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Jon Talbain (Full name, Jonathan Talbain, typically listed as " J. Talbain" on health bars; known as Gallon in Japan) is a werewolf that is featured in Capcom's Darkstalkers series. Jonathon Talbain's father was a wolf-lord called Baraba, while his mother's name is uknown, but she is a human. The two of his parents met when Baraba, was sent to eliminate the rival to his family, Demetri Maximov, but ended up failing and stumbling wounded to a small earth village. A woman nursed Baraba back to health, but when Baraba left, he left a child growing inside of her. Jon's mother would later die in labour. Another family took him in and named him Jonathan Talbain, after their own son - but when they saw the bestial change Jon had when the moon was full, from human to wolf, his family and the village shunned him and thus, left Talbain hating humanity. 
 Like Ryu, but with fur. Also doesn't shun women.
 Like Ryu, but with fur. Also doesn't shun women.
He later met an old gypsy in the forest, who said that if he were to reach his physical peak, the curse would be broken. More than willing to accept the gypsy's advice, Jonathan heard of Demetri Maximov's plans to start a fighting tournament, to find the best of the Darkstalkers in the world. So, Jon gladly entered the tournament in the hope of becoming human again. This is where the 1st game in the Darkstalkers series, " Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors" starts.

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