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Halo 4 in terms of multiplayer has been my favorite, the campaign is still really fun and has some great action but ODST in terms of story, the way it was told, the characters were really awesome and likeable and not forgetting the great voice work and including IMO the best Halo music.

I which we'd get a full blown ODST sequel following the same characters, with the multiplayer based on the Human/insurrectionist war (Human vs Human), with class based warfare like BF2 or TF2, but that's just me, I don't think majority of fans would like it though. I just reckon it's easier to change and tinker with things allot more if it was a spin-off and not with the actual franchise.

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I've only experienced severe frame rate drops on Spartan Ops, but the other modes are fine.

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@Captain_Felafel: wait you BR/DMR people after removing their shields with a plasma pistol?(the load out you described implies that's how you get kills.) if so that's a very cheap way of getting kills... and its people who use load outs like that that will make me hate the games multiplayer.

343 balanced out the Plasma Pistol in this game; the charge-up time seems longer because as soon as I let off, my shields are normally 75% depleted, meaning I have to land that DMR headshot or I'm dead pretty much every time. It's far more risk/reward than it felt in Halo 3/Reach.

Also the lock on isn't as sticky as the previous games meaning you can dodge them pretty easily, the power drains allot quicker and if you're using the Plasma Pistol you have to be allot more accurate.

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Nothing wrong with the load-outs, all the guns are useful, DMR for more long ranged encounters in bigger maps, BR seems like the jack of all trade, Carbine shreds enemy in close quarters, haven't unlocked Light Rifle, The AR seems a fuck ton more useful then the previous Halo's, it actually kills people quite quickly.

The Pistol is pretty much the same, the Plasma Pistol's lock on has been reduced significantly, and I've been able to dodge most overcharged shots easily, the Boltshot is my favorite, the overcharged shots is like a shotgun blast.

The perks don't seem add much, it's all very passive, you don't get a big advantage at all, Ordinance drop is good, nothing wrong with it, The AA are all pretty balanced against each other, and I've never felt like I died because of cheapness.

The Snipers are incredibly useful especially in bigger maps, and I'm able to get quite a few kills with it and I'm not that great at sniping.

If people are comparing Halo 4 to CoD, I'd say its allot closer to CoD4, none of the editions to Halo 4 seem over the top or over-powered, Its balanced, feels fresh, and most importantly its fun.

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Played up to mission 6 in the campaign on Heroic and I'm enjoying it allot, the sound design in particular stood out the most, the story for the most part is pretty good and it's good that 343i is trying to include allot more of the Halo lore into the game, The graphics are probably the best on the 360.

On the MP side, played allot infinity slayer and it seems to flow allot quicker and the changes and inclusions, to me at least seem pretty balanced, also the AR seems to be allot more powerful, the maps are all pretty well designed in terms of layout and design and they all look very pretty.

One complaint is the for me at least, the stat-tracking is pretty slow and not updating quickly, and not a big fan of the UI.

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Alright I found something about this game I hate. What did they do to the Banshee?? I heard them talking about nerfing it for MP on the 343 podcast but they made it completely useless in Campaign. Controls like crap, super slow, can't aim even close to straight down, meanwhile the AI on Heroic are doing these hairpin turn plasma cannon snap shots that blow me out of the sky. They must have a newer model.

Not a huge deal but I miss the old Banshee, that thing was no joke.

Got a few MP matches in though and that's so damn fun. Feels a little faster but still totally like Halo. Ran the map on one game with the Railgun that thing is so rad.

Totally agree with you on the Banshee, In one part of the Campaign I think during the second mission, there were 2 Banshees flying up in the air and a whole load of covenant forces on the ground, and an unmanned Banshee on the ground, so I take the Banshee and it can barely take out one enemy Banshee, it gets taken out way too quickly, the ground forces just blast it out of the air, after a few trys I take out the two banshee and and bail, also don't like the fact you have to change from the fuel rod canon to the blasters.

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Nobody knocks on my door.

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The game is a soulless cash-in into the military themed shooters, its a competent shooter, but it has allot of bugs and lacks overall polish, with a shitty story and emphasis on being authentic which it never does or even try's to be.

The game is not fun to play at all.

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It's fine. The new version is an improvement over the old version. It's not perfect but I'm fine with it.

Yeah, the Games tab is closer to social and takes fewer buttons to go there and runs allot smoother, other than that, there isn't really any major problems, the previous dashboard was allot worse, mind you, I have auto-play enabled, so I just pop in a game and play, I don't spend much time on the dashboard.

Also EU PS3 has it allot worse compared to other parts, its silly because EU has allot more PS3s, it seems EU gets the shit side from both PS3 and Xbox.

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The game is getting pretty mediocre reviews from allot of places, it seems like another generic modern FPS, with quite a few bugs.