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Nier contains farming and monster killing if you want those two things. Other than that I would recommend Red Dead Redemption which I know sounds weird but I have been enjoying it a lot for the hunting aspect of it and when you're just wandering around the game can definitely get harvest moon levels of peaceful and relaxing. 

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I wear my shoes around the house when I'm trying to stay awake (I pull a lot of all-nighters). I have no idea why this works for me, but it does.

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I'm not really wanting to jump into this conversation I just want to correct a misconception I've seen in said this thread a few times now.  

I've seen a lot of people on both sides use bears as an example of carnivores but in fact most bears (polar bears are mainly carnivorous but barren tundra will do that) are omnivores eating plants (mainly berries if I remember correctly), bugs, honey, and yes of course meat. Their diet changes depending of course on season and region and during their preparation for hibernation the eat mainly meat because they need to store fat but the point remains that they are not strict carnivores but rather omnivores. 
As for my own preference well I like meat and always have but that choice is mine and I can definitely understand where others are coming from with their own dietary habits.

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Hunting in RDR has taken more time from me then my actual job of late. Skill shooting critters(particularly birds) from far away is really fun and I like the skinning animation and dialog.

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hey man you should check out the nerdist podcast (chris hardwick's thing) he had the muppets on as guests a couple weeks back, it was fucking hilarious.

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I hate this show but I can't stop watching it. I mainly hate the childish smack talk between the"experts" they have each week. The samurai expert (the archer dude not the stuntman) was easily the most annoying person I have ever seen on spike and that's really saying something with that network.  
Oh yeah and even though I've seen the episode already my vote was for the Nazis winning but that's mainly because of the reliability of a lot of their weapons. As Vince says "you know the germans always make good stuff".

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I can't see what people have against him, it's not like he's antagonizing the other guys during the videos or podcasts or anything, in fact he seems to take the brunt of the abuse them as well.

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Man I can't wait for this one. Hmm, maybe I should go play through DQ8 again for old time's sake.

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@SneakyPenguins: or goddamn scratch protection 
One time I bought "Shenmue 2" there for $3 because fuck it why not if it's only $3 and they asked if wanted scratch protection on it, for shits and giggles I asked how much and they told me $2.99 at which I actually burst out laughing and told them I'd use the game as a coaster before I'd buy their scratch protection.
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Dude at least he didn't ask if you wanted the last strategy guide to go with it.