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Because everyone knows that giving EA exclusive rights always ends with quality games.

Well at least the Star Wars games were already shitty.

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I assume he will do his usual thing by coming up with an awesome premise and they have other people drive it into to ground.  
RIP Lost. RIP Fringe.  
If only you guys were only 3 seasons each.

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Another podcast I get to miss because I have to go to bed early. WHY DONT YOU WORK ON EAST COAST TIME LIKE SANE PEOPLE!!!!

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no bombcast yet? nice end to a shitty day. thanks ryan 

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this game freezes like all hell on the xbox. fun when i can play it 

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Ive given up on the bombcast being up timely on Tuesdays. For me its a wendsday release from now on.

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Useing Chrome, Site is basicaaly unusable right  now. This is BS!

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Was going to snag it up but when I finally went to the yearly sub I think my coupon got put in my spam box and automatically deleted! Oh well, it happens....