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@c0l0nelp0c0rn1: would it by any chance have to do with the lack of any real auto save? I loved it as a kid when I bought it. Going back to became difficult because the very reason of being used to auto-saving now. Auto-saves have become such a norm and give some good safety net if you forget to save, but after playing red faction for 2 hours forgetting to save then dying having no save to go back to kind of soured my reminiscence even though in a way I should understand auto-saving wasn't that common of a thing at that time.

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60 frames always. On pc its really easy to tell the difference once youve played at 60 for a good while and the frames drop.

the frame rates of film and games are non comparible either.

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Reminds me of what JP from Grandmas boy sat in.

first thought when seeing it

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I feel a 6.8 is an addiquate description. Theres some interesting systems and was really new at the time. The dialogue and narrative just didnt grab me at all and the gameplay mechanics weren't pulling it along for me either. Some really cool ideas that probably gave alot of inspiration for future games so I have to give it props for doing some new things, but the main substance itself didnt have enough of a hook for me to really enjoy it as many fans have seen in it. Wish I could love it, just cant get into it.

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As for the pc version I will say it is a great multiplayer experience. I wish there were more voice chat capabilities, but ventrilo kind of supersedes that if you have a good group of friends that play too. The single player while I dont think is attrocious as some people see, it is more just a mediocre experience, but dice doesn't exactly have a history with single player experiences. If you enjoyed the previous battlefields then youre more than likely to enjoy this one.

p.s. people still play battlefield 2. When bf3 came out I didnt get it at first so instead I popped in battlefield 2 and some servers were still going at 64 players

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This thread was created by a dragon to dissuade you from seeing the awesomeness that is the giantbomb crew as a whole. They are a unit, they work well together. No person is getting "lazy" which is a really insulting term for anyone who actually produces content. The whiskey media people do so fucking much giving us entertainment and a hub for it that frankly is way ahead of many other "bigger" websites.

Im gonna go dragon slaying now. Cant have dragons trying to disrupt the peaceful land of whiskey media... so im gonna go play some skyrim

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mega 64 needs to head the operation of the VGAs. At least host it, they have close ties with gametrailers. I find it weird they were no where to be seen but it guess they might not be mainstream enough

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@demonbear: The troll part is a classic scene of hilarity

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mario eats an amunita muscaria mushroom to power up so I would say that technically counts

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same evilness, ie none.

This but with a higher danger level. Imagine buying a book then finding out some of the pages stuck together.

eeeeewwwwww true. Then again you could get a game from ebay that had some "residue" on the disk :p easier to clean though.

Less of a problem as well considering instruction manuals going away :p the real danger would be a used keyboard.