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Hey guys, how goes it? Making a thread so maybe we can share out GT's and play Dark Souls together sometime or what not. I haven't played much of the first but know enough to make sure I buy this on Tuesday. I'm aware that we can't party chat, etc. but I thought it would be cool to share our names and play together in hopes of doing awesome stuff in the game. I'm pretty much a noob at this series but hope to better myself with time. GT  = Hi Voltg3.
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Started this series up two days ago on the 3DS version. Loving every single second of all of them.
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Props to you guys for doing it on Hardcore though, couldn't have been easy at all.
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I've only encounterd the ones you've mentioned. Never heard of that group of 4 either.
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I'm down to play with others! My gamertag is Hi Voltg3. I mostly snipe and do what I can here and there in the waves while upgrading barricades. I think I'm level 6 in that now. Gotta work on the other stuff.
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Good read. I'm trying to find a happy balance between my starting load out and find myself more deadly with a Retro Lancer. I need to play the multi more though, I do find it pretty fun this time around.
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I see your point in the first 30 waves but after that, it gets a bit more tough. You can always make it private and up the difficulty ;)
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A group of friends and I decided that we were going to finish up a full 50 waves of horde mode no matter what. The map was Overpass which we hadn't done before. After analyzing the map and pickups we made our base and went through the first 35 waves no problem. We all died at wave 39 once, learned from our mistakes then went on to beat it and 40. Then the last 10 came and it was just crazy. Not too much of a problem then waves 45-50 came after that. This is where we started to break down. It was tough but we got to 50 eventually and we literally spent an hour alone on this wave with the bosses and everything else taking so much damage and crap. We kept getting different bosses, Corpsers, Beserkers and one time, we even had a Brumak. After about the billionth time we started doing awesome on a wave with Corpsers. With about 10 left it was me and one of my friends taking enemies out. He died about 3 guys in then it was me taking on a Corpser, Theron Guard with a torque bow and a Kantus. I ran a full circle around the map, picked up a Hammer of Dawn (thank the heavens that spawned instead of the mortar) and finished the wave. We started at like 11:30pm and finished at 3am, intense satisfaction was had and a tiring day at work today. 
TLDR: Horde mode is awesome and I've never been part of something so crazy with my fellow homies.
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Living in the US, I figured I'd get this game on release date. When that came along, no one had even heard of the game :( I haven't played this series at all but it looked so awesome. Finally got it yesterday and I am having a blast with it. Runner captures me like no other game and I had to quit playing Gears 3 early with my friends so I could keep playing it haha. Loving it so far.

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Lighting regular Beserkers on fire works, assuming you have a weapon to do that with.