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Good call on PopCap's front. Zynga would have ruined the company ten times as fast as EA will.

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It's up on the US version of the site, at least. Could be another Blazblue: CT PC situation (the only version of GfWL Marketplace stocking it is the US site until a couple years later when Canada gets it) or it could be a case that it's not available because it's not out everywhere yet.
Or it could be an effect of Microsoft closing down GfWL Marketplace and moving the PC games to

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Will wait on the patch before buying it. It's the type of BS DRM that I want rid of before I consider buying the game.

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The fact that this e-mail also leaked suggests to me that the whole thing is a PR stunt. A very effective PR stunt, admittedly, but still.

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Yeah, if the reason for buying the console versions was "because the mods distracted me", then it sounds like you're cutting off your nose to spite your face.

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 With the possible exception of the iPod Classic (by virtue of being pretty much the only hard drive based MP3 player left on the market), all of Apple's products are overpriced by a good 20%. I also do not believe they are reliable, at all: my iPod Classic that I bought a few months ago (due to being the only MP3 player on the market with more than 40Gb of space that cost less than £200) has crashed more times than my previous MP3 player (a Creative Zen Vision:M) did in the three years or so I've had it.

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I dunno. I expect Skyward Sword to be another Twilight Princess, in that it serves as both a last hurrah for one console and a AAA launch title for the next console. For Microsoft and Sony's consoles, however, I expect he's right.

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Manditory nope.avi.


Okay, well, Valve promised "three surprises." So we've had... one, right? The Portal 2 ARG "early" release thing?
We're almost half way through the year. PAX Prime, perhaps? That's in August... Valve seem to love their fans, and PAX Prime is probably the best place to hit them with some big news.

This is just me being optimistic, though, probably. ):

Surprise number one was definitely the Mann Co store, surprise two was probably the Portal 2 ARG. I bet surprise three is DOTA 2 related.
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@OracleXIII said:
I have the game on maximum everything and there is absolutely no problem, no single frame lost.
I presume you switched Ubersampling off, since that option seems to be CD Projekt trolling.
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How to get a First Access code: Do one of the following:

  1. Own Borderlands on Steam before the First Access scheme was announced.
  2. Buy Borderlands GotY Edition for any format.
  3. Pre-order Duke Nukem Forever.
I don't really see the problem. We already knew that the demo was going to be limited, at least initially.