SNK Is Bringing Back the Neo-Geo, More or Less

#51 Posted by Sooty (8195 posts) -

Classy looking device. I like it.

Won't buy it though.

#52 Posted by Maitimo (207 posts) -

That is rad.

#53 Posted by Suigyoken (197 posts) -

Despite me wanting this to be real, The Menu and Select button are inconsistent with the screens, widescreen, and its pretty much the same shape and form factor of an iPhone 4... Keep the dream alive though!

#54 Posted by NellyK (80 posts) -

Looks like a Photoshopped iPhone.

#55 Posted by DarkGamerOO7 (611 posts) -


#56 Posted by MooseyMcMan (11902 posts) -

Forget about the 3DS and Vita! This is the future of handheld gaming!

Well, probably not.

#57 Posted by Karmann (606 posts) -


#58 Posted by Sikboy1029 (111 posts) -

I actually own & still enjoy playing my neo geo pocket color.

#59 Posted by web966 (87 posts) -

Wait what?

#60 Posted by LordCmdrStryker (356 posts) -

Disappointing on two levels. One, not an actual NGPC with Card Fighters Clash, Match of the Millennium, Last Blade, or Biomotor Unitron. Two, those are all like the oldest Neo-Geo games out there. Couldn't they get any of the titles released later in the system's lifetime? Sigh.

#61 Posted by fisher81 (573 posts) -

@Alex: oh. whoops. my bad. So this is good news! Yay!

#62 Posted by 71Ranchero (3121 posts) -

Me want!

#63 Posted by TechHits (1483 posts) -

What? I want this, I want it bad.

#64 Posted by AshHousewares (4 posts) -

Might be worth a pretty penny. The logo must be gold-plated xd

#65 Posted by buzz_killington (3655 posts) -

In other news, Gizmondo is coming back, better than ever.

#66 Posted by WinterSnowblind (7595 posts) -

I love my Neo Geo Pocket, but the screen was absolutely horrible, to the point where it was near impossible to play.

If this a decent price, I'll totally get one.

#67 Posted by Jack_Lafayette (3780 posts) -

Why in the world is the L1 mirrored with the R2 and vice-versa?

#68 Posted by the_unabomber (36 posts) -

Day 1 purchase

Day 2 "put on a shelf next to my wonderswan"

#69 Posted by gla55jAw (2763 posts) -

I would buy that.

#70 Edited by WilltheMagicAsian (1547 posts) -

I don't think that's an analog nub, pretty sure it's microswitch based if it's anything like the old Neo-Geo stuff.

The close-up pictures makes it look kind of cheaply made, I hope that isn't representative of the final product.

#71 Posted by Leadcat (281 posts) -

I want it!

#72 Posted by JackSukeru (6069 posts) -

Y'know I don't mind a handheld used for playing old games, it's basically what I've been using my 3DS for these last couple of months.

#73 Posted by phantomzxro (1600 posts) -

@Dark_Lord_Spam said:

Why in the world is the L1 mirrored with the R2 and vice-versa?

@Suigyoken said:

Despite me wanting this to be real, The Menu and Select button are inconsistent with the screens, widescreen, and its pretty much the same shape and form factor of an iPhone 4... Keep the dream alive though!

Pretty much this! Can't help but think this is just a photo shop of a iphone4 The button placement on this thing is all wrong.

#74 Posted by IronScimitar (522 posts) -

@Benny said:

looks like a cheap iPhone knockoff.

Bingo. Re-purposed iPhone.

#75 Posted by Vegetable_Side_Dish (1751 posts) -


#76 Posted by demonknightinuyasha (504 posts) -

Back when I worked at Toys R Us I found a box that had 2 blue camo neo geo pocket color units with a couple of games. This was way after they were off shelves so they weren't even in the system anymore so my manager junk sku'ed them at 50 bucks. In retrospect kinda wish I picked one up just for the novelty factor :/

#77 Posted by dr_mantas (2289 posts) -

Oh man, an NGP!

#78 Posted by coonce (1605 posts) -

i'm so-so on the launch lineup, but i really really dig the form factor that snk has laid out here. looks like a solid portable gaming device.

#79 Posted by hermes (1723 posts) -

There are a lot of chinese portables that run mame, snes9x and a number of other emulators. This portable will live or die depending on the support SNK gives it.

I know its too early to know that, but the list of games doesn't necessarily fill me with hope.

#80 Posted by theanticitizen (294 posts) -

It looks like an iPhone 4 and a Vita had a baby...actually really nice design aesthetic!

#81 Posted by DarthOrange (4091 posts) -
#82 Posted by JasonR86 (9998 posts) -

This seems like a dumb idea. There's nothing about that device that seem to set it apart from newer phones or the handhelds that are already established besides the number of built in games.

#83 Posted by RenMcKormack (1087 posts) -


#84 Posted by Shaanyboi (1401 posts) -

...I want this. I have zero understanding as to why.

#85 Posted by MrCHUP0N (347 posts) -

I shouldn't... but... I... I want one.

#86 Posted by Det1 (192 posts) -

How the fuck am I going to press 3 buttons at the same time with the buttons laid out in an + pattern?

#87 Posted by Kratch (386 posts) -

@MrCHUP0N said:

I shouldn't... but... I... I want one.

My thoughts exactly.

#88 Posted by Brendan (8599 posts) -

Looks purdy.

#89 Posted by Kifftopher (40 posts) -

Looks fake, what's with the select button changing to menu in different pictures?

#90 Posted by prestonhedges (1961 posts) -

I've got one of these. It's called a Caanoo.

#91 Posted by doomocrat (146 posts) -

How many times does it have to be said? I've heard Jeff echo it a thousand times. King of Fighters 98', if you have to have one KOF, is the one you need. Now I know 98UM hit XBL and PSN, but can I get my classic port?

#92 Posted by WilltheMagicAsian (1547 posts) -


That's what the shoulder buttons are for. There are eight buttons and Neo-Geo games only use four, also Neo-Geo cabs had two different layouts, one being similar to this pads layout but rotated and the four straight. A lot of Neo-Geo games don't even require multiple button presses above two anyway.

#93 Posted by JoeyRavn (5114 posts) -

It's right? In Neo Geo Pogket form, am I rite?

#94 Posted by gorkamorkaorka (492 posts) -

This isn't worth it if it's only those games. If you can get new ones, then I would buy it, just to have something no one at school would know what it was.

#95 Posted by President_Barackbar (3504 posts) -

Metal Slug is the only Neo-Geo IP that I care anything about. However, this is pretty awesome.

#96 Posted by Hector (3514 posts) -

If it's more than $99 I'm not going to get it.

#97 Posted by ajamafalous (12344 posts) -
@Catarrhal said:

The only thing I don't understand is--why does this thing have analog controls?

#98 Posted by Reluctant_Hero (44 posts) -

I will buy this. Oh yes, I certainly will. I still have my original Neo Geo Pocket Color. Love that system to death.

#99 Posted by ajamafalous (12344 posts) -
@Dark_Lord_Spam said:
Why in the world is the L1 mirrored with the R2 and vice-versa?
I think you just broke everything.
#100 Posted by MysteriousBob (6262 posts) -

I was just playing the XBLA version of Fatal Fury Special when this story appeared.

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