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I started a job a few weeks ago and as a result I had to open one of those new fangled bank account things all the cool kids have so I can get paid. As part of opening this account I decided to switch out my old credit card for one with this bank to keep bills and what not easier, and now it is here and freshly activated. To make sure it's working I want to use it to buy something small, but I can't think of anything. So give me some ideas. Here are the only rules:

  1. Must total, with shipping, $10 or less. Willing to give a few dollar leeway.
  2. The site must be safe and ship to Canada.

I tried searching around Steam but nothing caught my eye, and all the books on that looked any good were around $15-$20 once you added shipping.

EDIT: Since I'm sure they will come up as places for suggestions; my PS3 is dead so I can't buy anything from PSN, I don't use my xbox so no live stuff, and I don't own a Wii or any of the handhelds anymore. As for PC Digital stuff, I only use Steam, Impulse and Good Old Games. Don't want to have to juggle any more game accounts then them. Here's what I already got on Steam.

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I like cats. The cat was making a funny face.

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Off. I got linoleum floors so if I wear them it's like trying to walk on ice with sticks of warm butter attached to the bottom of your feet.

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This much [ ]

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Don't own one, and have no plans to. Don't have anyone I care to talk to so urgently that I need to be able to do it at all times.

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@Lunar_Aura said:

On the Sound -> Recording tab, did you try right clicking and check "Show Disabled Devices"? Try playing around with enabling and/or "Set as Default Device". If none of that works, maybe your mic is broken.

Ya that's the first thing I tried but it wasn't picking up on anything I tried. I would test another mic but this is the only one I got and it was working the last time I tried to use it; about a month back.

@SlasherMan said:

Microphones break you know. Did you try it on another machine/device, or try another mic on yours?

You don't say? Things break? I did not know that. Thanks for the hot tip. I have no other device to try it on and no other microphone to test with or I would have. Was just hoping someone might have known about some little known button that everyone always overlooks or some stupid little box I forgot to check.

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Vidja Games. If something like a book ever gets picked up to be made into a game, then chances are pretty good it's by a development house full of fans of it. So they would all have nerd gasms to allow me to be involved in the production of said game and I would of course have final say on many aspects of it.

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No idea. I tend to need to urinate frequently, I drink a lot of liquids, so I'm sure it was never more then a few hours.

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Happy for the nuts who loved the show. Was never my thing. Though given the history it gives me some small hope for shows I liked that got canned early to maybe, someday, possibly, but not really ever come back.