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I think if Game Stop was smart they'd offer the transfer service right on the spot of the trade. Other than that no thank you.

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@aegon said:

I think I might get that Metroid Prime Trilogy release.

Does anyone know how big that game is? I'm wondering how much space of the 32gb it'll take up.

The original copy of the Prime Trilogy was able to fit onto one dual layer disc. So at most I'd say it would be 8 gb.

* Checked with my original disc and it's a shade under 8 gb.

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Rubba-dubba-dubba, that true?

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And after 2 years! I'm still waiting for ds and gba games to make a regular appearance on the 3ds eShop...

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$6.3 million

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It's kinda hard to remember since we've had Bombin in the AM as our usually Monday content but the start of the week has always been bare bones for giant bomb. If I remember correctly besides maybe "I love Monday" they haven't really shown any quick looks or released stuff unless it was recorded the week before. Another reason for maybe the lack of content at the moment is January is usually not a busy month for releases. Hopefully when GBeast gets set up we will get a pick up in regular and premium releases.

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Did I wake up in 2012 again?

Yes, you are re-living that John Cusack movie.

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@futurstock said:

more like Alex Newsvarro

That's a fuckin fantasic nick for Alex, Newsvarro.

I like it.