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What exactly is so "worrying" about Battlefield 3? First off we know few details about the actual game. Second, what DICE has announced seems to be what everyone wanted in a Battlefield sequel but people are still complaining. DICE is giving you prone, jets, destruction, 64 players, a campaign, a possible theater mode, dedicated severs etc. Sure there are only (so far) four classes but that could change and honestly I thought Battlefield 2's seven classes was a bit much, four seems like a good number (Assault, Recon, Medic, Engineer) . True there will be no mod tools at launch but that could change, and the only reason they aren't having mod tools at launch is due to the complexity of Destruction 2.0. Last no commander mode? Well I have nothing on this one here but I hardly think one missing feature, that could be still added in, will not ruin the game. It is great that you want to communicate with DICE on decision that you think should  be changed, but spamming there message boards isn't going to get it done and it will just make you look like an angry fanboy who is blinded by nostalgia and is never happy with anything EVER. You could write a handwritten or typed letter to DICE explaining why you think they should implement Battlefield 2's Commander Mode or an updated version of it. It may sound silly but that will really give the impression that you care and if its well written they may actually read it and take it into consideration instead of a spammed post on their forums.

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In other news, the next Halo video game will be set during the Wild West and take the best elements of the Science Fantasy genre into the Wild West setting. Yeah doesn't read right does it? Neither does this pitch. Granted we know nothing of the game and it could be phenominal but part of the appeal to the Call of Juarez games were that they were in an under used setting in video games. I'm going to take a wild stab in the dark and say the game was moved into current time after the success that was Red Dead Redemption in order to make the game not seem like a "poor man's Red Dead" and to appeal more to the Call of Duty crowd. I'm really getting sick of modern settings, yes World War II was over used but ,come on at least World War II was interesting; modern settings are just bland and boring to me.

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A shirt that reads "You can stab people in the face like uh uh uh uh uh which is oddly satisfying."

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Who cares if they advertise? As long as Giant Bomb's advertisements are video game or technology related I couldn't care less. Giant Bomb and Whiskey Media need to make revenue one way or another and advertisements are extremely profitable. The Nostalgia Critic makes enough from advertisement that his job is putting content up on ThatGuyWithTheGlasses, and that site is not littered with ads. If Giant Bomb turned into GameSpot where the ads are everywhere, well then yeah I would have an issue but I would have no problem sitting through or listening to a 15 second advertisement before or after a Quick Look or Bombcast,

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" I honestly thought that it let Zuckerberg off too easily at the end. That kid is scum, plain and simple. The fact that people learn what kind of person he is, shrug it off, and continue using his crappy website cost me most of my faith in humanity. I honestly expected better of people.  But yeah, I thought that the movie was incredibly well-done, except for the cop-out at the end. I'd recommend that everyone see it. "
You do realize that Zuckerberg is almost nothing like he is in the movie and most of the movie was made up, even the reason why Zuckerberg made Facebook was fictional.
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" Its an expression, you should know that "
So is "That is so gay" or "That is retarded" doesn't mean it is any less offensive, while I think the thread creator could have written this with less anger and in a more mature manner, he still has a valid and good point.
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I think the real question here is why would you buy someone a Playstation Portable? :P  I remember Gamer Informer reporting on a similar story except a kid got a new copy of Madden and when he played it, it turned out to be pornography.

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The ending of Mafia II.

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Wow, surprised to see so much Angry Joe dislike here, I mean really? I think Angry Joe is great reviewer, and sounds like a good person. Not quite sure why he is getting so much hate from Giant Bomb.

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Castlevenia: Lord of Shadows and Enslaved: Odyssey of the West are on my list surprisingly; both games look phenomenal and I cannot wait to play both of them, I hear they have fantastic stories.