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@STEVEOO6: No news yet, they'll likely let us know once the embargo is up on StarCraft II to begin with.
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I went to two (Halo 3 and GTA 4) and worked another (Wii release).

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Not for me! :( It's only 2:21 in the afternoon on Monday

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Likely win a FFA game, loose a ranked game, and then go to Singleplayer

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@JoyfullOFrockets: Actualy with @TorgoGrooves89 's mention of Crysis 2, it makes me realize that Crytek has been looking to do what I've been talking about for half a decade. Here's hoping Crysis 2 does something more for people than the original did.
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@JoyfullOFrockets: Of course, the game had tonnes of issues with it, but it took some strides in others. Being attacked all the time by nameless, chipmunk speaking African mercenaries: not fun. Being able to distract a group of enemies with a forest fire, than flanking them in a boat and not taking a single bullet: FUN! 
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I think taking open ended/world elements, similar to that of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series or what Rockstar did with Red Dead Redemption,  and filtering them to keep the genre "general public" oriented is the way to go. Far Cry 2 is likely the closest to his idea so far and if more is built on it, we could get some very cool games that don't go over the heads of some people while getting a more visceral experience.

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@jbs87: The Intel 4 Mobile? Not likely... what's your laptop model?
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Yep, they'll be doing an unboxing of StarCraft II. I'm going to assume it's the collector's edition, but who knows. 
Let's hope it's archived, I want as many "This is Jimmy"'s as they can muster.