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Mucky Foot Productions was created in 1997 by by three ex- Bullfrog developers: Mike Diskett, Fin McGechie and Guy Simmons, when things were going bad at the old company. With the success of several of Bullfrog's games, expectations were high that these guys could replicate some of this success at the very least. Their first game, Urban Chaos , was a third-person action-adventure depicting a police officer's one-woman war against a powerful street gang, some of whom wore the Mucky Foot logo on the backs of their jackets. Urban Chaos was critically well-received but didn't sell particularly well, and the company followed this with Startopia, which had players manage a space station and its many alien inhabitants. The game was considered a good concept with clever features but was very buggy with poor support, and the planned expansion packs never materialized. The company then obtained rights to some movie game tie-ins, releasing the Blade II Game which was widely considered bland and generic. With a couple of unannounced games and another movie game in development (based on the film Bulletproof Monk), the company closed its doors.

Interesting Fact:

An amusing part of this company's story was that their main doors to their offices were renowned for sticking, causing a number of bruises to staff and guests trying to get in.
Their official website was at It is now defunct.

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