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I had read the first compendium of the walking dead, which is the first 48 issues, and watched both seasons of the show. Since playing it though, I've read up to issues 52 of the comics.

Loving the game so far, can't wait for the next episodes.

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Went with minimal, there wasn't too much pixel hunting with the cursor being so big. Only time I got stuck was looking for the keys and that was because they weren't in the store.

Also, looking for a way to get the brick, it looked like it was easily in reach but I couldn't work out how to get to it.

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I'm expecting lots of lasers. Pew pew pew.

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@Eselhut: I've been going through the bombcast backlog as well, and the fake time travel thing is awesome.

I think it was either Vinny or Brad who just said that Halo 4 wasn't going to be on the 360.

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@PillClinton said:

What the fuck? MS used to play old school jungle before their press conferences I guess. Weird.

Jungle got pretty big back in the day. Even the main theme of Super Mario 64 had a little bit of it.

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@NickL: It's the same basic premise of Trials, except to lean forward/backward you'd press the left/right button once and it would shift your weight a certain amount, and then you press space to flip the direction you're moving in.

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@WilltheMagicAsian: They can definitely sell us DLC tracks, these guys are working full time on this game and have spend whatever time it took to make the game, they know how to make good tracks, have plenty of time to make them and are getting paid to do it.

Sure, it can be recreated by anyone in the community, but unless they know the exact geometry of the level, the exact location of every single item, etc. it won't be the exact same track. You're not just paying for new levels, you're paying for new levels with good level design.

Also, I really hope it does come to PC, user created content would be insanse without the 360's limitations.

EDIT: And of course with new DLC they can put in more achievements which people will eat up.

Just tried out Yeti, really good. He's uploaded 2 more Yeti tracks as well now. Yeti 2.0 which is more fleshed out, looks a lot more polished and has more track afterwards. Also Yeti Lulz...this guy has destroyed the editor with this track, it could quite possibly be the best track in the history of all racing games.

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Really hoping these guys get the money to get this out.

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Completely going to pass on it. QTE after QTE.