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Lets get one thing straight, i can't say i am really a batman fan. But i am absolutely impressed by this video game as a attempt to renew faith in any DC game. Who ever the design team was behind arkham asylum, i assume that they worked really hard to get their college degrees and were hired for a reason. 
This game does the classic batman justice in anyway or shape or forum. I used to watch the batman animated series when i was younger. Because the voice acting and animation is top notch. 
Anyway my opinion on this game, everything seems rather well balanced, the enemys are pretty cool to fight, There is very little variety here but it doesn't seem to bog the player down because the game is so busy giving you updates and trying to catch the joker. The boss fights are actually alot of fun, Obvious patterns here. But the scarecrows has to be the funnest boss fight in a action/adventure game.
There really isn't any frustration in this game, it always seems to be Continuing a perfect balance and pace along the way, you never find a Room that's too big or useless. it never feels like its trying to Extend stage time.
The Riddler puzzles are a blast, i don't understand some of the negative comments people have left based on the riddlers commentary whenever you get a trophie. this adds to the video game, its the riddler. Of course he's going to act cheesy, it keeps the situation somewhat light and prevents the game from Being too serious.
Well, i have only a few complaints. Killercroc boss fight is F ing annoying. you aren't allowed to use that Hookshot device, the developers didn't want you to speed threw this, so they make killer croc instantly reappear from the water to catch you.
 It feels annoying to half to start all that way back. while it can be suspenseful, it was pretty glitchy a few times to see batman STILL standing on a wooden board after killer croc had fallen into the water from a failed capture and then it would give me a Game over screen. 
The unreal engine only really shines during the wonderful cutscences. While the game looks excellent, it seems like some of the environments need anti-aliasing pretty badly. but you never run into a Muddy or cheap texture. Everything otherwise seems wonderfully inspired.
My last issue, was the Final boss fight. The game felt the need to take you out as fast as possible and only give you a small clue to what is in the next video game.
Anyway, cheers. Great Game! Renewed my faith in Eidos and I can't wait for arkham asylum 2.

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@Icemael said:
" @Hamst3r: If you look closely, she has a faint soul patch as well. "
As if i needed anymore reason to cough or control my Gag reflex. Thank you.
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@armaan8014 said:

" @Hamst3r said:

Emma Watson's Mustache would be a good band name.
HOLY SHIT!!! FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!! GOD!! i feel like tearing my eyeballs out and stuffing them up my anus! "
I wonder if the mustache will be kept during the Nude scene or Waxed off.
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@Khann said:
" There won't be any nudity whatsoever. You won't even see the side of an asscheek. It's all just to build up hype for a movie in a series that has had it's day. "
Ron: Harry, Why are you naked?
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@Vinchenzo said:
" Would care if she was Japanese. >:D "
Japanese Creep me OUT!
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I don't know about you, but this would be Hilarious for Daniel radcliff.
I haven't really been too much of a fan, but Wow that was a strange turn in the harry potter films. Just to keep up with competition, i don't think wizards are going to have a attraction over vampires. Your thoughts?

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By the way, one last thing. I want to know something, Does college have any physical education that i could attend? I really REALLY want to play sports and it'd be awesome if i got to try that atleast once. if this is the case, i would get my ged and Try to relive my highschool years i never had. In college instead.

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@Alex_Murphy said:
" @Shadow said:
"it would be REALLY REALLY CREEPY for a 20-something year old to be taking freshman/Sophomore PE"
Creepy?? I think you mean really really hilarious. Especially if the guy takes it way too serioussly and does stuff like slam dunk on a eight foot hoop, then turn to the kid that was trying to guard him, give him the finger and tell him he's got no game. "

Ok ok, i busted up laughing looking at this. But seriously, i would have more guts then most people to enroll at such a old age. Yes billy madison crosses my mind, and PE would be hilarious. But its so annoying not having been to a school Ever. To address some of the people who were asking why i dropped out of high school, i Did not. The education did not go so well at my home, when i was younger. My single parent tried to homeschool and eventually did not drill discipline, inspiration and dedication into me. I was never pushed, thus i didn't really want to study. 
It was not my fault, i was a Teenager. Because i was not really pushed or inspired to do anything, i never really cared for it. Until i started to get older and realise what i wanted to do with my life. However, i mainly hold my parent accountable because Why didn't they just send me to school? I could of already been done with it by now. Sure, it would have sucked, But atleast i would have had more logical problems in real life and education not being one of them. However, that is not the case and its a pretty annoying situation. 
I tried to enroll in a online high school, They accepted me, but eventually they did not send me materials to start studing because Apparently Regardless of what age you are, you are required to have transcripts proving you graduated the 8th grade, i did not. Thus making everything that much harder. I was actually jacked around by the advisers. One told me that all i needed to do was sign a transcript weaver forum, because i reached a age past 18, they said i didn't require middle school transcripts.  
However, it didn't work and i was milked a good $900 cash. That was my fault tho, but the advisers shouldn't have jacked me around and Responsed with such robotic answers. If you are asking what the online highschool is, It is 
What my main issue is tho, is that i tend to think of the future a lot, it would really suck if i decided to have children. That i could not relate to them under any circumstances if they went to public school. Then they may not take me seriously because they would think i would not understand. Next thing you know, They would get into trouble and all sorts of things. I'm getting way ahead of my self here.
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@ReapersPuppy said:
" In your opinion whats the worst invention ever made..and why?? Personally I think Jeans with holes are the worst invention ever madeespecially after losing 200dollers =\ Your turn... "
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Bare with me here. I'm 20 years of age and i have never been enrolled into a school before that. my journey here was rough. But i was wondering if it was possible to enroll at my age and how many years i could do it for. High School that is, i'm pretty responsible and i don't get into trouble.
 i really want to make up for high school. because if i don't, psychological it is going to bother me and its not easy at all. if i can do this instead of settling for a GED then I'd be really happy.
i could understand schools having the feeling of adults walking around wouldn't be good for youth. But i'm not a junkie or anything. I'm a loner at best. I just think its stupid that there is a age limit at some schools. High school diplomas are better then GEDS. Any suggestions?