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"I can't at the moment but I can think of the reverse - I thought Alan Wake looked like *ass* and I remember a number of reviews I read specifically praising the graphics. "

That's because they chose to use graphics in their video sequences that were 4 years old. 
But I have to agree with the reviewers on the in-game stuff, they made it look great. 
In answer to the guy that made this forum post, I thought and still think the guys at Atari did a great job on Neverwinter Nights 2. 
Yet it wasn't praised for its graphics. 
Oh and Lost Odyssey, that game looks amazing, and for me Lost Odyssey is my FF XIII since the real FF XIII was so terrible.
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I like how the D-pad sort of screams: "Hey look at me I'm new and shiny and MS thinks I'm worth the price of a full game! Isn't that neat!?" (Yeah! That's right folks, the D-pad is enough of a prat to say "Neat!" and think he sounds cool.)
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I know someone who can get me xbox live at a third of the price that MS charges us. 
I never bought it before because I thought what they were charging for 12 months was fair and square considering they're offering a service for a full 365 days a year. 
Screw that morality! I live in the UK and their offered services suck balls compared to other countries. 
I'm getting 2 years for myself from my friend now, and I'm going to send a message to all my xbox live buddies that don't read about video games and tell them to buy now before it's too late. 
Note: Ebay vendors sell at much cheaper prices than pretty much everywhere. 
You know the drill though, make sure there reputation is really high before you consider purchasing from them. (I might as well have said: "Don't forget to wear a condom!" LMAO)

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@ViciousAnchovy said:
" @lordbazuco:  When you say "reform with new body parts somewhere within a block's radius," do you mean what your normal body parts are would just regenerate, leaving the 'sploded ones on the ground? The selling your organs thing is a nice touch. The superhero version of that would be to donate your organs. Either way, you'd have a good amount of control over the organ market. 
I'd like to add to your power. When you explode, you reform within a block's radius ... with whatever body parts are nearest where your heart lands. You'd be the ultimate ninja then; instead of disappearing in a smoke screen you'd explode and change appearance by assimilating other people's limbs. Hell, the next time you exploded, you could sell their organs. That way you could get into organ-selling deals that you couldn't before, due to compatibility. "

The only problem is that you'd blow up your clothes in the process, and when you reformed a block or two away you'd have to run home in the nuddy, Lol.
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The ability to have no ass hole and jointly to teleport my waste to the toilet. lol. 
Seriously though, I think the ability to stop currency from mattering to people so I could hang out with friends in cool places all over the world and play games all day instead of having to work 40 hour weeks. Like a civilian on Earth in the Star Trek universe.

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Beautiful... Truly.

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For a long time I've had all three platforms, my pc generally sticking around most games' high graphics settings as I've upgraded it throughout the years. 
But I would reply to you by saying that most, if not all, PC gamers demanded that the first-person shooter genre was meant to be a PC genre only, and yet here we are, only a few years have passed and there's more xbox 360 fps's of a great quality coming out than the PC platform has had collectively for many years. And mostly with better support than the PC versions get.
And btw, Mass Effect 2 looks absolutely fantastic on the xbox 360, so based on biowares history for their focus on quality I doubt very much that they'll release ME 2 on PS3 if it has any glitches that will affect  the game to a large, even medium to small, degree. 
I think some people just can't afford to go and pay $700 dollars and up just to play a game that looks better than other platforms can offer. They prefer to buy a platform that hits the graphics-margine around the middle-ground, I mean our games look very good and we only have to pay $250 dollars instead of $700 dollars. 
To most people, this isn't even a thought in their buying equations.
Besides, when it truly comes down to it, whilst a game appearing in a higher fidelity is interesting to look at and helps with atmosphere. It's more interesting, fun and compelling to play a game that has good gameplay, wouldn't you say? 
So worrying about how good your game looks at the expense of missing out on a lot of the games because you have a prejudice for a certain platform is just kind of silly. 
And to clarify, I'm not making assumptions, I'm making statements.
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More money for Bioware to make ME 3 even better than it's probably already shaping up to be. 
And I know I would probably want it if I only had a PS3, so even more power to PS3 gamers that finally get to play an ME game. :-)

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Hitler, Sadam Hussein and idiots who refuse to take a helping hand when they're holding on for their lives at the side of a cliff edge. (Plus any other life threatening situation where they refuse somebody who genuinely wants to help them out.) 
I'm now going to purposely contradict my first two points, and say, who are you to decide who dies and who lives. 
Obese people who don't contribute may not always be obese people that don't contribute. 
I mean I used to be around 17 stone, which is about 230lbs. 
I'm now much, much slimmer and I make it my purpose to make people smile/laugh at least once when they have a conversation with me. 
I'm far from an angel, in fact sometimes I really can be a moody prick on the odd occasion. 
But either way, people change. Maybe he'll lose all that weight and raise the largest sum of money for charity ever over the course of his life. 
If you killed him, that would never happen, and some orphans kids off in some freezing cold country somewhere never get adopted and die out side on the streets. 
Extreme but it's possible. 

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I'm not trying to show off, I'm simply trying to prove how much of a gamer-gasm I'd get for Elder Scrolls V. 
Look at my personal gamerscore, I have ALL of the achievements for Oblivion and Fallout 3 on PC, and a large majority of the Fallout 3 achievements on Xbox 360. 
I mean, while there's cheats to get the achievements on PC, I didn't type a single one in and will eventually have all of the xbox 360 achievements for Fallout 3 too. :-) 
I can't wait for any ES games or Fallout games to come out, and I'll play them over and over (within reason) for the rest of my life.