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@NekuSakuraba said:
" How old are you? "
And my childish response to you would be. Old enough ^_^
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Haha i must say, i enjoyed the story telling. Real or not!

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I worked at a fastfood place. But i enjoyed working with the people there, the work at times can be difficult.

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@KingWilly said:
" I just want to preface this with saying that it's midnight, and I just noticed this problem. I plan on calling my doctor tomorrow to check this shit out, but if any of you have dealt with this or know what's up, please tell me.  So, anyhow.  I went to take a leak not too long ago, and I had just noticed that the head of my penis and most of the shaft has turned from its regular flesh tone/pink colour to what is I can only describe as MIchael Jackson white. It doesn't burn, it doesn't itch, and there is a brown ring around the base of my shaft that is more my normal penis colour. Guys, I'm terrified I got cock rot right now. I'll be seeing a doctor ASAP but I need some consolation here. Can anybody help? "
WebMD, Google and Bing images? sorry, i tried to help.
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I thinks safe to say it will in some cases. but will it have perks and all that good stuff?

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Just get a gamefly account and cheat the system. Camp those releases on your queue and within a matter of time, you can have both.

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If you fart, he's obviously going to notice the smell is a little more moist  and suspect something unusual.

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@JJWeatherman said:
" @KaosAngel said:
" ...fair price in Japan and many other countries is $100+, I don't get why Americans bitch about high game prices. "
We bitch because $60 is obviously a lot, and clearly anything higher than that is completely outrageous. I feel bad for people that have to pay more than around 60 US dollars for games. "
We believe $60 is especially a lot, considering how many games have DLC now and it almost feels like a cash cow when that developer could of easily released that content along with the game's release.
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