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@jelekeloy: It'll just not look the greatest. It'll still be damn smooth.
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That's awesome! I'll be honest, I've never been able to pull a win on the SC AI without some kind of help, so congrats! 
And I have good news: you can run SCII. May not look the prettiest, but it'll work.

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@BulletStorm: Some where, others not so. Depends on what game :P 
Overall, though, StarCraft was the best balanced RTS' out there, which is amazing considering how completely different all the races are.
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If you can run the not-totally-optimized beta fine, then the final product will be smooth as butter.

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@Branthog: See, you misunderstand. You can add people in game and they will only see your little handle, and they will be able to see your StarCraft II profile and that's it. No cross game stuff, no names, no emails.
The only ones that can see your real name are the ones you either add as Real-ID friends, or vice versa, using the email that you or they use to log into the game. I think the reason this was done is to give those who seek to only play with non-game specific friends (aka, real friends) a way of finding and identifying them, and allowing you to track them across games. Basically, they wanted the flexibility of Xbox Live, but wanting to avoid it becoming the hate filled shithole it can be.
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@chw: It's not that kind of DRM. It acts more like Steam, it'll keep your saves in a cloud and let you log in from any computer with StarCraft II on it to keep playing. In other words, install all you want, so long as you can remember your log-in ;)
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@Spoonman671: You could play it with that card if you want, though there's nothing wrong with better hardware! :) 
I'm looking at all the media and announces as they come and go. I won't be able to skip out on school tomorrow morning, but that also means I can pick up the game at lunch and then scurry home for the afternoon.
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@Mikemcn: Well everyone just answered the question haha. Only thing to add is that you can add any game you want to Steam as well so you can shift-tab to chat with all your steam buddies while still getting all the other bonuses of Battle.Net.
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@Mikemcn said:
" @KaosAngel said:
" @Mikemcn said:
" Is Starcraft 60 bucks?   Thats a little ballsy of a PC only game company to offer a game at 60. "
We already covered this...all Blizzard games have always been priced at this point. "
Well ive never bought a blizzard game so I wouldn't know, Starcraft looks cool but im not too pumped to pay 60 for a game on disc. At least when its on steam I get all those advantages. "
Which advantages? Because Battle.Net is basically Blizzard's Steam.
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I can answer one of these, since metal slimes can only be hurt with physical attacks, the best strategy is to hit them as many times as you can before they get a chance to escape. In other words, speed up your party so that each turn everyone can try to get a smack in before he/they take their turn.