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I'm liking it so far, but is anyone else having a problem where your player banks in every shot he takes? Every single shot I take from the wings or sides of the hoop he tries to bank in for some reason even from 3, I have no idea how to just shoot it normally.

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So far the gameplay is good, I can't really figure out how to move the dribble stick to just do some simple moves and not go nuts on the court. Overall though I'm liking it, oh yeah except for the fact that my game freezes every time I try to exit a MyPlayer game. Sounds like a lot of people are having that problem according to the 2k boards though.

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Looks like the Portland TrailBlazers logo is getting put to use for some reason...

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NBA 2k12 still, accidentally deleted my four year veteran player so am starting a new guy. I really want to start playing Skyrim again, hopefully that happens soon.

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Everything works fine but people's voices all sound robotic and have a little static in them, I've worked with the options and asked around on other forums but nobody has an idea what to do so I figured I'd try here. does anyone have any ideas of what's going on?

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Any system, I'm also trying to decide which to buy it for.

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I'm thinking of picking this up but was wondering if the multiplayer has a strong following or at least enough to find a match whenever I want.?

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Yeah I realized this after my five game winning streak today.

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Wait, what tournament is this the finals of?

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I'm excited for this GSTL, questioning the price tag though. I bet those two will do well in code A, hopefully well enough to hit the up/downs and go to code S if they are willing to stay that long.