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Buurrrrn them. Burrrrrrrn them all, laddy!

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is air mech still available in the chrome store?

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With the lack of content across Whiskey one has to assume there is something up with the office, right? Maybe bugs or mold, who knows.

They have a flea infestation.


Gentlemen, meet the new head of whiskey media.

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WM is out of business, the building is shuttered. The brain trust is gathered at Dave's to eat chili and pancakes until a further course of action can be decided on.


This of course is NOT what I hope is happening, but this past week has been weird, for all the sites. Besides, my subscription doesn't run out until September!

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The thing that gets me then: the assumption is that this rating scale exists on its own in a vacuum (which it doesn't, any scale regardless of the symbol is inherently comparable to other scales), why even attribute a rating to it at all?

Read the review, at the end it is a GET! or NO GET! , or nothing at all.

No metacritic bullshit, no publisher whoring for that magic review number that the metacritic machine spits out. If a site abolished review scores all together, maybe that would start an industry wide trend, because it isn't Giant Bomb's fault that the industry places such a premium on review scores and metrics.

Personally though, if it is a 5 point grade scale, compared to the rest of the gaming press, it would start at 50 % and go up to 100 %, because lets be honest: if you create something that is below 50 in the evaluators eyes, it ain't average, it's a fail. Average doesn't mean median, it means when you look at the all the values across a range of values, it is the most common one. I would wager that 75 is more common than 50. Just my opinion, didn't mean to stir something up (we can all agree review score numbers are stupid, but they still have to be dealt with, just like speeding tickets).

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This probably has been clarified before, so I apologize, but if anyone can help me out, I'd appreciate it. So long story short, reading Patrick's Backtracking, and he mentions American Nightmare, which he gave 3 stars. I get to thinking what that means, and if the Remedy guy is miffed that the guy who interviewed him about Diablo also gave his latest game a 60%. Or is it 60%? After thinking about it, I would now would like to posit a question:

Is the giantbomb review scale absolute (0 star = 0 %, 1 star = 20 %, 2 star = 40 %, 3 star = 60%, 4 star = 80%, 5 star = 100 %)


is the giantbomb review scale like a school grade ( 0 star = less than 50 %, 1 star = 50 - 60 %, 2 star = 60 - 70 %, 3 star = 70 - 80 %, 4 star = 80 - 90 %, 5 star = 90 - 100 %)?

My guess it is the school grade one, but if anyone knows the official stance on this, that would be great (I know review scores don't matter as much as the words, but I am curious about this).

And which scale do you prefer?

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Sittin' On The Can with Patrick Klepek.

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Winner: Saint's Row The Third

Runner Up: None (good year this year)

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Winner: Rayman Origins

Runner up: Catherine