Should I go with windows 7?

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I am a complete idiot when it comes to computers. I mean, I know basics, but when you start throwing in specific data, different kinds of hardware and software and all that, I just kind of droop out of the conversation. However, despite my ineptness, I enjoy several games for PCs. (Left 4 dead 2 currently). Once again though, my idiocy shines through, as my computer of choice is a laptop that runs on vista, and can barely play l4d2 (or HL2 for that matter).  
Now, I've heard that trying to up graphical capabilities on a laptop is like trying to take apart a bomb without having it explode in your face, but I also heard something else. This something else is the basis of my question. 
As mentioned earlier, my laptop runs on Vista. However, I heard someone say that games run better on windows 7 somehow. So my question is this. 
How could Windows seven help me?  
Remember my ineptitude, so instead of fancy, use laymans terms.
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Games run on Windows 7 better because Windows 7 can mimic the same conditions of a computer that runs xp or vista. The problem with Vista is that a lot of things had to be made compatible with it, Windows 7 doesn't have that problem at all.
So yes, it will help. It also is a lot more intuitive and finds drivers very well. In layman's terms that means it won't be necessary to do anything other than just install the game for it to run.

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Get windows 7.  Here comes the marketing the mumbo jumbo: it's streamlined. It'll make you less angry. It'll probably use less resources than Vista, leaving more for your "game".

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I just put windows 7 on my MacBook (through boot camp) and it looks pretty awesome.  I've only been playing with it for about 15 minutes, but minesweeper is great.
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If you can keep yourself from falling for fancy new UI you'll probably save yourself a lot of headache with game compatibility. Lots of people report problems with it. It was the same deal with XP. Try waiting for few more months, wait till it gets more momentum and support.

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If you want to run games better, why not downgrade and put XP on it. Windows XP uses fewer system resources than Windows 7 which uses fewer system resources that Vista. If you're just looking to get the most out of the hardware you already have, that may be your best option.

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@lhaymehr: Whaat? I have been using Win7 since the first beta and the only game I have run into problems with was Project Snowblind..which is crap anyways so who cares? Every game on this list runs perfectly. 
I also use a ton of productivity software (3D applications, 2D applications, Programming IDEs) and it all runs perfectly as well.
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Windows 7 runs flawlessly for me, the only problems I have had were hardware related, its the best Windows OS I have used since 2000. (XP became good but when it was new it was a mess as well)
@raddevon: "
"The good news is that you won't have to spend long agonising over the whole 'XP or Vista?' decision, because Windows 7 generally outdoes them both. Microsoft really does appear to have learned its hard-taught lessons and, while it hasn't fixed everything, the latest incarnation of Windows does show significant improvements over its predecessor – impressive for a pre-release version. The finished Windows 7 can only be better, and it should finally give long-standing XP fans a reason to upgrade."
-Taken from TechRadar article.
It may not win in every category but Windows 7 Is the better of the two and if you have newer hardware XP would drag you down.

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@masterherocard: Good post but I'm not sure yet I'm on Vista but I might upgrade soon.
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Honestly I'd recommend sticking with XP til more games start using directx11 and a service pack gets released. Or... you could... you know... yarr...

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Games have no performance benefit on 7. Most tests show maybe a 1% benefit but that's within the realm of random variation; the largest difference I've seen is 10% in L4D and Far Cry 2 but the results are varied depending on the publication, here's one for example,3 (you'll notice that the performance benefit is inconsistent across quality levels). That said, Windows 7 does offer about a 10% faster desktop experience, and cleans up a lot of unnecessary proceses for hardware-limited computers such as laptops. I've also fallen in love with its taskbar. 

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@Geno said:
" Games have no performance benefit on 7. Most tests show maybe a 1% benefit but that's within the realm of random variation; the largest difference I've seen is 10% in L4D but the results are varied depending on the publication, here's one for example,3 (you'll notice that the performance benefit is inconsistent across quality levels). That said, Windows 7 does offer about a 10% faster desktop experience, and cleans up a lot of unnecessary proceses for hardware-limited computers. I've also fallen in love with its taskbar.  "
This. Also, much, much faster boot time. My computer boots in about 8 seconds out of BIOS. But you may run into compatibility issues and performance bugs that you might not have in Windows XP. I sure have.
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Get 7, it's so much better than vista.
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wow nobody's addressed your question.
Honestly Windows 7 is alot better then vista (it's not just a new skin, they've actually changed a few things to make it run faster) but from what I'm gathering your laptop doesn't have a good graphics card. So the short answer is no. So contrary to what others might tell you, if your game ran like crap in vista chances are it's not going to magically run smooth in 7 .
99% of the time it's a hardware limitation not a software. And anybody who says stick with XP is i don't know. There seems to be this unbias love of XP and it's really unfounded. XP is 10 years old and it's plainly obvious. If you have the resources to run Vista, Vista will run better the XP. That being said Vista is a resource hog. Windows 7 corrects that and shines above XP, but it won't make up for your lack of hardware power (nor will XP). So I'd say upgrade to 7 regardless but don't expect a crazy boost in performance.
EDIT: Geno did answer it as well.

