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Oh c'mon.. Another failed NFS game. 0

 After finding that EA wanted to go after the more successful formula of Most Wanted, I was more than elated that one of my favorite franchise is getting life back again. Now after I played the game I feel that I am extremely wrong. To say it in one line undercover is most wanted done bad.. incredibly bad. The tab button mechanic is the worst in the game. There are no specific points where you can start a race instead there are some vague points where you can press tab to start mission. And th...

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Almost, but not quite 0

I had high hopes for NFS: Undercover. Unfortunately I was very disappointed. I felt that the series kept going down starting with Carbon. The NFS series returning to its roots with this game is kind of an overstatement. For anyone who has played NFS: Most Wanted, this will definitely remind you of it. But the more you play it, the more it feels like a poor man's Most Wanted. It feels rushed and incomplete. Rushed in the sense that there is no overall map despite the small map circle. It's not ea...

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A Good Cheap Racer 0

For a game that came out in 2008 its held up suprisingly well . Its a typical open world racer and seems to be a response to burnout paradise with some of the design choices they made . What sets this apart from the other racers at that time is the heat meter . Crimes varying from speeding to destroying state property build up your heat meter , and once that reaches a certain point the cops start hunting you down. By using a cop stopper ( i.e falling metal pipes and signs) you can lose the cop....

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Not bad for a PSP racer 0

Now I'll be honest, I haven't really played the other Need For Speeds. The whole franchise lost me with Underground.Now Undercover for the other platforms is getting mixed reviews, and I haven't played the other versions. However, the PSP version I think is safe from this (as well as the Wii version I heard).However their are a couple things. The first one for someone who has played Need For Speed on the PSP before know that their is no open city. However from what I heard, its pretty useless on...

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It might seem the black sheep of Need for Speed franchise, but this game is actually good. 0

I have a history of enjoying Need for Speed games that aren't well regarded by critics and the community. I thought Pro Street was an absolute delight despite its obvious control problems. Undercover is the same. This is pretty solid Need for Speed, often more than what I could ever ask for. Let's say this game feels a little more "stripped down" compared to the others, but the core is still intact.It's a well known fact that any new Need for Speed will deliver. Much like the now defunct Tony Ha...

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Blazing action but it's the same old thing with new flaws. 0

Electronic Arts is known for a lot of things: popular sports games, trendy production, gobbling up smaller developers and being the root of all evil. The most consistent of all its labels has to be EA's incessant milking of popular franchises (The Sims anyone?). Need for Speed falls into that category. Ever since Distinctive Software (EA Canada) first released the title in 1994 for 3DO, a slew of sequels followed. Last year's Need for Speed Pro Street took a break from the all-pervading need to ...

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Better than ProStreet. Worse than most. 0

Alright, so this is the latest installment in the long running EA series, Need for Speed. Many of the previous games were not as good as they should have been, and Undercover makes no attempt to break this mould. The game itself is quite entertaining, but it's nowhere near the standard that it should be. Here's why :Storyline : 3/5Alright, so the storyline wasn't expected to be good. Racing games normally don't need much of a story, so it's quite acceptable there. What isn't really acceptable is...

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Nothing is undercover about how bad this game is. 0

Need for Speed: Undercover brings back the old gameplay everyone loved, but it’s so easy, lazy, and buggy that not even your average hotrod grandma will enjoy it. Let’s face it, Need for Speed: Most Wanted was probably the best street racing game you could possibly play. The cars were so hot, the sense of speed so violent, and the world so large and fun that it was a must for any fan of street racing. But then Need for Speed: ProStreet came and ruined the series completely with it’s racing, pla...

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Dissapointing and broken 0

I honestly didnt even have to finish this game to know how bad it really is. Ok the game has a couple good things going for it. The cars look ok, it worked with my gamepad(vibration was good and realistic), and the races are sometimes fun. Everything else in this game SUCKS. And im not holding anything back with that statement. The story is horrible, the fmv scenes are just lame, the graphics are horrible to look at, with texture pop in, blinding light, and horrible looking environment, cars, an...

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No scientology in sight 0

I’ve always thought the Need For Speed series is at its best when dealing with the boys in blue. Most Wanted was the last time we tackled the law, and since then the franchise has moved off into other directions, trying to diversify things. Now we come to Need For Speed: Undercover, and as the name suggests you’re back behind enemy lines, dealing with both the police and street racers in a story-driven, open-world, racing extravaganza. Just like Most Wanted the story is told via cut scenes feat...

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You'll want to hide undercover from this game. 0

Since the success of Burnout Paradise and the recent Midnight Club: Los Angeles, EA have been floundering. While Burnout Paradise is a title EA themselves published, it's taken a serious dent in the status quo: the genre previously dominated by the Need For Speed franchise is no longer a one-horse race. So to claw back a bit of market share and to revive the 14 year old series, EA have released Need For Speed: Undercover.Strangely enough, it seems like EA already know Need For Speed: Undercover ...

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Despite the bugs, it's playable 0

Need for Speed: Undercover is a racing game, as you might have imagined. There's a lot of cool real-life cars, good tuning options, but the gameplay is mediocre. First of all, it's buggy - there are a lot of pop-ups, the framerate is unstable at most times, and the races are really cake.  It's nice to play a racing game once in a while, but this one just isn't that good. It also includes what probobly is the most stupid open world in gaming history - why the hell would you make an open world rac...

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Much better than Pro Street, but in someways a step back 0

After playing the horrible Need for Speed: Pro Street I was ready to give up on the Need for Speed series altogether, but when I saw the first screen shots and trailer for Need for Speed: Undercover I was hopeful that the series would get back on track with this game. In some ways Undercover got right what Pro Street did wrong, but in other ways it's another step back for the series. First the story is Need for Speed: Undercover is actually pretty well done and there are a few twists and turns i...

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Need4Speed is Broken 0

With all due respect to the other review of this game; I disagree pretty strongly.  Need4Speed Undercover is practically broken, never should have been released in this state in the first place, and you have to register with EA before you can play online a la MGS4-which is a major fail on its own.  Ironically I decided to check on the online registration in the manual, and I NEVER read manuals, and it states clearly that all you need to play online is a PSN ID.  The couldn't even hire some Engli...

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Nfs Undercover looks like most wanted but its a big step backward 0

Game play: Everyone knows that the best nfs game is most wanted because most wanted had intense police chase`s cool customisation and good AI. When I played Prostreet i wasn`t happy because there was no free roam the customisation is ok but you can only get one car for one category unless you keep it stock then you can choose three types of races. Then I tried Carbon exellent customisation good police chase and fun races but I have beaten carbon but the cops only showed up 4 times in the hole ga...

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need for speed undercover what crap 0

when i was playing need for speed undercover i was looking forward to this game ,the start was good but after the first race the game stopped and kepted loading for 15 min,i hope this was just me or was did this happen to every one  else.from what i have seen the first race is easy, the grapics are good and the gameplay was unreal .i wolud give this game about 8 if could get a disk that the disk had no scatches...

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