No Sony Movies on NXE's Netflix?

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#51 Posted by lamegame621 (1000 posts) -

wow, i'm starting to dislike Sony... :(

#52 Posted by Brackynews (4241 posts) -

But can I get The Wizard?

That's really all that matters.

#53 Posted by Hef (1220 posts) -

Does that mean colombia and tristar movies are gonna be banned also? Cause that's a lot of good movies right there.

#54 Edited by sofakingcool (394 posts) -

I don't understand why Sony Pictures would benefit from their movies being available to less people. Also doesn't netflix pay Sony for the rights to rent their movies? So is Sony passing on that money or are they still getting paid? If I were NetFlix I would be pissed.... you are paying sony for their movies and then they get to tell you how and where you can use them? Sony should take their heads out of their collective asses and realize that Sony Pictures / Columbia, aren't in any kind of direct competion with Microsoft!
  PS. Oh and PXAbstraction I don't think that MS would do this if they owned a movie studio. The more people paying you to see your movies the better...... Dee Dee Dee!

#55 Edited by REDRUN (1475 posts) -

Thanks Sony for being such an asshole. I will no longer want to buy any Sony product and from here on out. DVD is still a great format. and there is always other HD stream programs out there.

#56 Posted by Wolverine (4574 posts) -


#57 Posted by Cube (4382 posts) -

This isn't a "dirty" move, you morons.

If this is a dirty move, you should tell Microsoft to let Sony use WMA's for music playback in-game.

For once 360 owners get boned and it's not even effecting the games.

#58 Posted by The_Icon (663 posts) -

@iamgame621 - Just when was the time u liked sony, ur 'color' says it all. LOL

Anyways, its a harsh business tactic but can you blame them in the fierce console war, every small point counts.

#59 Posted by PXAbstraction (359 posts) -

sofakingcool, I get your point about putting more eyes in front of your movies but to some businesspeople, keeping the competition out is more important.  Sony wants those people seeing the movies on a PS3 and that becomes less likely if they can also view them on the 360.  I'm not saying I agree, its likely just their way or thinking.  From a brand awareness point of view, it weakens Sony to be showing movies with their name on them on a product by someone who competes against them in another space.  Again, I don't agree and I think that's foolish logic but I guarantee you its what some overpaid suit in a boardroom thinks.  Microsoft went with HD-DVD on the 360 even though they knew it was going to fail (there are articles on this I can't think of right now) simply because they wanted to hurt Sony financially and stop Blu-ray from winning the format war for as long as possible.  They lost tons of money on that HD-DVD drive since nobody bought it and they were forced to eat tons of essentially worthless inventory when HD-DVD died.  But they did it to hurt Sony and the Blu-ray brand.  And this is why I am certain they'd do the same thing Sony is in this situation.  Sometimes losing a bunch of money to hurt the competition is what these guys think is best.  They're stupid but it happens all the time.

Also, this probably isn't up to Netflix.  I live in Canada and we had the Microsoft Video Marketplace months after the US got it, we don't have the Sony service at all, nor do we have the Netflix integration.  Now, we don't have Netflix at all in Canada (there's another Canadian company called doing the same thing but with no digital side) but Netflix could still offer the digital distribution service here.  Why don't they?  Because of the movie studio rights.  When Netflix purchases discs to rent through their service, they are only buying the right to rent the discs.  Digital rights are a completely different thing.  And there's a seperate set of rights for each of those categories in each and every country.  I'm not kidding.  This is why these services aren't available to us in Canada (or virtually anywhere else in the world) yet; because they haven't negotiated (and paid for) the rights with the studios.  Netflix had to get a completely different set of contracts with the studios to start offering their films digitally and that contract probably says that the studios have right of refusal on certain ways that digital distribution happens.  That's why as I understand it, not every film you can rent from Netflix can be played digitally, in any form.  Hollywood had made it a cumbersome nightmare for these companies to do what they do.

#60 Posted by Kraznor (1608 posts) -

I think KTM4444 summed it up.

#61 Posted by TheHBK (5658 posts) -

suck my balls sony.  Start putting linux on your Vaio laptops pussies.

#62 Posted by TwoOneFive (9787 posts) -

LOL this is funny. Sony strikes back. 

o well its something MS would do if they made movies too. ps3 has its own movie store anyways, and you can still use your pc to watch netflix and god forbid, order the damn things, i have a netflix subscription and order blu-rays all the time. 

ps. any 360 fanboys who try to bash sony over this are seriously pathetic. 
#63 Posted by AndrewP (100 posts) -

ps. any Sony fanboys who try to defend Sony over this are seriously pathetic.

#64 Posted by dezvous (587 posts) -

The Sony hate is so blind and unfounded it's ridiculous. Sony has a huge impact on this industry and beyond. Look at all the fun they've brought us with the PlayStation brand. Why are people so quick to turn on them? Don't blame Sony for having their hand in so many more things than Microsoft. If Microsoft had a movie studio I guarantee that those movies wouldn't be available on the PS3 either, it's just common sense. It's business.

