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When you declare that IV is the worst in the series we have to assume you played all the games, and, you know, didn't just start with GTA III.  I mean, it is fairly obvious that you did the appropriate amount of research due to all the excellent examples provided in your original post. I, however, am of the opinion that the first game is the worst in the series. I don't think it has aged super well and is inferior to all the sequels. 
I don't think IV was the best game either. It had the best story, but I found the characters to be very lacking. I also thought that the excessive amount of game mechanics made things feel a bit clunky at times and would have preferred fewer more refined systems. Outside of the main story stuff I just didn't enjoy playing it.

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The ending is Dark Soul's last jab at you. "Remember all those times that you died and it felt like I was telling you to go fuck yourself? Yeah, well, go fuck yourself."

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I've never even heard of the site you are ranting about, so I found it very hard to finish this extremely long winded rant. 

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Calling bullshit.

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Reenact The Hangover.

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As if WoW was always a serious game for serious people.

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I didn't have a problem with the rewinding bit because that isn't the first time the character breaks the fourth wall and acknowledges that it is a film. The guy flat out says that the family is going to die and then addresses the audience so you know that he is right. He tells you the ending of the film, so unless you want to see them die then there is no point in finishing it. In fact, you are implicated in their murder by just sitting their and letting it happen. You could have turned the film off or walked out of theater, but you chose to do nothing. Your entertainment came from watching them die, you sick fuck.

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Dude, don't joke around like that.
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@SpartyOn: So wrong, yet so right.
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You get both. I don't know how, but you do it. Think of a way to get the money. You could whore yourself out and give a couple of handjobs or something. I don't know. The point I must stress is that you get both. Only buying one is not an option for you.