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@theht: Whoa thanks sounds like my exact issues. I haven't tried it yet but it seems like my issues stopped and haven't had any issues since yesterday afternoon. At least I'll know how to fix it in case the issue rises up again.

Thanks again to everyone else who posted some solutions, appreciate it.

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@defaultprophet: There was a possible fix posted to unlock the 30 fps lock for cutscenes on PC have yet to try it.

"To get rid of the imposed limit, make a shortcut and add “-GameTime.MaxSimFps 60 -GameTime.ForceSimRate 60+” at the end."

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Has there ever been an Assassins Creed console game that did not get released during the holidays?

It's quickly feeling like Ubisoft should stop trying to shoot for these seasonal release dates and just release the game when it's good. If anyone is to blame for the Assassins Creed franchises degradation it's Ubisoft themselves.

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I'm at that crossing road as well with ORAS. X/Y was so phenomenal with all the updates, multiplayer and graphics that it was the first pokemon game in a long time that I actually dug an insane amount of hours to, I think I put in about 200 hours into it. I'm not much into the multiplayer battling or going in depth on the pokemon IV's and nature but that game had a charm to it that got me hooked. Even now I'll turn on the game for a few just to get any of the recent giveaway pokemon from promotions out there.

This game coming out a year after X/Y kinda reminds me of my feelings of Black and White 2, it's a little too soon for me. For me the first pokemon on the newest Nintendo handheld is usually a must grab to see what updates have been added while the others ones I tend to skip till the "Defined" versions come out. Besides Persona Q comes out 4 days after ORAS and that game is selling at 50 bucks!

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@gaspower: I'm a few hours in and haven't seen any timing bits to do x amount of more damage. You definitely have to be close and facing your enemy to have the damage hit them with melee attacks. There definitely feels like an extra amount of weight to the weapons themselves compared to previous games. You won't be quick swinging the heavy giant swords like Cloud Strife that's for sure. Basic attacks are there just to cause damage till the queve time on your other action abilities is up and you can use them again similar to the past dragon age games.

I read somewhere which had a great analogy when comparing the dragon age games. asically think of the difference between mass effect 1 to mass effect 2, now take out DA 2 and compare Dragon Age Origins to Dragon Age Inquisition and you basically got a sense of how this game feels.

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Yesterday I was kinda going back and forth between controller and keyboard / mouse trying to figure out which one felt better on pc. Eventually I decided on the controller mainly cause the game feels more streamlined for controller support. You could play this game like the previous 2 Dragon Age games with a keyboard / mouse but I feel like you'd be at a real disadvantage if you did. Couple things I noticed is some of the things Rorie mentioned on the podcast was no fiddling with any of the mouse buttons except for giving you the ability to switch the left and right mouse buttons. Zooming out the farthest way possible gives you the tactical view option, which sometimes I didn't mean to get into but did by accident just cause I wanted to zoom out for a better view of the battlefield. If you do get this on PC I recommend playing it with gamepad support. I also gotta mention it kinda sucks that you can't switch on the fly between the two and gotta quit your game in order to enable it, I'm assuming they did that cause you do get different task bars depending on which controls you select.

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First off the game runs perfectly on my system and I have no trouble with the game in itself. I just noticed that trying to change a few settings on the main menu like lets say keyboard binding will cause the mouse to stop working and then the background music to stop. Most of the times I can't do anything and will just alt-tab-del out and then re-open it again. Anybody else running into the same issues? It usually occurs if I wait on the main menu for too long after signing into the Dragon Keep servers.

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Maybe instead of taking away the feature they could give the users the ability to hide it if they wanted too. I could definitely see this getting irk some for people I don't see it as top of the line issue.

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So I wonder if you clear your cookies does that negate the stamps you earn or is it tied to your gog account?

Just tested it, it's connected to your account.

Cool man, thanks.

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So I wonder if you clear your cookies does that negate the stamps you earn or is it tied to your gog account?