Seriously, without Sony a lot of things would be different, outside of the Gaming industry too. They are constantly pushing the envelope and creating new technology, whether by themselves or with joint ventures through other companies. It's sad that most gamers nowadays only know Sony as the makers of Blu-Ray or the CELL processor when they use things all the time that they have no idea that Sony has had a hand in bringing to them. 

What's even more funny is to see this sudden change from Anti-Microsoft to pro Microsoft. It's hilarious. How about you just don't pick sides and enjoy the best of both worlds, that way you can avoid being a foolish hypocrite down the line with Sony suddenly has some great product and it's all the rage. The only reason my name is blue is because I get more enjoyment out of my PS3 and have a long history of enjoyment with the PlayStation brand. It's where my favorite games have always been.

 I have no problem with your opinion on a company or anything else, but for gods sake at least have it be justified more than just a blind day by day dislike that changes as frequently as the wind. The best part is that Jeff is here reporting this just as news, not as anti-anything, it's all you who choose to turn this into something to pick sides over. This is not the first time a company has chosen to do this and it will definitely not be the last.

#65 Posted by Osiris (564 posts) -

Ah well, I don't own a 360 and I don't own a account. I have better ways to watch a movie :P Besides Game Consoles are for GAMES, mainly. That this feature is not complete, oh well. To bad for those account users who use live, I guess.

#66 Posted by TheVilrak (68 posts) -

Not suprising in the slightest, I dont blame Sony as MS would of done exactly the same thing if they were in this situation.

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#68 Posted by cikame (1194 posts) -

Haven't watched a sony film in years, but im in the uk so it doesn't matter anyway... :(

#69 Posted by dezvous (587 posts) -

Cikame you do realize that Sony has more movie studios than simply Sony Pictures don't you? So you haven't seen any of the Spider-Man movies, or Superbad, 30 Days of Night, Hancock, Step Brothers, Pineapple Express, Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, Quantum of Solace, Casino Royale, Talladega Nights, The Da Vinci Code, Lords of Dogtown, or Hitch just to name a few noteables? I find that very hard to believe. This is a damn great example of the absolute ignorance that goes on with these kinds of things. It's pathetic.

#70 Posted by DoctorTran (1584 posts) -

You know... of the above list... I have only watched the Spiderman Trilogy, 30 Days of night (regret), Casino Royale, and... uhm... That's it. I do want to see some of those though.

#71 Posted by WinterSnowblind (7595 posts) -

For those saying "Microsoft would do the same".. do you realise that Microsoft liscence out their technology to virtually everyone?  The only reason the PS3 doesn't use Windows codecs is because Sony refuse to pay the liscence fee.  No matter how you look at it, this is an extremely shallow move by Sony, and if MS decide to turn around and restrict Sony's access to their software and technology, it's going to seriously damage them.

This is the equivalent of a 10 year old throwing a hissy fit and not letting anyone play with their toys.

#72 Posted by get2sammyb (6686 posts) -

I can't believe you people are getting on a Sony for making a perfectly LOGICAL business decision. Any company would have done the same.

Anyway we don't even get this across the pond full-stop so think yourselves lucky.

#73 Posted by MetalGearSunny (7465 posts) -

Well, duh! How could anyone NOT see this one coming?

#74 Posted by darkjester74 (1603 posts) -

Its an expected business decision.  Stockholders would probably not be happy if they found out that their companies movies were available to be viewed on a competitor's console.  Besides, its not unreasonable to think Sony and MS may reach an agreement at some point to allow this to happen.

#75 Posted by WinterSnowblind (7595 posts) -


I refer you to my previous post, right above yours.
Perhaps Sony shouldn't be allowed to use Windows on their laptops anymore?

#76 Edited by Sanj (2677 posts) -

Microsoft pays developers to stop PS3 owners from playing their games.

Sony pulls Sony-owned movies from being played on 360s.

It's a dog-eat-dog business and both sides play rough. Live with it.

#77 Posted by Artemis_D (831 posts) -

These companies honestly don't give a damn about the consumers, and that breaks my heart.  I can just as easily pop the dvd into my XBox 360 and watch it without a problem, so what's the point of this?   I really don't care about this anyway, because I bought my consoles to play games, but I know a lot of people who use thier game consoles as media centers so... it kinda sucks for them. 

I swear,if I didn't love video games so much, I'd say fuck Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft .  Maybe I could start knitting, or something... 

Oh well.

#78 Posted by bcfish (65 posts) -

Sony sucks ASS!!!!  They're such bastards.  Jealous is the word I use.