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It's too expensive for what it is. If you can upgrade for free, then by all means, go for it. If not, then you're better off wasting your money on, uh, something else.

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Based on my opinion and experience with Windows XP, WIndows Vista, and Windows 7, you probably wouldn't see enough of a performance difference to bother. Since all the updates to Vista, it has become a much more streamlined OS. It doesn't have the issues with running on slower hardware than it did when it was first released.  Yes, Windows 7 is better in every way, but not enough so that I'd suggest anyone plopping down the money on the upgrade unless you can get a significant discount (I bought it back when it was $50 a pop before launch).
If you're that worried, isn't the Windows 7 beta still available through March or June or something?
Also, to anyone suggesting that running WIndows XP might be a boon, I can assure you that the performance and features in Windows 7 make XP feel like a child's toy of an OS. That makes sense given that XP is 9 years old now, and technology has changed a lot since then.

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The RC expires in a month, I believe.

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I made the upgrade to Win 7 pretty close to release and I love it so far. It is fantastic, especially compared to Vista. I think it's almost as good as XP was.  
It's way faster and the kernel is quite a bit smaller than Vista's is so it'll leave a lot more of your system's resources for your games. I'm not a huge PC gamer, but from what I've heard it's way better than Vista ever was for games and no one has had any compatibility problems that I've heard of. 

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for everyday use you will probably see a nice improvement over vista but you wont notice much in terms of game performance.
laptops are not ideal for serious PC gaming

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Get a new laptop. New OS is going to change anything.

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Punkbuster doesn't work with Windows 7.  At least not with COD 4.
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Install XP.

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@Lind_L_Taylor said:
" Get a new laptop. New OS is going to change anything. "
I'd vote for this one in terms of improving your gaming...  And the new one will come with Windows 7 at a better price than buying it off the shelf.
Windows 7 is much better than vista. If you aren't going to get a proper PC to game on, then I'd still say Win7 is a worthy upgrade from a Vista machine.
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XP tends to get more and more unstable as programs and newer hardware are added to it. 
Vista has poor resource management 
Win7 Fixes Vista's problems and is designed for the latest hardware and future software. 
It's no question really.  Win7 will give you a much better experience.  You probably won't notice a huge gaming performance increase.  You might get a few extra fps but nothing spectacutlar.   Most laptops aren't exactly designed for gaming anyway. 
btw, if you are in school and have a .edu email address you can score Win7 pro for $65
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7 is great. No reason not to.
Also it is very very very easy to acquire freely, as I did it for my backup PC. And being I purchased Vista for less than a year as well as Win7 Pro upgrade DVD, I am entitled to it.

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I'm thinking of upgrading from Vista too, as I understand it Windows 7 uses less RAM freeing up more for games?
I'm thinking of doing this specifically for GTAIV because despite meeting all the requirements it still runs like shit with everything on lowest settings.

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Windows 7 is actually slower than Vista in games, primarily due to the fact that the GUI is loaded into the GPU memory so save on system memory usage, but its only slower by like 1 or 2 frames per second.  Over-all windows 7 is a much nicer experience, the UAC is much less in your face as most peoples biggest gripe with Vista was how invasive to the user experience UAC was.  Additionally your going not going to run into the same driver and compatibility issues people had when Vista launched as W7 is basically just a refined Vista framework, means all the growing pains from moving to the new framework were worked out during Vista's difficult transition from the old Win NT/2000 framework which XP used.
As it is if the laptop is old and all your playing is source engine titles just stick with XP until you get a new machine, source isn't a DX10/11 engine and odds are your laptop doesn't have enough grunt to handle those API's anyway.

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you could go linux ubuntu with wine and do well for free, just saying

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