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He also does the retronauts podcasts with other former 1up alum Kat Bailey and Ray Barnholt. Should check it out sometime if you were a fan of the original.

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It just hits the TV, avoiding the PC jack alltogether.

I tried that, but it doesn't show the headpone icon. This is all I get

From your image I see your disconnected devices so I wonder if you can also see your disabled devices? To do this right click on this screen any of the devices and make sure "show disabled devices" is check marked. See if maybe your headphones are under disabled.

If the headphones still don't show I'd recommend what others have been saying and check to see if your audio drivers might be disabled or uninstalled by accident. Another thing you could possibly check is the AMD control panel and see if their might be sound options under there that might be effecting your sound setup. I don't use AMD but I know with the Nvidia control panel there are some settings to play around with. Also I'm kinda confused about where you were initially plugging in your headphones, were you plugging it into a audio out on your actual television? Like for my computer monitor which takes hdmi, vga, dvi if I wanted to I could plug a set of headphones to a normal stereo jack in the back of my monitor and it would allow me to listen to audio if I had my monitor connected by hdmi. If not this and it's connected directly to your pc how many jack do you have? If more than one which one is it plugged into?

If all else fails you could buy some sort of usb sound card adapter or just go the full route and buy a new card all together. I'd definitely recommend what others have tried before even thinking of purchasing something new. Could be simple as AMD disabling something when you connected it by hdmi.

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Dave Lang should add the Train Conductor to Divekick.

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Not sure if this is what you were asking for but If you're using windows if you right click the volume control icon in the notification area you should be able to see your playback devices. Right click the headphones icon and you should be able to set them up as your default listening device.

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I use flipboard on my Ipad and phone to keep up with news. So I guess an RSS news aggregator?

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NIce, thanks for the upload Jeff.

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I read this thread as "FBI guy murdered at PAX".

Me too.

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Ok cool just saw this and was trying to update some info a couple of days ago with no avail. Guess I'll hold off till it's fixed.

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I like this move cause of the friendly relationship Fallon and Colbert have had over the years. Kinda reminds me of the the more friendlier times Leno and Letterman had during the 80's. Who would of thought Phil Ken Sebbenen from Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law would be hosting the Late Show.

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Waiting for Pax north, Pax West, Pax Earth, Pax Wind, Pax Fire, Pax Water, & Pax Heart in 2015 as well.

In all honesty yeah its kinda watering down the essence of PAX but hey if they can make money and people come, more power to them.