#79 Posted by Mox007 (31 posts) -

The move by Sony was to be expected. Does anyone actually expect Sony and Microsoft to actually play nice together?
I'm sure MS will drop the $$$ to have the Sony movies streaming on 360s in no time. Or maybe it will be the leverage Sony needs to get Netflix on the PS3. Eitherway, it's business which isn't alway the best for consumers. And why would Sony care about the 360 consumer (unless the 360 owner has a PS3 and in that case should be asking Sony where is the Netflix deal for the PS3)?

If I were a 360 owner I would be upset, but this is something MS should have seen coming and could have been prevented by striking a deal prior to launch of NXE. The ball is in MS court. If they care about the 360 owners, they will do whatever they can to reach an agreement with Sony and Netflix.

#80 Posted by Keeng (1011 posts) -


#81 Posted by siLVUR (118 posts) -

Shame, all those movies missed.

#82 Posted by GravityParade (9 posts) -


#83 Posted by dezvous (587 posts) -

Sony being able to use Windows on their computers isn't remotely close to this. Nor is this equivalent to that of a 10 year old being fussy and not "sharing their toys."  The reason is because Sony does so much more than Microsoft and if Microsoft were to treat Sony like an enemy in every single way possible it just wouldn't make sense. Microsoft would be gaining nothing by not allowing Sony to use Windows in their computers since Sony isn't in the OS business what so ever. However if you look at Microsoft fighting Apple in the OS business you can see that their iPod competitor the Zune has virtually no Mac support what so ever since they are directly competing in that business.

However, we see plenty of iPod support (advertised even) on the XBOX360 since that's a completely different market, one where they can't afford to be picky and alienate so many people with iPods just because they want to. And that's just the thing, in the gaming market Sony can afford to be picky not to allow their movies to be viewed via the Netflix 360 service.

As I've said before, Sony does too much besides just be the creators of the PlayStation to be treated like such a common enemy. If you want to get really stupid and irrational about this maybe  Microsoft shouldn't be able to use any of the technology Sony has helped bring to the table along with other companies like HDMI or SPDIF which actually stands for Sony Philips Interconnect Format.

#84 Posted by Kohe321 (3567 posts) -

Shame, but it's kinda understandable when some come from Sony. It sucks, though.

#85 Posted by ascendantofrain (4 posts) -

How is Sony keeping their rights to their digital content ANY different from Micro$oft paying millions of dollars for video game content exclusive to their console?  You don't hear PS3 users complaining about not having GTA IV DLC because as of right now, its basically a myth.

If M$ is willing to dish out millions of dollars to have games like FFXIII on their console, surely they can afford the royalties to Sony for their digital content.

#86 Posted by Jayzilla (2641 posts) -

Doesn't Sony get money for the movies that get watched through this? I can't believe that they wouldn't want a slice of that sweet pie. Oh well. I will just rent those from Cox on demand, or get them in the mail lfrom netflix, or go to blockbuster...wait a sec, this really isn't an issue at all.

#87 Posted by PLWolf (965 posts) -

Well, at a minimum you have to have One out a time to take advantage of the streaming. So, just get the Sony Pictures stuff that way.
Logic, it's lost on some people.

#88 Posted by Holla (12 posts) -

Typical dick move by Sony, but it isn't anything new for them. At least it takes the attention off their virtually unplayable game servers for a minute.

#89 Posted by Vcize (5 posts) -

So what's the next step now?

Xbox 360's no longer working on Sony TVs?

Windows no longer working on Sony Vaio laptops?

Movies from Warner Bros studios no longer working in Sony DVD players?

#90 Posted by Media_Master (3259 posts) -

People should just man up to buying any movie at any store, its not like they're expensive .

#91 Posted by shadows_kill (3093 posts) -

well if sony owns it why let the competition have it....

#92 Posted by shadows_kill (3093 posts) -
Metal_Gear_Sunny said:
"Well, duh! How could anyone NOT see this one coming?"
WinterSnowblind said:
"For those saying "Microsoft would do the same".. do you realise that Microsoft liscence out their technology to virtually everyone?  The only reason the PS3 doesn't use Windows codecs is because Sony refuse to pay the liscence fee.  No matter how you look at it, this is an extremely shallow move by Sony, and if MS decide to turn around and restrict Sony's access to their software and technology, it's going to seriously damage them.

This is the equivalent of a 10 year old throwing a hissy fit and not letting anyone play with their toys."
listen to metal gear sunny. its m$ fault for letting everyone use there software anyway and sony then made a good bisness choice that there competition cant use there movies.
#93 Posted by hockeyb (22 posts) -


#94 Posted by Birdwalk (9 posts) -

is the new smodcast up

#95 Posted by Carlos (508 posts) -

It does suck hardcore althought i mostly watch anime stuff :(

#96 Posted by Iceman2913 (542 posts) -

looks like sony is laying down the law

#97 Posted by LiquidPrince (16475 posts) -

Makes sense.

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