Favorite secondary character in MGS Franchise

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I like Drebin, and Mei Ling. xD

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I like Ocelot the best.

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Drebin and Ocelot.

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Dick Tracy.

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Revolver Ocelot and Liquid Ocelot. We need to get Stan Lee to be Ocelot again. hehe

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Sniper Wolf and Mei Ling.

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the new raiden

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Meryl is hawt, yo.

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get2sammyb said:
"Meryl is hawt, yo."
Rock hair for the win.

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...solid snake...

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Pibo47 said:
"...solid snake..."

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LiquidPrince said:
"Pibo47 said:
"...solid snake..."

I dont like any of the other characters that much though. I guess i'll go with drebin
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LiquidPrince said:
"get2sammyb said:
"Meryl is hawt, yo."
Rock hair for the win.

I thought it was because of her sexy shoulders and biceps
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grey fox
revolver ocelot
new raiden

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Grey Fox, but back in his Null days

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Otacon, when he isnt crying that is :P

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This ought to be a poll.


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Liquid Ocelot....

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Im one of the few that actually liked Raiden in MGS2 so Raiden and Drebin.

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LiquidPrince said:
I think Raiden would be considered a primary character, as he was a main character. What are we calssifying as secondary? I don't think you can call Ocelot secondary, as he is just as important as Solid Snake, appearing as a major character in more games than Solid Snake. Big Boss, Solidus Snake, and Liquid Snake are similarly all very important, as is The Boss. Are we just counting everyone but Snake?
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Raiden (If he counts)
Revolver Ocelot

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Sniper Wolf, Liquid Snake.

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Ocelot, in fact I would argue that he is a primary character seeing as a lot of the story revolves around his actions. I always liked Raiden as awell. Should give Otacon a mention too as back in July I chose Otacon as my username... for some reason!

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Me and you brother.

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Raiden, Drebin, Otacon, and Ocelot. 

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Definitely Raikov. (lmao)

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drebin  and vulcan raven .

who's willing to take me on in the alaskan ear pull?
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Raiden and Johnny.

I mean, Johnny has bowel problems. I can totally relate.
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Drebin 893. 

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Definitely Ocelot. Also, me and AgentJ would like to give a shout-out to Meryl's ass.

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Colonel Volgin or the End.

I Think MGS3 is the high point of the series, mgs4 was good too.

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I am suprised by the lack of love for Psycho Mantis here, definately one the the unique and best villians ever I reckon.

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Decoy Octopus.

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Grey Fox, Null, Ocelot, and *MGS 2 spoilers* that weird Colonel Campell from the end of MGS 2 that says weird random stuff, man he was creepy 0_0.

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Raiden.  It wouldn't have been Raiden before 4.  But the tragic character of Raiden("I just don't fear death"), really got me.  I also liked the grovelly take on his voice.

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Vamp because of Phil LaMarr.

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I am disapointed by the continued lack of support for Psycho Mantis.

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Meryl is both sexy and badass at the same time, but Ocelot is easily the most hardcore granpa in gaming history!

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Ocelot, no doubt. ;)
That guy is wicked cool.

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