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The one that started it all.... 0

Metal Gear Solid is Hideo Kojima's masterpiece that set the stage for one of the most renowned series in videogames of all time. Kojima is one of the founding fathers of the stealth genre, and MGS was his first vision of Metal Gear in a 3-D world. To this day, MGS still holds up as a fun, intense gameplay experience with a gripping story and unhindered display of Kojima's directorial talent and philosophical insights. Suffice it to say when MGS was released almost a decade ago, its production v...

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An outstanding achievement in videogames 1

Metal Gear Solid for the Playstation is in many ways a groundbreaking game. Never before have games felt like an interactive movie this way. With good graphics, great voice acting, an interesting story that stays with you, this is something you must experience. You play as Solid Snake, a soldier that has seen enough of war. However, an old friend pulls him back in to action and Snake must infiltrate a nuclear weapon storage facility called: Shadow Mosses, which has been taken over by members of ...

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Never played it? Then hurry up and buy it. 0

Let's see...Metal?Gear?Solid?You must've heard that name somewhere before.If you haven't,then shame on you.I think that Hideo Kojima did a fantastic job with this game,and with plenty of cutscenes and action,you won't get tired of this game.Also,patience is a virtue in this game,kinda.Either sneaking past guards,hiding behind the corner,or just blasting your way through,you'll feel like a secret military soldier staying alive,and trying to save the world.Story [10/10]No,it wasn't perfect,but by ...

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My first experience with the Metal Gear Solid series was MGS2: Sons of Liberty, but it was MGS3: Snake Eater that really hooked me. It's not often in gaming that you will find innovative gameplay, complex plotlines, challenging moral dilemmas, believable political intrigue, and dynamic, layered characters; MGS not only has all of this, but does each one better than most any other game you will find. Once I became immersed in the PS2 MGS world, I knew I had to play the original to flesh out the m...

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Metal Gear Solid Review 0

Capsule Review:  Hideo Kojima's Metal Gear Solid is undeniably important.  It is also undeniably divisive.  You'll either be infuriated by the inescapable lecture on the horror of nuclear war (just in case you thought it sounded like a hoot), or rendered giddy by the melodrama and aggressive insanity of it all.  Essentially, this is a game you should play....

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Although a short game, Metal Gear Solid is also a pretty good one 0

Most video games have the character generally killing any enemy that comes in your way, and find ways to support the weakness of the enemy. First person shooters give you a continuous flow of ammo to shoot at any enemy in view; platformers generally have enemies die within one to two jumps on the head; even RPGs, which are not known to show an outward preference to violence (compared to games like Duke Nukem and Carmageddon, at least), encourage killing enemies as a means to progress through the...

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A Soldiers Requim 0

Presentation: 5/5 What can I say? Metal Gear Solid has some of the best cinematics on the ps1. The Intro cutscene sets the mood for the whole game. As soon as you pop in the disc, you want to stay for the whole ride. Hideo Kojima is a master at his own craft. His storytelling rivals Hinorobu Sakugachi, the creator of the Final Fantasy Series. The only problem with the presentation, is that people with short attention spans, will find themselves skipping lots of important dialogue. Controls: 5/5 ...

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MGS PS1 Review 0

Metal Gear Solid was Hideo Kojima's first shot at the metal gear franchise, and his first attempt was a masterpiece.  Metal Gear Solid takes place on a terrorist military base where a super nuclear weapon, metal gear, is being held by the terrorists.  It is up to Solid Snake to shake off the many plot twists along the way and save the world.  The story in MGS is possibly one of the best ever written for a video game, especially a playstation 1 game.  The cut scenes in the game are pretty lengthy...

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Excellent best game out on Playstation 3

Metal Gear Solid is an excellent game for anyone. If you have never played the series then it doesn't matter you can pick up and play this game easily. The way the game combines stealth with action is amazing. Instead of going in, guns blazing you have to actually avoid enemies if you don't want a hard time. It is not a good thing if you are caught as enemies just keep coming and coming soon you will run out of ammo or die so it is best to keep your head down on this game.The gameplay is great b...

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Metal Gear Solid Review for PS1 0

This game is the first in a series of amazing games. The story is incredibly in-depth, the game play is incredibly fun, and the voice acting is terrific. Though the game takes about an hour to get completely used to, once you've got the hang of it you won't be able to put it down. Lots of stealth action, performing actions such as breaking necks, hiding in cardboard boxes, knocking on the wall to attract guards attention, and tons of other maneuvers. It's just so much fun, because there are so m...

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Classic and Declicious 0

Well, after having a small need to play the Metal Gear series over again, I installed this game onto my computer again, and played away. Stepping into it after several years was quite refreshing, but on to the actual review.In this stealth action game Kojima makes his first delve into the true stealth action game, and does so quite successfully. When the player first begins, he or she is introduced to solid snake scuba diving into a base in Alaska. On his mission he meets a cast of wonderful cha...

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Metal Gear Solid Review - Instant Classic 0

Imagine a game that is fresh and innovative plus clearly ahead of its time. Imagine a game with a story line that is so compelling and enthralling that it isn't hard for gamers to become caught up in the twisting and suspenseful plot. Imagine a story that has cast of characters and performances that are so intriguing and amazing that they could easily be nominated for a Grammy. Imagine a game that was a pioneering force behind the now so popular stealth action genre. You are imagining Metal Gear...

