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You could probably try and find a save somewhere online that matches where you were in the game. It'll probably be hit and miss with it since the game is new and there's tons of missions in the game.

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Peyton Manning struggles seems to be adjusting to Kubiak's offense. Manning always seems like one of those dudes who needs everything just right to succeed, which includes running the offense. All I know is Peyton will probably be a heck of a coach once he retires.

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@gaff said:
Heck they may even move into opening all-in resorts: Go to a Konami hotel with a Konami health and fitness club, and relax during the night in a Konami casino.

Outer Heaven Casino and Resort.

Aren't Native American Casinos basically Outer Heaven Casinos now a days.

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Didn't even know Afro Samurai was still a thing.

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@turtlebird95: From what I remember the transformer series would air sometimes during the toonami block and sometimes at a fixed time slot on cartoon network. That's what they might mean as only airing a few episodes, as the series did air entirely on cartoon network but not always during the Toonami time periods. I remember towards the end of Rurouni Kenshin's run on cartoon network it started out on toonami, moved over to Saturday evenings, and then moved to like early mornings at 5 am when they were airing all the filler episodes after the kyoto arc.

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@turtlebird95: I too vaguely remember that transformers series that aired on Toonami in the early 2000's. If I remember correctly the series was a mixture of 2d and 3d animation. To help narrow down your search a bit, the series you are most likely referring to are of three possibilities that take part in the, "Unicron Trilogy" because of the art style and how Unicron (giant robot thingy) is the overarching bad guy during the run of each 3 series.


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@turtlebird95: Was it an american produced tranformers show or was the character designs especially for the human characters more on the lines of an anime?

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Anybody heard of Dragon Ball Abridged? My co-workers can't seem to stop talking about it every time the topic of Dragon Ball is brought up.

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Thanks folks, I got some time off this Sunday so I will try and sneak some anime watching time in-between football.