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People need to understand what Early Access really is, most people seem to just think its a way to get a game earlier and then complain when something isn't a certain way. I do not think games not being reviewed is a problem at all, reviews alone are becoming less and less important to games as a whole. Besides, any early access game you can think of has a video on youtube about it. People will understand it with time and most people should probably just wait for games to be done before buying them.

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I think my list is done. Above all I feel bad that I couldn't fit in Fire Emblem. (I did so because I frankly liked the older games in the series more, specifically the GBA ones are almost perfect)

1. Super Mario 3D World

2. The Last of Us

3. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

4. Dota 2

5. The Wonderful 101

6. Papers, Please

7. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

8. Zeno Clash II

9. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

10. Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs

11. Spelunky (cause fuck it)

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Mario and Rayman, this list is A-okay to me.

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Did you sit outside a theater in 1989 to picket Back to the Future Part II, too?

No, my problem with Bioshock Infinite was never the plot holes, dumb leaps of logic, any lack of pacing and bad character development. The main problem was that the gameplay was heavily dumbed down where most of the features, that made up for the lack of the original games shooting mechanics, were completely gone. Hacking, photographing and researching enemies, plasmid variety, amount of guns you can carry and weapon variety, interesting encounters that didn't revolve around a single weakpoint are all gone. I also didn't appreciate that they completely removed the freedom and added 100% linear levels. Furthermore I also thought the game was the biggest missed opportunity in recent memory. Its based around multiverses but the most exotic place we visit is Rapture? And why does Columbia feel more dead than Rapture when that was supposed to be a fully living breathing city? All people vanished the second a gun was fired the first time. Despite that I am not even mad, I am simply amazed that anyone can consider Bioshock Infinite a worthy sequel. I just get excited when someone tries to disregard criticism with deflection that the problem is with the player and not the game.

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Rorie play more games.

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No video? :(

I respect the list even though I do not agree with it.

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I hated the combat, it wasn't fun. I didn't get any sense of it being "action" it just felt like a turn based system sped up. Auto battle will resolve most battles, the hard battles are just extreme repetition in switching to the right paradigm shifts at the right time then using the most obviously fitting attack for the situation. Games like Tales do real time much much better and older Final Fantasy does turn based better.

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The one eyed snake of youtube eh

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For me it was Bioshock Inifnite by a mile, I had huge expectations. Loved the first game, enjoyed the second. Didn't like Infinite at all.

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Wait Ben Foster will be leading actor?