ezmuze+ 2.0 Preview

Man, it has taken forever to get this new version of ezmuze to this point, but I think it will be all worth it once it's out. All new loops (over 1000), new automation modes (lowpass and highpass filtering, bitcrusher, delay and distortion), new Trigger FX (retrigger, stretch, reverse, pitch double, tape stop, scratch and more) and finer slice selection so you can cut stuff up real good. It's crazypants.

Here's a quick preview of all this in action:

Enjoy! :)


Weightlossin'. 18 lbs. down, 16 to go...

A few months ago, my weight creep* finally got to me and I decided to do something about it. I've been using the FitBit system, which is a combo of their pedometer/altimeter device thing and their calorie tracking/chart-filled website thing.

TL;DR - I've lost some weight. You can too, duder.

That's my weight from February 16th up to just a few days ago. 18 lbs. down, 16 more to go until I'm at my goal weight of 160, at which point I will assess how I look and feel, and determine if I want to stop there or go to 150.

I haven't had to change my eating habits much. I'm still eating burgers, chilli dogs, etc... I'm just keeping track of how many calories it all is, so I know when to stop or how much to exercise to burn some of it off.

I think just being able to see the numbers for how many calories you've put in and how many you need to burn and have burned off is incredibly helpful. Just keep the intake number lower than the burn number and you're all good.

It does some other stuff, like sleep tracking, but you can read about that on your own: http://www.fitbit.com/home

Here's the FitBit on Amazon:


Or directly from FitBit:


(Yes, I get a percentage of the sale if you buy it through these links.)

If you get one, we can link up on the FitBit site and you can see what I'm eating. O__O

Oh and they're also available at various IRL stores if you prefer to brave the mean streets of whatever gang-ridden murderland you reside in.

*weight creep: Ever since leaving high school, I've gained around 4 lbs. a year, ever year. It's really not that much, but it was adding up.


I'm reviewing sodas over here.

I like soda and thus have drank a lot of soda and a lot of different types of soda. Might as well put some of that time spent to use and write about it.
I'll primarily be covering glass bottled sodas, often referred to as gourmet or premium sodas, and occasionally the common canned soda.
You can consume my soda reviews right from the tap: http://www.hamst3r.com/soda/
or filtered through Twitter:  http://twitter.com/Hamst3rsoda 
Either way, it's still the great refreshing taste that you know and love.
Something like that.
If there are any premium sodas you absolutely love, let me know about them so I can try 'em out! :3


Kick Dudes In the Dick (the remix)

The dick. It's where you kick dudes when you need to defend yourself. You know, the Genitals. The Groin. The Sensitive Areas. The "Genital Triangle". It's like a magnet for feet. 
To make sure your kicking technique is on par with the pros, here's a helpful guide:
Download MP3: THA-dickkicker.mp3

Sidescrolling Extravaganza! [Let's Play]

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With feeling: http://www.youtube.com/hamsteralliance


5. Limbo



4. Blueberry Garden

3. Capsized!

2. Eversion

1. A.R.E.S.


5. Limbo
6. The Cat and the Coup
7. Whose That Flying?