NSMBWii finally outsells MW2 four months late.

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 Go me?
According to CNBC

1. New Super Mario Bros. Wii (14.7 million worldwide)
2. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (14 million worldwide)
3. Battlefield: Bad Company 2
4. Final Fantasy XIII (5.5 million worldwide)
5. Wii Fit Plus
6. God Of War III
7. Pokemon SoulSilver Version (8.4 million combined worldwide)
8. Wii Sports Resort
9. Mass Effect 2 (1.6 million worldwide)
10. Pokemon HeartGold Version (8.4 million combined worldwide) 
As some of you might painfully or gloriously remember, Reggie and GTTV started a bet of which game, NSMBWii or MW2 would sell the most by the February NPD results, and of course, we all joined in. But of course, Reggie lost the bet, due to the 360 version of MW2 breaking worldwide records. But, even though he lost the bet, NSMBWii still won in the end, as everybody in the world predicted.  
Is Reggie vindicated? Nope. But he still came out happier in the end. That (genius) swine.
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Given the fact MW2 is multiplatform I think the fact an exclusive title outsold it speaks volumes to the success of that particular game and platform it's on. Credit has to be given where it's due and Nintendo deserve it for sure.
Now I'm waiting for the inevitable "New Super Modern Warfare Brothers In Arms, Weeeeeee!" title for all known platforms. Can you imagine the brutality?

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This will likely now be a slide in their E3 presser.

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Who could say no to that face? 

I wuv you 
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There's no way ME2 has only sold 1.6 million worldwide.  Let's have a competition to decide.

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@Tebbit: d'awwwwwwww
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IIRC, that 1.6 million for ME2 is through March and 360 only. We're almost two months past it, and I imagine plenty of people (myself included) bought it on PC.

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No, he didn't win, he's not vindicated nor is he a genius. It seems pretty obvious why that's still selling and MW2 is petering out but whatever makes you smug inside.

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NSMBW is pretty dumb... just my opinion

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@Whisperkill said:
" NSMBW is pretty dumb... just my opinion "
Well, it's simplicity helped it a lot in getting people to play the game.
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Hopefully Mario Galaxy 2 can get in on some of that action! The more people playing that game, the better.

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Yay, everybody wins!

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I bought neither.

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