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Write more. That is probably the best piece of advice anyone can give you. You have to write a lot to find your voice. The more you do it, the more you will become comfortable and sort of find your own style and all the subtleties that make your writing unique.
 It helps me to write like I am just talking to you. I don't try to be funny or sound extremely smart, because I'll most likely come off as trying too hard and basically make an ass of myself. If you don't have a joke or anything clever to say, don't force it, keep moving. 
I then reread anything I write before submitting it for public viewing. And the reason I do that is so I can fix any mistakes or pick up on words that I might have used a bit too often. Like, I said "just" in nearly every sentence of this post, so when I noticed it I went back and changed it. I just didn't want to use the word that many damn times.

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I've said it before and I'll say it again, this game is not hard. Still, this is impressive.

I'd argue it actually IS hard. If not, what are actual hard games for you then in comparison?

Memorizing unforgiving patterns, accumulating necessary skills by playing a lot and the continuous demand to concentrate at all times are factors that make games hard. And Dark Souls combines all of these.

I don't consider doing any of that stuff hard. All I know is I bought the game and 2-3 days later I completed it. Nothing about it was 'hard'. Games I would consider hard? Professor Layton.
I swear to God I have seen this exact post before. Someone, maybe it was you, said Demon's Souls was easy and that Professor Layton was hard. It pretty much started a flame war if I recall correctly.
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Thank you for this thread. Just, thank you. I've always found Mara to be the weirdest thing in the SMT universe, and that is saying a lot all things considered. The thing is basically the most blatant phallic symbol ever created and for some reason the entire world loves him and embraces this gigantic green dick on wheels. Wait. Gigantic green dick on wheels. There, that there is why the world loves Mara. Because gigantic green dick on wheels.

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Being a subscriber is the only way I know to be able to download the videos. And if you think the review is quite long to stream then I hope you never watch a Quick Look. You could always use the progressive option and just let the video fully load and then come back in a couple minutes and watch it then.

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My favorite is The REAL Mr Pops. Because apparently there was some fake impersonator Mr Pops running around and he had to let the world know that he is legit one.

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You... you never heard of a comic book before, did you?

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No, I always get cold and have to put something back on.

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I used the regular cheap ass arrows and it took about 30 of them. I'm not sure if that was the exact number, but that is what I have heard it is. I can tell you for sure that it is easily more than twenty, but I got distracted and lost count when I was doing it. It felt like 30 though.

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They look like burn victims covered in oddly shaped cysts. I do not like it.

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I haven't heard it, but I'm going to guess it is the Wilhelm scream. Just due to how popular that clip is.