What is your Favorite Pokemon?

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What is your favorite Pokemon? Mine is exeggcute. The thought of a group of six telepathic eggs was always appealing to me.

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I don't know why but I've always liked Pidgeotto for some reason.

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Always had something for Rhydon.

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Am I doing it right?

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That's right, I picked a Gen V. Come at me. I like the Gen I/II dudes a lot more overall, but Zoroark is just awesome for his disguise ability.

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Speaking of Pokemon, 151 different artists make their own interpretation of the 151 originals: http://pokemonbattleroyale.tumblr.com/

Gengar has always been my favorite. It just looks awesome plus it's a ghost type, my favorite Pokemon type.

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Cubone. He wears his mother's skull. You know he's for real.

Charmander is a close second.

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Vote numero dos for Dragonite.

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Blastoise. It's a goddamned giant turtle with cannons.

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Ditto, because it can be any pokemon you want it to be. I would have it be a girl.

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The new pokemon are retarded

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When I was 9, I really wished I had my own Arcanine but my parents got me a Labrador Retriever instead, pfff

Now 19, I gotta admit that good ol' Max is a better pet than a fiery lion-dog.

#20 Posted by vorpalparasite (343 posts) -

Cubone, and then perhaps Farfetch.

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Mr. Mime is the only correct answer.

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@Dagbiker: I like him to.

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@joshthebear said:

Mr. Mime is the only correct answer.

Dang... I wasn't thinking about him. I also like Regigigas.

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Charizard, always and forever. One of my favorite things ever, let alone favorite Pokemon.

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Charmander or Charizard. You can't beat him. Well, unless you use water, electricity, or god forbid, rock attacks.
I think Absol is a cool "new" pokemon.

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I've got to go with Gengar. I love the whole Gastly line, as well as most Ghost-type Pokemon in general. Though Gen III really dropped the ball on their ghosts... Banette and Dusclops? Meh. In Gen V I'm a fan of Chandelure and the Litwick line. But really, there are a lot of amazing Pokemon so it's hard to pick a favorite. I'll always have a soft spot for Venusaur, my first starter. Ironically he was also the first holgographic Pokemon card I ever got. My 11-year-old self was convinced it was destiny. :)

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I have always been partial to Farfetch'd although Cubone wins bonus points for wearing his dead mother's skull as a hat.

#30 Posted by samcroft90 (102 posts) -

Poliwhirl, no idea why

#31 Posted by jlev880 (212 posts) -

If its the original 151 I would definitely go squirtle, but if its all pokemon it has to be tododile.

#32 Posted by ImmortalSaiyan (4748 posts) -

I like Gengar and Koffing are the two that sprung to mind. I could not tell you why Koffing but something about it is endearing to me.

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I heard there was this pig who's sort of on fire.  Also, he's a wrestler.

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It has to be Porygon the vaguely racist tron duck.

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It would probably be Arcanine, though jigglypuff is a close second.

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Jolteon has always been my number one favorite. Empoleon is a very close number two.

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Many may compete for my second favorite but Scyther has been number one since the days of Red/Blue.

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Pikachu. I really liked the show, at least that first season.

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Bulbasaur... the adventures we had...

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Aerodactyl because dinosaurs!

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I've always liked Noctowl, Xatu and Feraligatr.

Cubone and Tropius are pretty cool too I guess.

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I've always been rather partial to Wartortle. Squirtle was too little and Blastoise too big and chunky. Wartortle was a lean, mean, water-shootin' machine.

Still have a level 100 Wartortle (got to 100 in Pokemon Blue) somewhere. Dunno which of my Pokemon games I traded him to last.

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I've always had a thing for Snorlax...he always reminded me of Totoro!

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Grumpig and Dragonite.

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Tough one. I'd probably go for the Charmander line, simply because man is that an awesome pokemon. For a long time it was Umbreon, but then I got one in game and it kinda sucked.

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