Two-times! (or more)

Games I've finished more than once.

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Posted by ahoodedfigure

Repeat completions are an interesting game phenomenon. People watch movies they saw to see if *they the viewer* changed enough to interpret it differently, while games add on top of that the notion of experimenting to absolutely change the experience. I guess you could argue that even movies allow for that if you enter it looking for different things or interpreting it differently, but games literally let you change their worlds. Most often, at least.

Posted by EightBitShik

What an odd list, I haven't played many games more then once it's rare I can only count a few games and I'm pretty sure that's it. Gun (Xbox) Gun(360) Bully (PS2) Bully (360) Lunar Silver star story (PS1) Lunar Silver star (GBA) Final Fantasy Tactics (PS1) Final Fantasy Tactics (PSP) as you can see they have all just been replayed as another version the only other game I can think of is the Halos as I did go back and play through them in co op or the harder difficulties but its very rare I just want to move on the next game ASAP.