- In this level, Mumbo has the power to levitate things. He can levitate the Jiggy boulder outside of the crushing shack to extract the Jiggy. He can also levitate Chuffy the Train, which is important to your coming adventures.

Humba Wumba

- When you hop in Humba's pool in the mine, you are transformed into a walking (well, hopping) detonator. This allows you to blow up designated barrels of TNT, opening up various rooms in the mine, a jail cell, and other passageways. Using your explode attack, while powerful, also damages you.


- In this level, Jamjars only teaches you two moves. One is vital however.
Bill Drill - This allows Banjo to jump up, start spinning, and use Kazooie as a drill to break rocks, platforms, and other objects.
Beak Bayonet - While in First-Person, this move allows Kazooie to stab enemies with her beak. It sure sounds like a sneeze when this is used.

Bullion Bill & Dilberta the Mole

- This prospecting team resides in a shack in the mine. One half of it is missing though...

Canary Mary

- This creaky old bird is trapped inside one of the mine's many caverns. Find her, and she may have a challenge for you...


Billy Bob - They hide in the ground and pop up when you get close to punch your lights out. They are all green and wear hats and overalls. Greet their "Yeehaw"s with a peck to the face.
TNT Crate - These foes are stationary targets, chucking dynamite at you if you get too close. Shoot them from afar, or simply dash by them.
Klang - In various dark corners of the mine, these shovels jump around. Get too close and they'll follow you and dig your brains out. They're swift, yet weak.

Boss - Old King Coal

Old King Coal - Grubby Boiler Monarch

Living in and owning Chuffy the Train, Old King Coal is reluctant to let you use his property. You'll have to fight him for it. He's a big target, so get shooting, but watch out, because he can turn up the heat.


To Mayahem Temple - In Bullion Bills' shack. Bill has lost his partner Dilberta. Maybe he doesn't see that hole in his wall...
To Witchyworld - In the fuel storage area. Once you detonate the TNT, you can follow the floating package through the now defunct barricade. The door to the amusement park is closed from the other side though...
To Jolly Roger's Lagoon - In the water storage area. A white jinjo, the only one of its kind, rests on a water storage vat. There's no way up there though. Maybe that open water pipe hanging over him has something to do with it...
To Hailfire Peaks - In waterfall cavern. A Kazooie-head stone blocks the passage, so you'll have to come back later. What could be behind it?

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