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CHRIST, this game looks great.

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Where did the chunky sprites go!? What the hell is this crap?!

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So, Loco Roco but with Kirby? I'm OK with this.

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" This is the 21st century, we’re all connected, so why wouldn’t you do this?" 
Because in order for me to give you money, I demand a product that is already of a high quality, not an unfinished product that I'm paying to help beta test. You're publishing a game on the Xbox Live marketplace, not
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I kind of hope this does well, if only so we have the followup titled "CRUSH4D", with the soundtrack composed exclusively by Crush 40.
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"an early next-generation Xbox development kit (I'm not about to call it Xbox 720, guys), "


As you should, because it'll be called the Xbox 1080:


1) 1080 = 360 * 3

2) "It outputs at 1080p resolution"

3) It's still three syllables (ten-eight-y) not four (sev-en-twen-ty) so it's not cumbersome to say.

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@VooDooPC said:
                @bybeach said:
                They like to trot out dlc right away these days...
Like Jeff said on one of the Bombcasts. The game has been done for months and there has probably been some people working on the game that have been done for even longer than that. Those people aren't going to sit around and do nothing, they probably started working on the DLC right when their job was done in the initial game.

Quoting for emphasis. This is the exact reason why you're seeing tons of day 1 DLC.
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@Asurastrike said:

" The game is now out, and there are still no reviews."

I'd bet that you'll see them come up after 9AM PST.
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