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seriously if you don't think southpark is funny something is very wrong with you.. it's pretty much the best satire out there, i mean these guys have NO boundries, they say and do whatever the fuck they like and as it turns out, it's usually hilarious.

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i have finished Companions, Mage college, Dark Brotherhood and the thieves guild in one run.. still not done with that playthrough (even though i have finished the main story, and also helped the imperials in the war)

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@slyely: i have no idea, but why does it matter?

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I heard Bethesda murdered the high king, with its voice.

I used to be into game studios murdering kings with their voice, then I took an arrow to the knee.

So you know a few game studios, am I supposed to be impressed?
Is that...450 million dollars coming from your ears?

I saw 450 million dollars the other day, it flew north east.

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at my lvl dragons best stay in the air, if they land i literally kill them in like 5 hits, woop woop!

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So this is weird, i get all the steam popups like my friends are playing and/or friends talking to me, but i can't get the overlay up to answer them.. this only happens in skyrim, any ideas?

Also, on a side note, noticed this today after 33 hours of play... lol

Skyrim > answering friends

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yes pretty much :)

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for me it's just holding "E" aka the "use" key :)

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funny story a mate of mine bought it for me :D

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@Cincaid said:

I'd deadly afraid of whales.

You heard me. Whales.

whales? really? out of all the scary ass creatures in the ocean.. personally i'm fucking shit scared of sharks/snakes.. spiders are kinda nasty aswell but then again i'm from norway

we dont have any dangerous spiders or snakes here, and well dont think there has ever been a shark here either so i'm good!