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different kind of make up

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First celebrity of actual note to die in 2012.

You're a bad person.

You're right. Who could forget that one guy who played Vader in Empire but not really because he was only in two scenes and did stunts occassionally. That guy. And Aaron Carter's sister.



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Go for it. Sell your current player and ENJOY THE SHIT OUT OF THE DISC FLIPPIN' BEAST!

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360: Gaming GUS
I can play some songs on hard, but I mostly play on medium, especially online.

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" Ralph Baer  I still don't have it... "
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" <3 your cute avatar, @natetodamax!!!! "
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I think I might have deciphered it:
 "Games for me are [like] a religion [because I play often and a lot of different games, it's integral to my life. I would say that I play games more often than most religious people go to a place of worship]. And [because of that deep knowledge of videogames that I've acquired through my study of the medium, I believe I can state that] Haze is [a very awesome game, impressive and above most of what we see flooding the market. Some would even say that it is] the shit."
Now, I don't think he said or meant that. But I did some retroactive adaptations that make it sound almost believable, like those dude that think Nostradamus was anything but crazy.

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@Raulito said:
" @Andorski: I am watching an episode right now and Holy ****! I didn't know Tim Curry was the voice of the main villain Kilokhan!!! "
Exactly what I thought. Also, I didn't remeber the school scenes being so awkwardly and weirdly awesome.