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@paulwade1984 I use to have a weimaraner. His name was Tazz. I'm convinced that those are the best dogs ever. Mine sometimes tried to be a 65lb cat. I really miss him.
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I am sorry for you loss Patrick. Best wishes to you and your family. Stay strong man.

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That was a good read. It kinda makes me want to pick up this game and try it out. If my backlog wasn't so big right now I'd grab it right this second.

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I didn't see any other threads about it, but Microsoft has registered the name "Xbox 8". My guess would it be having to do with the launch of Windows 8 later this year. Then again it could mean virtually nothing and just be another name Microsoft locked up.

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Been playing through the Half Life games again so I've been using this one for a bit now.

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@BraveToaster said:

No, because Kanye has more than one good album. Lol.


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So happy my Heat won the championship. It is great to see Mike Miller step up and have an absolutely amazing game and for him to get his first ring as well as James and Bosh. Lebron has played at an incredible level this year and all through the playoffs and deserved to win. I'm thrilled that Wade got his 2nd ring and hopefully we can add to that collection in the next few years. I fully expect to see the Thunder representing the West for the next few years.

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CitizenKane makes some great points. I'm not sure why everyone hates the Heat so much. All 3 of the superstars took reduced salaries to play together so they could hopefully win a ring, which is what it is all about. I would love my Heat to win in 5, but realistically it will probably go the full 7. I really want my Heat to win it this year. It was heartbreaking after watching them collapse last year in the Finals.

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I want to thank you for the good laugh. I found that to be quite amusing. Hopefully, you didn't get hacked and are able to work everything out though.

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I would certainly appreciate a copy. Pretty cool you're doing this.