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I found the pacing in the first and third episodes to be mind-numbingly slow, but I actually though the second was very well paced. But you're right about most points, it just seems like it's borrowing ideas from every single zombie film ever made and trying to cram them all into one, and it's not working that well. 

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@X19: That game was awesome.
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I managed to complete Epic Mickey today, even though I wasn't overly hyped for it, but being a big Disney fan I did find the game slightly disappointing. After watching a video with Warren Spector telling me how much like a twisted Disney Land the game would be, I found that the very few Disney Land references were mainly buildings just twisted a big and coloured purple.  Oh, and about that purple, it's fucking everywhere, every second colour is purple.  I know they wanted the game to be 'dark', but it was just getting ridiculous.  The game itself wasn't really that long, I completed it in about nine and a half hours, however, of the hundred or so collectable pins,  I only managed to find about 40, so I guess the game hasn't shown me everything there is.  The level design was a bit hit and miss, I believe it tried to copy a kind of Super Mario 64 vibe, just giving you an open space and a short camera pan of  where to go next, however the levels are nowhere near as large or varied. The controls were decently done, however the spin attack taken straight from  Super Mario Galaxy seemed to be a lot harder to activate than in Galaxy, the camera seemed to rotate incredibly slowly though, and with no way to increase the speed, was a minor annoyance. Another weak point was the combat, early in the game the main enemies were purple paint blobs which you can either paint blue to make them join your forces, or use the green paint thinner to kill them off, this merely consists of targeting them and holding down the corresponding button as they seem to be stunned while being splattered with your paint. The only other enemies are robotic enemies which you first have to use thinner to get rid of their exterior disguise and then spin attack their weak points, however their attacks seem to be incredibly random, and it's difficult to tell when their weak point is vunerable to attack or wether they still have a small amount of outer disguise still to thin making them unvulnerable,  because there is no recovery time after being hit you can get trapped by multiple enemies and taken from full health to dead without evem getting a chance to stand up.    The game ends with no final boss either, which is another gripe, just a series of running around popping boils on giant tentacles.  
Oh well, at least Donkey Kong Country Returns is out soon.

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@Kjellm87 said:
" What I'm missing most at the moment is DK 64 and some classic Mario Parties "
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@Jack268 said:
" Writing 1s instead of ones is pretty perculiar to me "
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I wanted to learn how to cook well, so every Friday I picked a recipe from a book, went and got all the ingredients and cooked it. 
I still can't cook for shit.

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@GlenTennis said:
" You know this is a website for video games, right? 
May I suggest another website, maybe this one? "
I thought this website is where we discuss large explosives?  
This is almost as bad as when I thought was a website that sold shoes for men.
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I hate video games

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Graphs make me wet.

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I can see a HD port to the PS3 with Move support the most likely of outcomes, but even that looks bleak.