OFFICIAL thread de Jefe's HATRED

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During my weekly bombcast session, I couldn't help but receive unconventional wisdom from a fellow giantbomb denizen...

This thread serves only as a fictive containtment facility for everything that is wrong with the planet Earth...Adversely, any substantial matter worthy of Jeff Gerstmann's hatred.

I'll begin:

The color maroon and/or Regis Philbin

*Jeff has never publicly admonished these two putrid presences, but we can all attest to the probability of abhorrence.*
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These things must be cataloged for future generations!

and i would add anime..... he only said it was for jerks though

and he hates the first transformers movie

Yes... i fail at embbeding pics

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#4 Posted by 71Ranchero (3238 posts) -

I heard he hates Kittens. 

#5 Posted by Gearhead (2377 posts) -
Alliance Starbird
Jeff hates Star Wars. He must be on the dark side....and by the dark side, he must be a Trekkie. Damn Trekkies.
#6 Posted by Apathylad (3234 posts) -

From my understanding, he only liked the first Terminator movie and hated the rest. Oh, and he really hates Star Wars.

#8 Posted by buzz_clik (7288 posts) -

Meatloaf. That's the food, not the musician-slash-actor.

#9 Posted by Fr0Br0 (3208 posts) -

Bufu at the wrong time.

#10 Posted by Hirushubi (116 posts) -

People who act arrogant in high level street fighter competition...

#11 Posted by Death_Unicorn (2877 posts) -

Does this OFFICIAL thread have the OFFICIAL Jeff Gerstmann stamp of approval?

#12 Posted by Hirushubi (116 posts) -
@Death_Unicorn said:
" Does this OFFICIAL thread have the OFFICIAL Jeff Gerstmann stamp of approval? "
This is UNOFICIALLY the OFFICIAL thread of Jeff Gerstmann's hatred...Got it??!!

So, no...not really...
#13 Posted by turbomonkey138 (5281 posts) -
@Fr0Br0: That was fucking hilarious
#14 Posted by Scooper (7920 posts) -

People that still go around saying things are 'Hella tight' and 'money'.

#15 Posted by Artemis_D (831 posts) -

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Coconuts (as can be seen here)


#17 Posted by PowerSerj (994 posts) -

Edgy Sonic.

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@Scooper said:
" @Kohe321 said:
" Coconuts (as can be seen here)

I thought he said "COCONUTS ARE WORTH MORE THEN HUMAN LIFE!!!!" at some point. Maybe he hates the taste but apreciates their value. "
What other value does a coconut have but its taste? Wow this is getting deep...

#19 Posted by MattyFTM (14652 posts) -
@Scooper said:
"I thought he said "COCONUTS ARE WORTH MORE THEN HUMAN LIFE!!!!" at some point. Maybe he hates the taste but apreciates their value. "
Coconuts are worth more than human life is a reference to No More Heroes.
#20 Posted by TwoOneFive (9786 posts) -

damnit, i love maroon, had a nice fender strat that was maroon once. i love seinfeld. and coconuts are my favorite!!

jeff is like my enemy now. 
#21 Posted by VilhelmNielsen (1767 posts) -

Jeff hates happiness. And probably Unicorns.

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he hates Vince Vaughn (but really likes Clay Pigeons), and hates people who really like things.

EDIT: to quote Jeff "Jesper is a SCUMBAG!"

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#24 Posted by GregIsRad (189 posts) -

Jay Leno

#25 Posted by Bigandtasty (3140 posts) -

Jeff es el jefe.

#26 Posted by Win (548 posts) -

He hates the terminator movies (except the original).

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Jeff hates Ben Stiller and Zach Braff. In fact Jeff seems to hate a lot of Hollywood/popular Jews? Is Jeff a self hating Jew?

Touchy subject, don't go near it. LEAVE IT ALONE! LEAVE IT ALONE!

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Ill add the PS3. I know he hates the PS3. Its a given. Flame all you want people. And PC

#29 Edited by EvilTwin (3312 posts) -

Mustard and Resident Evil.

Look at it, disgusting.

#30 Posted by Hirushubi (116 posts) -

Jeff possesses a quasi/passive hate towards Jack Black.(He was originally a fan of tenacious d and Black's earlier career)

#31 Posted by TheFreeMan (2712 posts) -
@Win said:
" He hates the terminator movies (except the original).
That heretic! The second Terminator movie is amazing!

This is indeed disturbing news.
#32 Posted by TheGreatGuero (8882 posts) -

This fall... Jeff Gerstmann IS.... El Jefe.

Coming soon to a theater near you.

#33 Posted by Hirushubi (116 posts) -
@TheGreatGuero said:
" This fall... Jeff Gerstmann IS.... El Jefe.Coming soon to a theater near you. "
#34 Posted by TripMasterMunky (2524 posts) -

He hates Turtles in Time AND Super Metroid. Say what?!

#35 Posted by Dan_CiTi (4034 posts) -

I don't see how someone can't like Street Fighter III, it's probably the most fun I've had with a fighting game, but everyone is entitled to their own opinions. 
There are somethings on the list he legit hates and some things he just doesn't like I think, but there is no reason to get so specific.

#36 Posted by Hirushubi (116 posts) -

the offspring

#37 Posted by Red (6146 posts) -

The word "gamer". 
I wholeheartedly agree with him. 
Also: anything on a sandwich that isn't cheese.

#38 Posted by PureRok (4268 posts) -

This thread.

#39 Posted by Bubahula (2224 posts) -

#40 Posted by Themanohall (402 posts) -

Rock Revolution and the terms "casual" and "hardcore"

#41 Posted by ch13696 (4760 posts) -

Jeff hates you. And me. Tell me something that Jeff doesn't hate.

#42 Edited by Damian (1521 posts) -
@PureRok said:

" This thread. "

Haha! Probably.  

 Too obvious?
#43 Posted by Breadfan (6803 posts) -
  • Hospitals
  • Planes
  • Airports
  • Cops
  • Elevators
  • Lawyers
oh wait that's Francis
#44 Posted by punkxblaze (3018 posts) -

Duke Nukem Forever.

#45 Posted by Tearhead (2396 posts) -

#46 Posted by dopeman (388 posts) -


Jeff hates communsim
#47 Posted by buzz_clik (7288 posts) -
@Damian: Jeff hates Greco-Roman columns?
#48 Posted by Bigandtasty (3140 posts) -
@buzz_clik: No, he hates blood-stained cuffs.
#49 Posted by Damian (1521 posts) -
@buzz_clik: @Bigandtasty: er, I was going for "Jeff hates homosexual innuendoes mixed with violence as the message only serves to confuse an already conflicted public", duh!
#50 Posted by AhmadMetallic (19303 posts) -

why are we discussing what another human being hates ? just because he's the owner of the website, the things he hates are important and special? 
he's just another guy, with his personal likes and dislikes, stop being this fucking stupid

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