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No video? :(

I respect the list even though I do not agree with it.

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I hated the combat, it wasn't fun. I didn't get any sense of it being "action" it just felt like a turn based system sped up. Auto battle will resolve most battles, the hard battles are just extreme repetition in switching to the right paradigm shifts at the right time then using the most obviously fitting attack for the situation. Games like Tales do real time much much better and older Final Fantasy does turn based better.

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The one eyed snake of youtube eh

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For me it was Bioshock Inifnite by a mile, I had huge expectations. Loved the first game, enjoyed the second. Didn't like Infinite at all.

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Wait Ben Foster will be leading actor?


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What pissed me off more than anything is that they had the stomach to say we would get double XP as a compensation.


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I would want to know if he had any opinion on Amnesia.

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goodbye to localization of smaller niche titles.

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I love Brothers so much, Kopps is also great.

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didn't see that coming.