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Still Solid 0

Playstation 1 has always been a oddball for me. Besides the couple of major titles I've managed always to miss their exclusive titles. Such as this classic stealth action game from 1998. Decided to hook up my old Playstation and pop-in the game for first play-through . Here is my view of this experience. Hideo Kojima, the creator has since this game made a big name of creating massive storylines and cutscene heavy games. This early Playstation game setting the standard. Gameplay is stealth b...

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Metal Gear Solid. A triumph as strong as the name suggests. 0

Almost ten years since Metal Gear Solid was released on Playstation and I finally finished it. What the hell took me so long?When FOXHOUND forms as a terrorist organisation, led by Liquid Snake, Solid Snake is sent into Shadow Moses to uncover the truth behind their taking over the secret Alaskan base. It's a premise fit for a movie starring Sly Stallone or Bruce Willis. But this game, and essentially it's plot, becomes so much more than Rambo IV (or Rambo V, now, I guess...)Firstly, that's beca...

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Its realistic and emotional story was unheard of in the PS1 days. 0

Metal Gear Solid was a game unlike any other. Its realistic and emotional story was unheard of in the PlayStation 1 days. You really felt that Solid Snake was an actual person, not just lifeless pixels on a screen. The game is somewhat mature, with dialog and jokes for older audiences.The story and voice overs truly are movie quality. It is equally balanced with dialog and action. Someone who does not like video games may be interested in this game for its story. Even with much of this dialog, t...

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A Game to Stand the Test of Time 0

Every console generation has its fair share of gold standard games. That said, very few games can be seen as a changing point for a genre, after which nothing can be the same. Games like Mario 64, Halo, and Bioshock were not only awesome in their own right, but radically altered our expectations of what games could do and what they could be. Fourteen years after its release, Metal Gear Solid’s influence cannot be denied. It was one of the first games to include full voice acting; it introduced a...

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Amazing, life-like visuals make you do a double take. "Am I watching a movie or is this Metal Gear Solid?" you'll find yourself shouting almost every time you see a FMV or "cut scene" as they're calling it (apparently they're in-engine but I severely doubt it, so I'm saying FMV). The graphics are astonishing, the single best on any system. You can sort of make out Snakes face if you squint and characters all have a separate thumb on each hand. Realistic stuff. There will never be graphics more l...

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Epic 0

Metal Gear Solid for the original Playstation really defined the stealth action genre. Actually it started it single handed. For one the game is incredibly cinematic when it comes to its in-game cutscenes which are rendered flawlessly. Also in terms of gameplay which is done very simply and fluidly. The game's bosses are incredibly epic and memorable.The story is set in Shadow Moses Island, which is a ficitonal island off Fox's Archipelago. It gets attacked and taken over by a group of terrorist...

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Greater than the some of it's parts. 0

When MGS4 was released I knew I wanted to play it but wouldn't be able to because I don't have the money to buy a PS3 so I decided to play through MGS1 since that's the only one I haven't played through.I liked the game a lot.  It was better than 2 but nowhere close to 3. Back in 1997 the story was the main attraction and that's one of the problems. I know that MGS games are very story centric but you gotta have some gameplay or else it's not a game. If you were to skip all the cutscenes and cod...

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What Could Have Been Grand Settles For So Less 2

Metal Gear Solid is easily one of the most "unique" games to have come out during the fifth generation of console gaming. It's different not because of it's innovative narrative style but for the way it approaches the terminology of "video gaming". This is mostly because of the manner the game handles the plot and it's related cutscenes making them so intense and invigorating that the subsequent gameplay which follows it boils down as a disappointment. The credit to this should be mainly given ...

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The PSX Epic That Started the Global Sensation 0

My first review on my blogThe Story Last night I finally got around to completing the Japanese stealth tactical action game: Metal Gear Solid. You play as Solid Snake, a veteran of (at least) two prior missions completed for the U.S. Government as a part of the secret, black-ops organization FOXHOUND. You’re sent to Shadow Moses Island to save some hostages and investigate terrorist ability to launch the nuke they are threatening to launch. If they can launch, you must stop it. Newcomers to the ...

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Classic. 0

Metal Gear Solid was the first in the series to be released on the Playstation console.  At the time of its release, this game set a new standard for the depth of quality an action game could have.  It had a deep story involving multiple characters who were all well portrayed with full audio dialogue.  The gameplay consisted mainly of stealth action that was well executed for the first time in gaming history.  Gun fights were always an option, but the game promoted sneaking through the levels, n...

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Metal Gear Solid is amazing in almost all ways 0

Use Solid Snake to get to Metal Gear using stealth or killing your enemies. This game plots through about a 4-5 hour adventure on Shadow Moses Island to take down Metal Gear. You can use many different weapons, with silencers to take out enemies without setting off an alarm. The goal in this game is mainly to get undetected, using stealth techniques get get by enemies in each little area. But you can take out enemies with weapons and kill everyone without other guards noticing. Cigarettes can be...

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