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VanOrd is a cool dude, wish nothing but the best for the guy.

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In my opinion as someone who ran through the ps3 version of Ground Zeroes I couldn't really get into it cause I always felt I was playing an inferior version to the ps4 / pc version. Fortunately I have seen the PC version and what it takes to run it and I am in the position of playing Phantom Pain on PC. If I only had a ps3 I'd honestly try and just wait until you can play it on ps4 or PC.

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I finally watched Grave of the Fireflies. I liked it, but I expected to be an emotional wreck given some people's opinions. I found it sad, but it didn't leave me a blubbering mess like Inside Out - oh, Bing Bong!

I also got around to watching My Neighbor Totoro for probably the third time - first on Blu-ray.

I think it's probably cause you were spoiled maybe with that the ending would be sad. I remember the first time I watched it I was probably 10 or 11 and had no understanding an animation could capture the futile of just perpetual sadness into one animated film. That movie resonated with me even today and I haven't re-watched it in maybe close to 15 years.

Totoro is the shiiiiiiiiit. I watch it with my nephew all the time which is like ever 3 weeks. Fun fact I just found out was that Earthbound developer, Shigesato Itoi was the voice of the dad in the film.

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Great EVO this year. I've always been one of those people who skip most of the other events and just watch EVO but I might start following them more going forward.

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 3 - I can't believe they are rehashing, "Battle of the Gods."

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Attack on Titan trailer anyone? Entire film looks green screened which is super disappointing!

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@i_stay_puft: You made the right choice on Eyeshield 21. I think I hate-watched that for far too long, never finished it though. It completely turned me off on "sports" anime like it: Prince of Tennis, Kuroko's Basketball, and eventually Yowapeda.

I think the manga was alright cause it was in short doses and everything moved at a brisk pace. Sports anime like to milk shit for what it's worth and typically the animation doesn't stand up. I've heard PoT was alright and the only sports anime I can recall that I liked was Hajime no Ippo. Slam Dunk suffers much from what I described previously but I like that series too much that I can't hate on the anime.

It actually isn't dragging things on for too long that got to me, although that is a problem for me - thinking of Ace of Diamond, which I actually do like, but they spend way too many episodes for each game, that I just stop watching it for a while then try to binge watch for one game. My problem is when it stops being a real sports anime and becomes some stupid magical sports anime: oh this guy's tackle is like a spear (with spear animation), oh that guy has a shot called the Swallow, and then this idiot can sink a basket from anywhere on the court. I really liked Yowapeda until they started racing and introduced each of their stupid powers.

I prefer sports animes that are more realistic; bonus points if there's a little slice of life mixed in.

Whaaaaat!? Sports isn't like that? I swear every time Michael Jordan stuck his tongue out he was calling out for his inner strength power, SSJ-Airness!

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I couldn't get past the artstyle which several has mentioned before looked super generic. I mean it probably calls back to old artstyle we see in D&D games and old Diablo but simply put it wasn't for me. I gave it a good try but nothing in it really sank me in, I might eventually give it another go but that would mean I'd have to clear up hdd space.

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@i_stay_puft: I have a problem where I usually watch a single season of any sports anime then proceed to forget about its existence. The first season of any sports anime is usually the strongest, and the subsequent arcs can never seem to capture that initial burst of energy. My latest victim is Ace of Diamond. Haven't gotten back to it since the coach change.

Reminds me of all the issues I have with animes that are typically at 26 or more episodes. I'll get a decent chunk halfway in and I'll forget about it for a year. Will look at my google spreadsheets of stuff I'm watching and remind myself that I was watching that. Then I'll do the slow methodical slide of starting the series again from episode 1 just to remind myself what the fuck was happening. I'm currently now doing it with Psycho-Pass, which I gotta say is a shame I didn't watch sooner cause it freaking rocks!