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I really hope they go back to Phoenix Wright as a main character instead of Apollo. I thought the first 3 games were a lot better than the fourth one.

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For a moment I thought GiantBomb was going to China to watch RE6.

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I really was expecting more than 9 challenges when they announced them as a way to ease into multiplayer. It's a good start, but more would've been better. Luckily there's plenty of other stuff to do in this game.

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Where are all the jungler machines :(

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The music really makes this video for me. I could listen to this for hours.

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If you have an iphone you should get the blizzard authenticator application. Linking this to your account makes it a lot harder(if not impossible?) for someone to log into your account. You could of course buy the physical authenticator, the the iphone app is free.

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Truly, this is the age of beards

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I'm up to chapter 22 now in crushing and I have to say Uncharted 1 was a lot harder. The enemies were much more agressive and you had to keep moving from spot to spot. Here you can just pick them off behind some cover usually.

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There's been speculation about this ever since the game was released. I hope there actually will be some DLC though, just wondering how they will tie it in to the storyline.

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1. All upgrades are only from base upgrades, these are usually at +3, +5 or +6 with either sharp or hard. 
2. Early on the unique bows(white bow and lava bow) have the best damage ouput, but as your dex increases nothing will beat a +5 Vicious Bow.
3. Item effects are used when you have an item equipped and currently active. A good example for this is the Morion Blade. If you equip that in your left hand and then twohand another weapon in your right you still get the damage bonus. If you then switch to a shield in your left hand the damage bonus won't be in effect.
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