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Huh, I wonder if they will make the TV's 3D when they enable 3D into the game. It'll be like double 3D. WHOA. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!

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Stage. Unlike voice, there is no do overs, plus you have to be aware of your body language and whatnot. Voice acting tends to only be more difficult if you have a really really REALLY bad imagination.

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@NeoNightmareX said:
" Super Wii so that when they release a new SMB it will be called New Super Mario Brothers Super Wii. "
This. A million times this. 
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@SilenceUK: No you do not. 
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Interesting, trying to make game development a more family focused...product. The trailer confused me a bit though, some parts of it just made it look like the challenges are more Goldburg Machine oriented than anything. 

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Definitely. Me likey immersion, even if it means that the game is effing hard from the get go (see: First S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game)

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Dude, Dead Space Extraction is GREAT! Get it!

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Depends on what you want. I've personally had a thing for Shattered Galaxy for years; it's free to play and all that jazz, though it's a very different kind of game mixing squad tactics and RPG systems.  
EVE is awesome, but for it's own reasons. These days it's easier to get into it then ever, they overhauled the tutorials and there are a lot of people more than willing to lend a hand, but that said, it's still a very...THICK game. 
 If you simply want a game that is, well, WoW before WoW refined the average MMO, then take a look at Anarchy Online. It's old, and it shows, but it still has some flair and is overall a good time.
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I love you guys.

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Hotkeys for just about everything midgame and on. Early game I'm always on the ball, but soon after I start slowing down a lot.