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@nightriff: You're probably right at 135, Dominick Cruz is 5'8 and has no issue with that weight cut. I just think 125 would leave him at a serious disadvantage. If Frankie wins this I just want to see him get a rematch with Aldo or punch in the face of Conor McGregor.

No clue who won that, both were evenly matched. I think you give it to Frankie cause of the amount of takedowns he had. Faber had a few shots on Frankie though.

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@i_stay_puft: Edgar to Flyweight?

hah 125 might be a bit too much weight cut. I think featherweight is the right class even if he were to drop to bantamweight at 135 he'd probably lose his speed advantage.

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@csl316 said:

Wow, just saw the Paul Pierce shot. Clutch shot for a win, another clutch shot that almost got a win, and a third shot short by a split second.

Someone mentioned Chris Paul being a legend for hitting a first round buzzer beater. But if Pierce's three shots were game winners/tiers... that would have been the stuff of legend.

Ray Allen in the Finals a couple years ago, that's still the shot that sticks with me in recent times.


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It's been mentioned on the broadcast but it's kinda insane how much bigger Faber looks over Edgar, which probably speaks volume to how good Edgar was when he was at Lightweight and fighting bigger opponents.

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Early start on the Manilla card today in case MMA fans forgot. Most of the card is finished but Urijah Faber vs. Frankie Edgar match is starting on Fox Sports 1.

Now I know what F1 fans feel like, the matches started at 5 am today where I'm at.

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Shit probably should of put a warning like adjust your levels on your headset before listening. Think I lost some of my hearing.

Sorry Puft, I hope you get you're hearing back soon :)

All good.

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Rewatching Full Metal Panic. The series hasn't aged well to something like Cowboy Bebop or YuYu Hakusho but still enjoying it very much. I think it's fuckin ridiculous people are still trying to make a English Live Action film for this series. In terms of relevancy I think people have all but forgotten it.

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Shit probably should of put a warning like adjust your levels on your headset before listening. Think I lost some of my hearing.

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@watchmen877 said:

I am at my local theater in Cedar Falls Iowa and standing in line was Dan's dad. It was so weird!

THE PAUL RYCKERT!? Did you try interacting with him to see if it was him?

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From the title I thought the game was free "free" for PC owners not free for those who owned the game. Now that would of been a deal!