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Hopefully a fix is on its way soon and this doesn't kill the pc community for this game. I'm assuming since this game is borked even on the main menu that nobody has had a chance to check out the netcode for this one?

On a side note how much is GTA V coming out also playing a factor into all this? I remember during the livestream the staff were talking about steam being super slow for them cause GTA V preload release.

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I've been watching some youtube vids of the main storyline and I'm kinda finding some story bits hard to follow. Either it's explained a little later on in the storyline, I'm forgetting certain parts from the last game or they're skipping a whole bunch of shit without explaining anything. I remember seeing something about a Mortal Kombat X comic that's suppose to be the prequel to this game and am kinda now wondering if that would probably be something I should read.

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@i_stay_puft: I think Morales would be a bad fit. Read the run of his original comic, and it's okay, but the best part is the origin with Prowler. The part they would not adapt if they decided to use him. Does his stories get better later? I'm pretty sure he's got a second comic going at the moment.

I just think if they were going back to an origins story telling it from a different point of view wouldn't hurt the series. Even telling the origin story from Ultimate Spider-man Peter Parker point which I'm assuming is Andrew Garfield wasn't far off from the origins of Marvel-616 Spider-man.

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The more I see Wilson Fisk portrayal on this show the more I see just a giant gerber baby but in man size. That'd be really cool if we'll eventually see Fisk crossover maybe in other super hero series that take part in New York. This also kinda begs the question as to why guys like Captain America and Iron man didn't try to help Hell's Kitchen when the explosion happened. I assume Cap and Iron Man are too big wig that they wouldn't want to get their hands dirty in Hell's kitchen, too busy, or are still on the run and needed to lay low.

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I remember hearing speculation about Asa Butterfield possibly filling in the role for Peter Parker. I heard execs weren't thrilled about how much money the past Amazing Spiderman films did and it sucks that they were pitting the blame on Andrew Garfield who I thought was an above average Peter. If anything I'd probably put more blame on the director Marc Webb for making some of the most generic superhero films of all time. I for one wouldn't mind a change with maybe telling the story from Miles Morales point of view who seems like more of a plausible character in today's world. Not really sure how the world would react to a spiderman film without Peter Parker though.

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Get the saw!


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Did they ever fix this game?

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@csl316 said:

Does Brooklyn have any chance for an upset?



* If 2005 Deron Williams and Joe Johnson find a time traveling DeLorean and use it to travel 10 years into the future to this time period, drug their current selves and play in the playoff game in their place I'll raise their chances to Eastern Conference Semi-Finals.

* If Brookes Lopez gets recruited by Shield to take the maybe street legal "super soldier serum" that will turn his brittle bones into the second coming of Captain America I'd raise their chances to Eastern Conference Finals.

* Lionel Simmons finds a magic lamp and uses one of the wishes to win an NBA championship but then uses his third wish to set the genie free. Of course raise their chances to NBA Championship.

In all seriousness I don't see the Nets getting far unless Deron Williams & Joe Johnson. Where they are at physically I can't see that happening which kinda sucks for Nets fans cause like 2 years nobody had a brighter future for a franchise then them. 2 legit scorers in Williams and Brook along with cap space. That Boston trade is kinda what killed the franchise not only adding 2 large contract veterans in Pierce and Garnett but also trading away their future 1st round picks.

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Took peoples advice and started up the first season of Jojo Bizarre. Dio is a fuckin dick, how could he do that to a dog.

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@i_stay_puft: 100% for the players? You gotta be joking, especially for the rookies who are going through the system with very little control over their destiny for the first 7 years when a team gets their rights, or the good older veterans begging for even a minor-league deal come Spring from any team in need of depth. Hamilton may not be a very sympathetic figure, but Arte Moreno only has himself to blame for dumping a pile of gold on Hamilton's doorstep and then trying to take some or all of it back when his gamble didn't work out the way he'd hoped. If Hamilton's BA was a few hundredths higher, Moreno would be falling on his sword for the guy when he checked himself into rehab like the Browns with Johnny Manziel. Instead, he's trying to blame everyone but himself for the deal he negotiated.

All I know is A-Rod & the Yankees are probably happy to be off the front page with their little spat.

Padres looking to get Elvis Andrus? I'm kinda hoping this doesn't happen cause I love the Andrus x Beltre shenanigans.

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